Adjacency bonus revamp

What’s up, unicorners!

In the post below I would like to propose an idea for revamping current Adjacency bonus (onwards just AB) as I see a possibility to organize an additional sink and more QoL improvement on this point.

This idea also came about thanks to @VonNuemann’s Discord messages, who reminded me of the early days before the game came out and we were discussing the value of the AB feature.

This is not a proposal but just a subject to discuss (might serve as a community temperature check and a place to discuss such improvements).

Here we go!

Right now the adjacency bonus is just a 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% speed boost.

My idea is to convert the AB into something like a talent tree for various activities.

Imagine that with every land level you get a point(s) that you can put into a talent tree choosing a specific trait/talent/perk/bonus, call it w/e you want. The idea originally belongs to WoW spec talents, Dota2 hero talents, etc.


At the moment we can distinguish 5 major activities in CryptoUnicorns: Farming, Gathering, Crafting, Questing and Breeding. You can also add a tree of common perks (reducing the cost of energy recovery, speeding up the return of unicorns from the market and many others, there are thousands of options). From the 1st to the 10th level a player gets some points to choose different perks, which will strengthen the focus path of the player.

I can give you an example of an ultimate talent (last in the tree, something what can change the gameplay and helps a lot in a chosen spec), which most players might evaluate positively:

Ultimate Farming talent: All farming plots are turned into an overall coherent whole ecosystem. All “farming speed” bonuses add up to one total, divided by the total number of plots, and multiplied by the average AB.
Example: You have 5 common lands of the same class.
There are 4 lands with a 5% bonus and one with a 20% bonus. Each land has 6 farming plots with +5%, +6%, +7%, +8%, +9%, +10% farming speed bonuses.
How the talent will work:

(5+6+7+8+9+10)/6 = 7.5% // average bonus farming plots
(5*4 + 20)/5 = 8% // average AB
7.5+8=15.5% // 1st option: final speed bonus for all farming plots according to current design.
7.5*1.08=8.1% // 2nd option: final speed bonus for all farming plots according to new design

The implementation may not be perfect and needs to be improved. This is just one way in which the game could have been varied, made more fun (?) and what’s the most important - Quality of Life improved.

This change allows you to get rid of the farmer’s lack of QoL where some farming plots have much higher farming speed bonus or some of them have no speed bonus at all. But at the end of the day, players still enter the game when the slowest plot is ready to be harvested.
And from what I hear, many people neglect to use land rotation for the sake of the speed bonus as it requires more time to perform. For those who plays more competitive, it’s not necessary to choose such a bonus so those who enjoys switching lands and minmaxing the efficiency can keep doing this choosing more suitable talents.

You can add any amount of basic perks to each tree, which will directly affect the speed/quantity of materials obtained/improving certain actions in the percentage component (examples: in breeding tree - chance of gene upgrades is increased by x%, time/berries needed is decreased by y%, etc; in gathering tree - berries amount needed for best rewards is decreased by z% and many others), followed by an ultimate talent in the end.

At level 10, player will be able to choose one or more fully or partially leveled trees (specs), depending on his needs.

And the following idea is that these talents can be made as sinks and require not just a point spent, but additional resources: UNIM/RBW/mats, anything!
There must be an ability to reset your talent set once a while, just one talent or all, while previously learned talents will be just reset and won’t require to pay again to use it. Buy 1 time and switch them w/e you want according to your current focused activities. This will allow players to adjust to meta changes.
Each reset should become more expensive for a short period of time, gradually becoming cheaper with each day if the talents remain the same, and reset to the standard value.

Conclusion: In this way such perks (talents) will serve as a motivator to improve the lands and be an additional sink while adding interest to the game.

Feel free to share your opinion how else we can improve the game and make it more fun. Thanks for reading.

Edit 1: thanks to @ethereal for suggesting another formula option


First Question :

What will happen to those who already have a lot of bonuses on their plot ? will those plots get a reset if this is implemented?

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Hey Keizer. No, why should they? Such an example of ultimate talent has nothing common with nerfing but just remodeling the current mechanism.


This looks too complicated for current state of play. For sure the adjacency bonus need to be reworked. We need to think short term improvement at minimal dev cost. I think the current adjacency bonus need to be simply flatten out, I don’t think moving land to get max bonus was intended gameplay. We could imagine having a global speed bonus which increase by 1% for each land you add after the first to your account.

A note about the farming speed bonus, the current design on that is horrific, because it is either useless (<50%) or totally broken (>80%) and will destroy the whole RMP economy. In my opinion this bonus should be deleted before it gets out of control.


See your point. But just because this might require dev cost and might look too complicated, such updates and reworks will not be ready to be delivered in a day or two, but will require much longer amount of time, hence it’s much better imo to start thinking about it right now but not when it’s too late. Not saying this has to be a top1 priority feature, but why not to just discuss it with community and devs if possible.

Agreed on the farming speed bonus, it’s high time to atleast implement a cap for it (easy way) or rework the formula so the higher the bonus, the less the chance of random proc to receive it. We shouldn’t wait for the precedent when 80% is achieved and devs will have to nerf it not for everyone but a specific player.

I was thinking something along the way of your “ultimate talent” but more simple . Also it would encourage the players to add more lands and develop them.

Make a total of the farms speed bonuses, but instead of making a simple average, divide that total to a fixed 100 and add that number to the average of adjacency bonuses of existing lands (around 100 would be number of farms you get on an account with 16 lands levelled to 10).

This way, you not only give the speed bonuses a meaningful way in equalising timers for all farms, but you also incentivise players to build more farms (via extra lands or extra levels)

This also should be a lot easier to implement, it is just some quick math behind.

Yo, the main thing is not about the ultimate talent but the whole system itself, this is just 1 thing out of hundred possible, while it was just an example. The thread is about the bigger picture how this can be implemented. While for some reason people consider mine idea to be too complicated - it is actually not, as you only need to make a formula once. While you bind the bonus to just building farms, the way I see it is different as the talents could be another type of sink. It might be an NFT with unlocked perks which you can sell or designed as a separate building on a land so you could focus on different strategies within one account. It’s not just reworking the current formula, but a complete remake.

For some reason people only notice the example in this thread but not the main idea. Sad.

Hi @enillyddjens,

Thanks for answering the first question. : I’m getting that the current farm plot bonuses will not reset and everyone will get to keep their bonuses. this will only apply on the upcoming land plots and players. is that correct?

2nd Batch of Question:

In your estimation: how long before the devs are going to be able to implement this? just a rough estimation. which includes also consideration on the current roadmap and schedule? .

There is also a challenge here. if the infrastrucutre [code structure] is not supporting this code and has to build the whole deck for this to be created. how long will it take them to build it as a rough estimation? .

3rd Question :

Where else they can implement this code structure? . meaning/for example we have a building requirement data where it requires 4 types of resources. this is also the same definition for the quest structure to use when they need to pull a recipe requirement for quest.

In your opinion where else we can use this besides the adjacency bonuses? in game developments. usually they think of the long term on where they cah “recycle” a code and use it to something else. I was thinking about this idea nad would like to know from you where do you think this type of code structure would fit.

Another Example is our leaderboard. they built a code for leaderboard where they can just change the definition and repurpose it for other things.


I like the idea of adding a talent tree for specialization, about which we talked a lot before. And definitely farm speed bonus doesn/t make sense when I have one farm plot with 1% and the second with 30% speed bonus. I am in full support to rather switch to an average per land.
Although we need to work through what we can add to other specializations .

Also, there is a question to the devі how many resources will be needed to implement it.

@enillyddjens: Hello! Thanks for writing a proposal idea.

To everyone else:
As this is a proposal idea (and not an actual proposal yet), lets try to focus on:

  • Reviewing the idea and sharing your perspective/opinions
  • Working with the author to polish the idea
  • Coming up additional suggestions/use case/alternatives

I love this proposal. It will make my sleeping time better.


This is the type of suggestion that community involvement is all about. I think the complexity has more to do with trying to explain it in a post like this, than how it would actually be experienced. This is a proven incentive model from other games, but of course the UX needs to make sense to people. I support further investigation, and know that QoL improvements in particular will lead to more engaged players.

I would love average of all speed bonuses to be a thing. Will have to think more on talent tree. But could be a very cool idea.

Hi there.

initial idea has nothing to do with current bonuses. Bonuses for farming plots are bonuses for farming plots, while adjacency bonus is adjacency bonus. All separate.

Not sure I can answer this. I can only tell it would be great to discuss the idea, polishing it via community discussion will take time as well, but according to current roadmap - 1-2 months min, 6-12 months max. We all know major changes do not come fast. Needs to be designed. Needs to be tested. Even though as a long-time player with huge experience, but just as player and not a game dev or creative worker, I wish I could help to deliver this change faster. So I think this question is more to devs, not me.

For sure it is a challenge. Creating a game is a challenge. Keeping economy balanced is a challenge. Man, whole life is a challenge :smiley: Just because it is doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take challenges. Once again, more a dev (programmer) question.

Anywhere. New buildings which can provide temporal or permanent buffs.

Imagine you have a tree with amount of specs matching the amount of major activities, as I mentioned in the idea: farming, gathering, etc.
The idea is to create a system that will help people focusing on stuff they want more. And to change it if they change their mind and/or if meta changes. Current adjacency bonus is a pure example of how talents/perks can be implemented. As for me it looks the same, but you will just need to unlock it.

Is it really that necessary to use it somewhere else? Doesn’t really make sense for me.

Agreed, this is why this thread was created. I hope to have some of devs who are responsible for game design and such possible changes to talk with us and to tell us more about possible technical difficulties and possibilities. Whether if it’s possible or not, how much time this might take, etc. I’m not a coder/game dev etc., Keizer’s questions confound me. It’s like asking a building inhabitant how much time it would take to build a house. As for me, you don’t have to be an expert to ask questions.

Hey Nanessa. I’m wondering if we should wait for a reply maybe from someone from gamedev / game design LG’s department to chat with us to participate in the chat? Would be a great example where we all could discuss such an idea. I’m pretty sure all the players ever had an idea that caught their attention in another game and could suit in CryptoUnicorns. Together we could make it much better or at least start working on it!

Yes the idea itself isn’t new. It’s more about technical part of how this can be designed for CU: original descriptions, balancing between specs is also very important. In WoW for example, there are always different FoTM’s and it’s never balanced, the main thing is not to make it too overpowered and try to change meta according to it. It would be a pleasure for me to participate in designing if it’s possible.

Yup. The main thing is to focus on the way of revamping the current bonus and not focus too much on the example I provided. In the end of the day this is just an example. It didn’t take me a long time to come up with it. Could be much better :slight_smile:

Sorry I deleted my 2 replies below, I forgot I could answer everyone in one reply just quoting.

Hello, @enillyddjens! As this is an idea post, this is essentially a period where the author is expected to work with the DAO to polish an idea. :slight_smile: This is indeed a perfect way for the community to find a solution together and polish it. An impact report will be written when we have an actual proposal with the full specs. Please feel free to work with the community to polish the idea!

The good news is, we do have a player specialization feature that accomplishes the intent behind this idea that is being planned currently. We will announce it when we give our plans on Tribes and Shadowcorns. It is different but it has similarities to what is being suggested.

I would still encourage working with the community to get a full specs going despite to assess how much support the idea gets and to be able to determine the specifics if you plan to write a draft proposal. ^^

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You could make is so much easier for the devs by averaging all time bonuses across matching adjacent lands and then dividing plot total numbers by the percentage of time saved total and adding it all up into one equal time bonus across all lands.

Matching land totals
2 lands = 5%
3 lands =5.5%
4 = 6%
5 = 6.5%
6 = 7%
7 = 7.5%
8 = 8%
9 = 8.5%
10 = 9%
11 = 9.5%
12 = 10%
13 = 11%
14 = 12%
15 =13%
16 = 15%

Then for the additional plot specific bonuses just add up all plots connected to the cluster of lands. Say its 100 plots and then add up all the time bonuses (800% for example), divide that by the plot total (100). That comes to average plot time bonus of 8%.

All farm plot bonuses get the same time reduction of 20% according to the example.
No more having to login at all times, no more moving plots around. More frictionless gaming. More fun game to play.

There are still some questions that I can’t answer without proper technical assistance. If I want to buy an apartment, I’m not going to buy a whole building or build it by myself (considering it’s multi-storey building). This is why we need a builder’s consultation :slight_smile: Hope you see my point.

I just don’t get one thing. This is not rocket science, but everyone have a tendency simplifying the mechanics shown in the example, which are not too complicated imo, formula itself doesn’t look way TOO challenging. Initially there is a talents system when you can choose a build from common talents tree, imagine there is a talent you must 100% choose to unlock better talents and it’s our default adjacency bonus. So there is interaction between 2 talents. Just an example again!

Guys. This is just an example, both the one I mentioned below and in the first post. Please, don’t focus on a tree when there is a forest behind it.

Please feel free to get a proposal going and then we’ll provide an impact report once everything is ready. As of now, that’s our current process. Looking at every single idea takes a lot of cycles so it’s best to polish it with the community and present it via the draft proposal once it’s in its best form! Unless an actual proposal is written, this is no different from writing a suggestion posted on Discord. :frowning:

Edit: To your point on not building it yourself, in the future, we hope that the community would build with us. We do not have a customer-service provider relationship. Instead, we’re both contributors in this DAO so it’d be nice if we can get community developers in the long run. Open to devs wanting to build other game loops and new mini-games too.

Alright, sounds great!
To be honest, I was thinking if there is a chance to receive a job offer from LG even if it’s part-time or on an ad hoc basis, as for now seeing TheTakoyakiGuy in LG shows it’s possible and it motivated me a little to share this idea as well.

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