June 15th 2022 gameplay and economy update

Just sharing some data about the current in-game changes, as we’ve got no changelog/patchnotes tab nor on Forum neither in Discord.

15/06 gameplay and economy update:


Was: 100 plain berries | 5 RBW + 300 UNIM per parent
Now: 300 plain berries | 25 RBW + 300 UNIM per parent
Change: x3 berries, x5 RBW, x1 UNIM
Note: berries and RBW amount do not change with breeding points, UNIM amount does change as before, no UNIM costs change.


Was: 100 class berries + 2500 UNIM + 25 RBW
Now: 200 class berries + 5000 UNIM + 100 RBW
Change: x2 class berries, x2 UNIM, x4 RBW

Energy refilling:

Was: 10 class berries
Now: 25 class berries
Change: x2.5 class berries


Was: 10 class berries per buff
Now: 50 class berries per buff
Change: x5 class berries fee price per buff (HUGE NERF)

Personal daily observation:
Conditions: 16x2 unicorns, 2x1 unicorn gathering, 33 best rewards, 1 medium reward.
3 lvl6 Gathering Carts, 6 lvl5 Gathering Carts, 9 lvl4 Gathering Carts. 2 accounts.

Average UNIM:
account 1: 17 unicorns, 4078 unim in total, 240 unim per unicorn (lvl5 and 6 carts)
account 2: 17 unicorns, 3096 unim in total, 182 unim per unicorn (lvl4 carts)

~20% average less UNIM, much less class and plain berries, more T1 base and class material, same RBW amount, same T2 base mats amount, T2 class mats chance added to carts level 1 (increases with cart’s level)
But with increased buff cost (50 berries instead of 10 and 25 class berries per energy instead of 10) Gathering is nerfed ~25-30%

Farming plots:

Not using unicorn:
Was: 4-6 berries per harvest
Now: 1-2 berries per harvest
Change: x0.3 nerf

Using unicorn matching a land:
Was: 3-10 berries per harvest
Now: 9-23 berries per harvest
Change: x2 buff (but increased energy cost x2.5 turns out to be not a buff at all)


a bunch of QoL changes
10 (15) Raw Wood Plank crafting now requires 50 UNIM + 50 plain berries.
T1 base mats are same time now: 4h 48min per 10 items
T2 base mats are same time now: 14h24min per 5 items
matching unicorn: T1 base mats = 15 instead of 10 mats
T2 base mats: 8 instead of 5
T1 class mats: no changes

If I missed anything - feel free to update with a reply so we can share it with users who are also encouraged about the changes :slight_smile:


Wrong values for new breeding/evolve prices

thanks, corrected, got some incorrect data from a peer and didn’t want to mention that plain berries are per parent but just for an event

really don’t know what will happen next

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