Official Forum Guide

Welcome to the official Crypto Unicorns forum!
This is the official hub for all governance-related discussions related to Crypto Unicorns.


Crypto Unicorns is a DAO created by Laguna Games. We’re in the early stages of building a community-owned space where the community can collectively discuss and ultimately decide on key decisions relating to the project. This governance guide aims to provide an overview of the proposal process. As we’re still in the early stages, it’s very important to remember that this is a living document that will continually improve as we continue to iterate based on community sentiments. There is no single formula for building a successful DAO. It is our hope to evolve as we receive input from the community.


All community members with staked RBW are eligible to participate. Staking RBW grants sRBW, and each sRBW will count as one vote.


In building the governance structure, we will use three different portals.

  1. Crypto Unicorns Governance Forum - This is the hub for all governance discussions. To build an effective and purposeful governance discussion venue, we will not launch governance-related discussions on Discord or any other media.
  2. Snapshot - All live Crypto Unicorns Improvement Proposals (CUIP) and Crypto Unicorns Governance Motions (CUGM) will be posted on Snapshot.
  3. KryptoSign - All temperature checks, nominations and other preliminary polls will initially be conducted on KryptoSign. This may be changed one we’ve integrated a better polling system on our governance forum.


Governance systems based on the results of votes on Snapshot need human input to be implemented. This usually requires

  1. an operations team that will coordinate the implementation of the proposal, and
  2. contributors or development teams who will perform the work needed to implement the content of the proposal.

During the early stages of building our DAO, the Laguna Games team will perform the task of coordinating with the contributors or development teams who’d come forward to implement approved proposals.

Holding sRBW allows users to write and vote on proposals. The DAO/sRBW holders cannot, however, volunteer a particular contributor or development team to enact a proposal without the consent of the said contributor or development team. The DAO/sRBW holders cannot also impose the execution of proposals that go against foregoing laws and other existing legal obligations.


Our initial governance process is outlined below.

STEP 1 (Proposal Ideas)

This is where all proposals begin! A Crypto Unicorns Improvement Proposal (CUIP) Idea is posted in the Proposal Ideas section of our official Crypto Unicorns forum. This post may stay open for as long as the community is actively engaging in the discussion. The goal is to give the author the opportunity to work with the community to iron out the specifics before writing a draft of the proposal.

Each CUIP Idea may be tagged by the Facilitator with any of the following categories: Game Features, Ecosystem Fund Grants, DAO Operations, Just for Fun.

STEP 2 (Draft Proposal)

If a CUIP Idea post receives enough engagement and interest from the community, the Facilitator will then contact the author and advise the author to write a proposal draft based on the collective sentiment or feedback from the community. On the other hand, CUIP Idea posts that have been inactive for 5 straight days will automatically be closed, and possibly revisited at another time.

Once a draft has been written, the author will then post the proposal under the Draft Proposal section of our Crypto Unicorns forum. The Facilitator will then review the proposal for format adherence and completeness of information, approve the post and add the correct CUIP number and tag to the title. To help the community make an informed decision, and when applicable, the contributor or development team that’s expected to implement the proposal may post an Impact Report in the comment section in response to the proposal. (Ex. A development team may post a cost and roadmap impact report in response to game feature proposals, etc.).

A proposal needs to be active for at least 5 days before moving to the next step. During this 5-day period, the author may continue to work with the community by responding to the comment section of the post or by continually editing the draft until a consensus is reached. On the 5th day, a proposal with a mostly positive reception will be moved to Step 3 - Governance Council approval. A Temperature Check will be conducted when the public opinion is divided.

STEP 2.5 (Temperature Check)

A link to the poll will be added to the original proposal in the Draft Proposal section should the community’s reception be divided. This poll will run for 5 days and should signal how we intend to proceed with the proposal. A proposal may be tagged as Pass or Reject. In this particular step, “Pass” means the proposal may move to the next step. “Reject”, for our purposes, means we don’t want to implement the proposal, we need more time to polish the proposal, or want to revisit the proposal down the road.

For our purposes, a Temperature Check is considered successful when the number of participants reaches or exceeds 10% sRBW holder participation. Proposals that pass the Temperature Check will be forwarded to the Governance Council for further review.

STEP 3 (Governance Council)

Proposals with mostly positive reception and proposals that passed the optional temperature check are reviewed by the Governance Council during the bi-monthly Governance Council meeting. The Governance Council will approve the proposal for a Snapshot vote or give additional recommendations. Once these recommendations have been addressed, the proposal will move to Snapshot. The Governance Council may reject a proposal when they identify content or risk that may harm the well-being of the project or the community. When this happens, the Governance Council will publish a report detailing the result of their deliberations, recommendations, and positions.

The Governance Council members are elected as outlined in the approved CUIP-04 - Governance Council Installation.

STEP 4 (Snapshot)

Once the Governance Council has approved a proposal or once a proposal passes the Temperature Check, the proposal will go live on Snapshot. All community members with RBW staked when the proposal is added to Snapshot are eligible to vote. This is not retroactive to avoid any possible manipulation from bad actors. Each sRBW is equivalent to one vote. The Snapshot entry will stay open for 5 days. Voting is considered successful only if we achieve a 33% sRBW participation quorum.

STEP 5 (Implementation)

Once a Crypto Unicorns Improvement Proposal has been approved through a Snapshot vote, the Facilitator will work with the vendor, contractor, or development team in charge of the implementation to make sure that the agreed-upon specifications in the approved CUIP are always met.

Throughout the lifetime of the proposal, the Facilitator will have monthly check-ins with the associated implementer for all approved CUIPs. If the associated team, vendor, or contractor fails to consistently deliver the agreed-upon specifications, the Facilitator will publish a report on our official SNS channels to inform the community so that we can once again collectively decide how to move forward.