Gathering Cart rewards revision. The new model sucks

Since the last update few days ago we saw another major shakedown of the CU economy with a heavy impact on the gathering carts and overall economy. Every update becomes more of a nerf of resources and game currencies. So far I have collected over 100 carts since the update and my rewards in UNIM were slashed in the ballpark of 60-75%. Considering that the GT are no longer bringing in RBW or raw materials. I would say the revenue reduction is about 100%. This really stunts growth and makes the game more of P2P model than P2E. I propose a reduction in random bonuses and a more stable revenue stream based on the cart level So far my level 10 carts are bringing me less UNIM than my level 4 carts pre -update. Can we get a vote and discussion on this. I do not care for some random lottery bonuses I do not even know the odds of, if I wanted to play the lottery I would go buy a lottery ticket. As long as we get a discussion going, I think we can raise the proposal to the council and vote on it. I am not the only one who is upset with the latest updates. My suggestion to the dev’s is this: Instead of nerfing the rewards on your existing player base, concentrate on game loops and marketing so we can acquire fresh players and grow the economy. Nerfing works only for so long.


I think we need to wait until tomorrows update before we make any comments on gathering. They heard us LOUD and clear (I THINK), about how bad it is right now.

I did make a proposal in regards to implementing a test server so changes like this are flushed out prior to breaking the live economy. You should take a look!


I was in the general chatroom but nothing was mentioned in regard to the gathering carts. So far the only changes that were discussed were changes on the “Quest Board”. I did ask, but got no answer if this is even being looked at.

Now the collector car is really bad, I don’t want to re-invest, I re-invested once and I haven’t recovered the profit and it was cut off. If it goes on like this, it will be a black hole and it has been a negative cycle. The current income of the collector car is terrible. I can’t think of how I can make a profit.

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Hello, jingruzhishui! If you were to make this revision, what kind of revision would you make? Would you have preferred a rollback to the previous state or are you suggesting something else?

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Hello, wasper! I hear you on wanting to get a vote going to get the community’s feedback on this. If we want to get a vote going, you’ll want to write a draft proposal! Here’s the guide on how to write a proposal: About the Draft Proposal section.

Once you’ve written the proposal, it’ll go through the governance process/stages outlined here: Official Forum Guide. If you need help writing the proposal, send me a DM and I’ll guide you through the whole process!

I have never written one. Do you have a template?

Yes. Please click the links above. :slight_smile:

Hi Wasper,

I understand your concern about this one. lets wait for this upcoming tuning patch first to see what we can do before we can launch a proposal.

on the discord strategy channel i’ve mentioned about this as well.


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