About the Draft Proposal section

Welcome to the DRAFT PROPOSAL section of our forum!

  • A DRAFT PROPOSAL is written when an IDEA post has been received positively by the community or if the author is ready to put forward a proposal without help from the community.

  • A DRAFT PROPOSAL may also be written when filing a Motion of No Confidence to review a Governance Council’s performance.

  • All DRAFT PROPOSALs will need to be approved by the Governance Facilitator to check for completeness of information.

  • A post in the DRAFT PROPOSAL section must be active for at least 5 days before it can move to the next step. (This may be extended for another 5 days if a Temperature Check is needed.)

  • To help community members make an informed decision, we highly recommend writing all DRAFT PROPOSAL posts using the prescribed format.

Prescribed format for Improvement Proposals

This is the basic format for DRAFT PROPOSAL posts. In addition to these items, the author is free to add any additional section that may help the community understand the proposal better.

  • Name — Brief Name
  • Summary — Two or three sentences describing the proposal.
  • Motivation — Describe to the community why this proposal is necessary.
  • Details — Dive into the specifics of what is being proposed. Indicate what the DAO needs to implement.
  • Conclusion — Outline the voting choices and any relevant details around cost and timelines.

Prescribed format for a Motion of No Confidence (as approved in CUIP-04)

  • Title — Motion to Review a Council Member’s Performance
  • Summary — Two or three sentences describing what the review is for.
  • Name of the Council Member for review — Indicate the Discord handle of the Council Member.
  • Rationale for the motion — Describe why the community needs to review the performance of the said Council Member.
  • Details — Dive into the details of the events that lead to the motion (including dates and links if necessary).
  • Conclusion — Summarize the information presented and outline the voting choices.