Show an overview of the game events this year

2022 is coming to an end, and the game has been online for more than half a year. I want to see how many times I participated in the game this year, some metrics below:

  • how many times I have farmed,
  • how many times I collected in workshop,
  • how many times I collected in cart,
  • Cart rewards the most unim once,
  • how many RBW and UNIM unstash.
  • and so on.

Through this I can share and compare among my friends.


Interesting idea, the 2022 CU annual list, it’s interesting to share @SparklyUnicorn @lgNanessa

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Hey, Kice! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Sounds like a cool idea. I’d have to be honest though that the last working day for the LG team in 2022 is on December 16. We’ll be back again in January 2023 so realistically speaking, this will likely not be possible this year. We can perhaps review this again at the end of 2023 and perhaps maybe discussions around it should be started prior to the winter holiday. I’ll keep a note of it for future reference!

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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all~~


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