Prioritizing Current Farm UX vs Jousting

Dear all,

These are one of those Ideas I would like to explore with the community. What if we delay Jousting? in replacement, LG will update the current Land Game play UX.

Meaning they would focus on :

  • Fixing the Lag in game
  • Fixing the UX/UI’s [Interface of Inventory, Sorting of Seeds, Sorting of Unicorns by Highest Energy etc]
  • Multiple Lootbox Transfer
  • Current issues with the Land Gameplay,

I’m looking to know on how willing are we to wait for Jousting and what other things we would like to improve on the land gameplay. Also be aware that delaying jousting may also delay all other future projects of CU. we will ask @lgNanessa on the impact of this idea before we move to any type of proposal.

Please respond below as I will create a poll how long we want to wait for these fixes. it is important to know that there are impacts on this if we push this for a proposal. but in these case let’s all discuss this creatively so that we can allpush forward on what the we all want.

Thank you!~

How long are you willing to wait for Jousting to prioritize the current Land Gameplay
  • 1 Week
  • 2 Weeks
  • 3 Weeks
  • 4 Weeks
  • 5 Weeks
  • 6 Weeks
  • Other [Please reply below how long are you are willing to wait.]
  • I prefer not to delay Jousting

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Performance of the farm sim must be a priority in my opinion, I really don’t care how long it takes. If I want to farm (2x/day), breed, craft, and gather on 9 farm plots its taking 2.5 hours.

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Hey, Keizer! Thanks for this. We’ll definitely prep an impact report once this becomes a draft proposal as that’s part of our governance process!

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Jousting needs to be ready to go ASAP. farming isnt for everyone. jousting should bring in a whole new group of players.


First of all we shouldn’t ask for how long could LG team postpone jousting. First of all we should ask if it’s even possible for the team to do so, and only then: for how long. I would rather prefer an existing loop to be fixed before implementing new stuff in order not to get a snowball effect of failed/not-optimized game loops.


Hi @lgNanessa,

Do you think its possible that we create an impact report now rather than later?. this way people can understand and already have an idea if these types of similar ideas are worth it to push or not. at least we councils wont need to push it to a draft if it doesnt even make sense at all.


Hi Keizer. We definitely can if you write this in the same format of a draft proposal as we’ll need the detailed information with the motivation, details and timeline, etc to know the full extent of what is being considered for the impact report. (Since your poll is still open and we don’t know how much time you’ll put in the proposal itself).

Addendum: I forgot to respond to Invoko. LG is currently trying adhere to the roadmap, but would like to actively work to address the issues at the same time. We recognize that the user experience hasn’t been perfect and we need to address the existing issues to help early supporters enjoy the game better and to move forward to the growth phase. We aim to be more proactive and transparent re: these issues starting this month. You may have noticed small changes but we plan to continue building/refining/enhancing our systems until we provide the best possible experience for everyone.


The ‘Farming Sim’ is the backbone of the in game economy, and the generation of new NFTS. Both of those things are key to maintaining and improving RBW / UNIM price when combined with an increase in players.

Right now it takes a large monetary cost and daily interaction cost to play in a manner that allows you to grow your resources over time.

If something like a farming Sim is this … shoddy … what image does that present to outsiders considering this project?

Support the current players before trying to start an entirely new segment that is going to need its own bug fixes and QOL improvements.

I’m honestly starting to get tired of feeling like a captive hostage, that because I invested so much money I have to do as much as I can in game to keep working towards ROI and the lag, extra click, pop ups that need to be cleared vs passive notification ‘bubbles’ is grating to the human mind.


Still curious how the jousting mechanism or how the gameplay gonna be. Would be nice if they got demo or mockup for that.

Please, please, please at a minimum put a bit of work into sorting corns by energy.

While working on this area it would be nice to fix this visual bug, the leaf animation reamins after collecting the berries from farms.
farm animation

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