Jousting Arena's : Survey

Hi All,

The motivation for this topic is to make Jousting more Accessible. This will ask questions that may or may not be biased from the Author. but with these questions The author believes that it may help LG to have a brighter direction for Jousting.

How are you liking Jousting so far? 1 = Poor 5 = Excellent.

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If there is a non-competitive jousting rooms. would players be interested of this room?

Here are the Non-Competitive Jousting room requirements :

  • A Unicorn with at least 1 energy
  • Potion [Optional]

Non-Competitive will have the following rewards.
1st : 25 berry
2nd : 15 Berry
3rd : 10 Berry
Quarter : 5 Berry

Berries are Random. [ so this will be in a form of “loot box” or “berry baskets”.

If this is the factor of the Non-Competitive Jousting Room. would you be interested?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other : I have an opinion below

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If there is a UNIM Jousting Rooms, would players be interested of this room?

Here are the details for UNIM Room : Requirements

  • 100-5000 UNIM [based on the room]
  • Potion [Optional]
  • Ticket Required

Possible Prizes

  • Depending on the room, Players can have 500-25k Unim as prize.
  • Poop Scrolls as prize
  • Jousting Tickets [ Special rooms but for Unim]
  • Box of Berries/Seeds
  • Common Lootbox

If this is the factor of the UNIM Jousting Room. would you be interested?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other : I have an opinion below

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If there is a Land Holder Theme Jousting Room, would players be interested of this room?

Here are the details for UNIM Room : Requirements

  • RBW
  • UNIM
  • Ticket Required
  • Potion [Optional]

Possible Prizes :

  • Common Lootbox
  • Rare Lootbox
  • Land Lootbox
  • Land Progression Materials
  • Boosters
  • Common Keystone

Weekend Special Rooms Prizes

  • Mythic Lootbox
  • Rare Keystone
  • Yes
  • No
  • Other : I have an opinion below

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Let me know your thoughts.


-KeizerMc :fox_face:

Not sure what is meant by the last question…

As a whole though, I think jousting is only interesting if you have stakes. And any stakes are interesting. There’s no player input to incentivize playing “for fun” imo.

But to ask an open question back, do we really need more variants? To me, that’s not the issue with jousting right now. The issue is what’s been harked over and over in discord. There’s no input really other than stats of the corns, so if you don’t have a corn you believe can beat 55% of all other corns entered in a tournament, there’s no point for you to joust as it would end up as a net loss.


Thanks for all the efforts from our hard working devs. Unfortunately, Jousting is not fair for everyone as it’s biased to high stat corns. This does not make the game fun so I don’t play.

I will play jousting when entry reflects max stat tiers, ie max 1300 total, or max 400 power, etc

It’s naive to expect players to not enter high stat corns in beginner events out of some sense of honour. Humans are emotional, greedy and suspicious (although we like to hide behind beautiful kind and caring faces too). We need tiered brackets for the integrity of the game!

Alternatively, is it too late for a free to play version? Maybe a 1 v 1 that pays 100 UNIM prize but costs 1 energy. Yes, it would be another faucet but it could bring in new players. This version may even have a click to hit feature.

If these changes do happen then I don’t expect to win as much as higher tier tourneys & corns, it’s totally fair that players who spent $ on boosters have rewards that reflect this. But it’s not fair that 1800 stat corns are entering beginner events and taking fun away from poorer/average players.

If things don’t change, I’ll just wait for the next game loop and hope team have a better understanding of how to make a world class game that reflects their $900k monthly running costs. I mean a game that can grow DAU by 1000 daily over a sustained period (3 months or more), even in a bear market (whatever that really means!) I like to think we’re in a web3 revolution so bear market is an excuse!

Finally, I do appreciate all the hard work being done and want CU to succeed. You have my warmest wishes and good luck team.


In general I agree with common sentiment that the team should have expected higher unicorn stats to compete in the lower brackets. Whether its malicious or not (who likes waiting for 2 hours for a game?), its definitely not fun for the lower level corns as @TeacherSteve mentions. Exploitation is common human behavior if there is no formal rule against it.

I also think the higher stat corns brackets should be rewarded exponentially more because so much more UNIM has been sunk into creating those and we want to keep incentivizing this high level breeding.

Also agree with @Bahis somewhat that what we need right now is not really more variants but better tuning of the gameplay itself. Stats definitely seem to matter but everything else feels like quite a bit of RNG involved. Since there’s absolutely 0 user input (even stance is pretty much RNG since you can’t really change it after setting it and you can’t see others’ stance before setting it), everything feels pretty random. There are so many instances posted in discord of low level corns beating out much much higher level corns. While the chance of winning is larger for the higher stat corns, feels like the winning % difference not that high? For example if I see a high stat corn I know I’m probably going to lose, but I know there’s a reasonable chance I can also win. Is this by design? In other games if I compete against a player who’s 20% higher than me in levels the chance of winning is slim to none, but here it’s quite high comparatively.

Maybe I haven’t played enough to thoroughly understand everything but to me it makes sense to tighten brackets and give each stat more concrete roles so that people can breed to win in that meta within that bracket. It needs to feel less like complete RNG and feel like it’s a code that needs to be cracked, and then gets changed regularly.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the relatively bug free experience of the game, so that itself is a huge win. Just hoping we continue the momentum.


Land Holder Theme Jousting room is just also another variants of the jousting rooms. but the difference is that the rewards are related to Land progression rewards. since all of us play land . it can also encourage pure jousters to be more curious about the land game play.

Sorry . it was not in my mind when I thought about this idea. I didn’t take into account if these ideas are an issue or not. I started this idea as to what can make jousting more accessible and more fun for players to participate on. I personally don’t like to use my RBW right now because in my land i need RBW badly and i also don’t feel like risking my current RBW on my corns. hence if there are other methods like use my UNIM or something that will be for my land progression. I would be more interested to jump in jousting more.

Personally I really want the room with Non-Competitive. I want to play jousting w/o the painful damage to my RBW. I want to stream the game and make content for the game but i dont want to spend RBW, i just want to be casual player. hence I thought this idea is fun if i have a lot of unicorns i want to play around. and for me that will cost only 25 class berries and I can play. if i get into first. i get a random berry. but thats okay. i got to experience jousting w/o having to make a lot of damage. It can encourage me to jump into those RBW rooms if i get confident. and I think this is one of the reasons why we have a lot of people whom afraid to jump into jousting. we dont know stuff. so we tend to assume X Y Z. and i think this mindset needs to be revoked and we should start prooving it.

This is a hard no for me. learned it way bad in axie. but maybe with a proper math this can be explored. what i can say is im not the right person to answer this as Yes specially w/o any data that can back this up,. but if it becomes a source

If these changes do happen then I don’t expect to win as much as higher tier tourneys & corns, it’s totally fair that players who spent $ on boosters have rewards that reflect this. But it’s not fair that 1800 stat corns are entering beginner events and taking fun away from poorer/average players.

I think these “stat max” stuff is a different topic all along. we will definitely have some type of mechanic there to limit it. i think they also mentioned that a Max cap will be implemented and that right now they are looking at the data. I also think that the data has information about this. its just that its not implemented yet? ill have to re-visit the data. but its valid that a high stat corn should only participate on a high stat place.

I agree with this. there is not enough data and experience. we cant just assume its X and Y until we really figure things out.

Jousting is ridiculous fun but what seems like the entry level trotter cup is full of beasts and I dont stand a chance!!! Brackets would totally solve this and I would certainly joust much more If my perceptions were of a fair match with evenly based corns.
Ofcouse the mega corns are in the beginner events because they can clean up, If I had one I would too. Its easy RBW for some…

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As said before and many times on Discord, we need some way to make the high stats unicorns move on from the lower tiers.

(Maybe lower the amount of players in a high tier tournament so they fill quicker for now?)

Either by a rating system, or by creating tournaments with max stats.

The max stats tournaments dont give you a better guarantee at winning but atleast it feels more fair for everyone.

The argument that max stat tiers wouldn’t incentivice breeding is not true, eventually people want to move to better tiers to have a shot at bigger prizes. If the max is 1400, you WILL try to get that 1399 stat corn to get the max allowed in that tier.

I just cant believe why noone in the team thaught of this before and they were thinking the current system was a good idea to start with? You cant tell me the current situation was a surprise to them…


Comrade Dipbeak#9372 is about to come along and say that you are all whiners and losers.
And his schoolchildren have families to feed and money to make… (and this man is your elected consul).
What are you all worried about breeders, they have made so much RBW these days, they are in the process of recouping their breeding investment (cost UNIM? milk is in play enough to recoup that cost)

  1. Berry Room is the biggest league for rookies, just to get a feel for what jousting is all about.
  2. UNIM Jousting Rooms - interesting, but not much, because this room will also be a UNIM issue (the question is how popular it will be, and how much milk will come out of it eventually)
  3. Land Holder Theme Jousting Room - I liked this one the best, as there is a chance of getting a jackpot out of the chests, and if you draw it, it could be in demand. But what about the key stones? Why do you want to breed more of them? They’re already completely devalued as it is.

Why are you purposely, and very aggressively trying to start an argument with Dipbeak? They are not even in this thread and you’re basically taunting them. If you wanted to say something, say it directly to them instead of speaking indirectly.

Low quality comments that only serve to taunt another person just derails the conversation. If someone else is taking the time to create a serious conversation amongst players the least you can do is respect their intentions, not use it to bait others. Either say something useful or don’t say anything at all.

Non-Competitive Jousting room - the prize doesn’t make sense. Energy/berry should be used for other game loops instead, given the 1st prize is only 25 berries which essentially burn your energy for no value, even if you win. May consider to change the prize to seeds and/or adjust the reward amount.

UNIM Jousting Rooms - seems good

Land Holder Theme Jousting Room - seems good

PLUS bracket / tier is a must in my opinion

Is my message in this thread?
In what format, that’s another question (that’s for me to decide, as long as the rules are not broken).
I post my comments and observations all the time.
How many of the users participate in the forum? And how many consul?
Laguna doesn’t promote the forum, and voting only happens because of the badge

In my opinion, Kaiser is the only consul who really works and puts his heart and soul into his duties and into improving the Unicorns.
Now DaBozz is on, but so far I have more of a mixed impression of his actions (he’s going from one side to the other).

What’s your nickname on Discord?
I don’t even know who I’m talking to.

Your comments are distracting and unhelpful. If you respect Keizer and his time you wouldn’t be doing this. You don’t add any value to discussions (go through your chat history in either forums or discord - all you do is troll and make random comments that are irrelevant). For example even now you are trying to insult Dabozz and all the other council members because they don’t work hard enough to your liking. Other than the fact that its completely irrelevant to this topic, they are not paid. They don’t work for you. You have no right to be entitled.

You are also extremely hard to understand. I get that English is not your first language. I try my best to understand what you’re trying to say, and so far I have made effort but it feels pointless. You don’t say anything of value. Before this you tried to bait Dipbeak and now you’re trying to bait Dabozz.

Just want to repeat, you comments and “observations” are extremely unhelpful and frankly quite useless. Read every single comment above yours. Everyone has been thoughtful and productive with that they said. Except you. Do you think we are better off without your “observations”? I think its an easy answer.

What’s your nickname on Discord?
I don’t even know who I’m talking to.

This is honestly quite hilarious coming from someone called “WINTER_AND_SUMMER”. Who are you? Can you send my a copy of your passport and KYC? Is that relevant to our conversation?

Now let’s break down this post:

  1. any adult would pass by the idiot/troll post, etc. (you didn’t pass…).
  2. Cons take on certain roles for the community (they can decline the nomination, and give way to interested people, but, for some reason, they don’t). Maybe it’s about the badge, not the interest in the project?
  3. Do you decide what counts as a thoughtful post and what doesn’t? Have you been appointed a judge?
  4. I asked a question about your nickname on Discord, not your last name, etc., do you feel the difference? (How did you respond?). It’s a normal question to know who you’re communicating with.
    Thanks for paying close attention to my person, keep writing, anonymous comrade :laughing:

I’ll leave the last word to you, write some more, having looked at all your threads, you love to do that :wink:

  1. ???
  2. Their opinions are valued and have contributed to CU in some way - unlike others.
  3. No but anyone with a brain can tell the difference.
  4. Yea but do you know that you are an anonymous person to me as well? Sharing one more anonymous identity doesn’t add any value.

I’ll leave the last word to you, write some more, having looked at all your threads, you love to do that :wink:

Amazing. Bye.

There was a “smart guy” above who said that my post made no sense.
I’ll redo it so that even such “smart guys” can understand it.
As far as I’m concerned, Kaiser suggested this particular version of Jousting rooms, because they have to cover several important components:

  1. Reduce saturation on the berry marketplace
  2. Become another UNIM absorber
  3. I don’t have much of an option here.

In my opinion:

  1. Non-Competitive Jousting room - will not be of much interest to newcomers, because apart from giving an understanding of what is Jousting, it will not give. As a berry absorber - it will not be able to perform
  2. UNIM Jousting Rooms - if you do this room as a sink UNIM, then give out a prize in the form of UNIM - this is not quite right. I would replace it with RBW tokens (minimum amount, another option in the form of t1-t2 resources)
  3. Land Holder Theme Jousting Room - this suggestion I liked the most, as it is in this variant is the so-called gambling component, but I would remove keystones from here, leave only the chests
    Also, Laguna periodically redeems unicorns and lands (they are used as airdrop to attract players from other games), so why not use them as rewards (weekly, monthly?) Price unicorns now quite low

Next question, there is now a raised topic of creating a room for newcomers, but, at the moment the problem in duels is that there is no limitation or on the statistics, ie, beginners and not only can not appreciate all their beauty, can not enjoy the graphics (only as a spectator)
Before something new to introduce, even decide this issue

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If you read the Forum rules Inb4emotion has a point.

Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree

You may wish to respond by disagreeing. That’s fine. But remember to criticize ideas, not people. Please avoid:

  • Name-calling
  • Ad hominem attacks
  • Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content
  • Knee-jerk contradiction

Instead, provide thoughtful insights that improve the conversation.


we have relevant information for this i believe for LG to look forward to if in case we need to have some updates on the tuning. i hope this thread helps.

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