Ranking system for jousting/racing

Hey guys/girls,

This morning I was thinking about something. We all have been joking around when someone showed some of their top tier unicorns by saying ‘‘better dont enter a tournament when X is jousting’’.

Which got me thinking…

I have been a daily gambler for a few years, (5years ago) betting all the UK and Irish horseracing all day long. In professional races there’s something like a ranking system for horses, called the RPR rating which is used to rate them. This is used in handicap races to give the best rated horse the most weight and vice versa. They also use the number of wins to be eligible for certain races, which could be more usefull to our game.

The problem without some sort of ranking system would be the same handful of horses would win every race obviously and lower talented horses dont stand a chance.

My suggestion would be to make some categorized tournaments:
Maiden tournament: For unicorns with 0 wins so far, this gives everyone a fair chance. Once once your unicorn wins a maiden you can no longer enter maiden races so pick wisely. Would suggest to make higher and lower valuable maiden tournaments.

0-5 wins category

Classics classifier: you need 1 win to be able to enter
Classic: Need a win in classifier

I could go on for hours about this but Ill stop here, I hope you get the point. This will definitely apply for racing obviously but a similar path could be taken for jousting to keep the playing field somewhat level.


Interesting idea, willing to follow this thread if anyone is keen

so far what i know is that there are categorized tournaments for EACH Class.
There is also a Mythic, Light, Wonder, Mystery, Category.

as for maiden win category. that’s nice .but if someone breeds and used its maiden races. you would have an assurance of X amount of wins.

would like to know your view about this.

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Good idea about maiden tournament . What if someone just breeds daily and makes their new unicorns participate in maiden tournament . Generation of unicorns can be considered as criteria as well

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After hearing Aron in the last AMA I believe he has the tools needed to create different races.

I would prefer races more based on stat tiers than class. In each class there’s a huge range of stats…

I guess we’ll see what the team comes up with, they can always ask some help designing a ‘‘realistic’’ racing program.

Maidens are just for unraced (or with no wins) unicorns. So if someone breeds daily he can enter them but that has no better chance, unless its just a better corn.
Usually in horse racing if a horse can’t win a high class maiden it’s entered in a normal maiden or a lower grade. If it cant win one of those its entered in a claimer…

Claimers could be fun too - A claimer is a race where someone else can put a claim on your horse for a set amount before the race… Its a low class race so trainers are more likely to win those but risk losing the horse to a claim.

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