My Ideas about Racing Mode

Good day CU team and CU fam , I have some ideas for Racing Mode . Based on what I know , the current P2E horse racing game ,you set your horse for tournament, and you just need to assign trx for each run ,it’s more like idle game IMO. I think since we are going for Play-and-Earn mode , should be having some skills .

Here is my ideas and thoughts for Racing Mode :

  1. As I’m a fans of FFVII (Chocobo Racing ) , Chocobo has indeed a great skills to control stamina of your Chocobo and how you control it on the race track .
  2. Stats can affect the race , but imagine if people are skillful , their mobility are better even lower stats can possibly win the race.
  3. Random race track venue , for example weather can affect the race , like rain , windy , sunlight , snow and many more. Each weather could affect the race track .For example when the weather is too hot consume the stamina easily .
  4. Crafting gears for Racing , for example Shoes and Sportswear . These gears could be having durability rate , for example each race you use it it might decrease it’s durability and at last it might be broken .
  5. Unicorns can consume berries or UNIM as supplements. But only can be use once during or before the matches. These supplements won’t add stats might be only enhanced stamina & mobility .
  6. Rules for the races , some races can use gears and supplements and some can’t.

This is all my ideas about Racing Mode . If I have more ideas will continue modify this post.Thanks for reading . (Repost , My previous post was hidden by the community flags)

Proposal by OnnGusta | UwU #4358


Making the racing game more diverse is good idea!
Even can develop a variety of game modes in the future, allowing horses to wear props or allowing unicorns to use a unique trick in the game.
I am so exciting. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Professional, farms, horse racing, pvp are all worth looking forward to。

:japanese_goblin: :japanese_goblin:


Very good thoughts, I support! :+1:


Look ideas. For me, I expected there are more random elements in race. Thus, abilities of unicorns are not only the element to affect the race result.

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