My ideas for Racing Game Mode

Good day CU team and CU fam , I have some ideas for Racing Mode . Based on what I know , the P2E horse racing game are like Pegaxy , Zedrun and DeRace.As what I can see on their game mode are like , you set your horse for tournament, and you just need to assign trx for each run ,it’s more like idle game IMO. I think since we are going for Play-and-Earn mode , should be having some skills .

Here is my ideas and thoughts for Racing Mode :

  1. As I’m a fans of FFVII (Chocobo Racing ) , Chocobo has indeed a great skills to control stamina of your Chocobo and how you control it on the race track .

  2. Stats can affect the race , but imagine if people are skillful , their mobility are better even lower stats can possibly win the race.

  3. Random race track venue , for example weather can affect the race , like rain , windy , sunlight , snow and many more. Each weather could affect the race track .For example when the weather is too hot consume the stamina easily .

  4. Crafting gears for Racing , for example Shoes and Sportswear . These gears could be having durability rate , for example each race you use it it might decrease it’s durability and at last it might be broken .

  5. Unicorns can consume berries or UNIM as supplements. But only can be use once during or before the matches. These supplements won’t add stats might be only enhanced stamina & mobility .

  6. Rules for the races , some races can use gears and supplements and some can’t.

This is all my ideas about Racing Mode . If I have more ideas will continue modify this post.Thanks for reading . (Someone did a community flags on my post , I don’t think I had make any inappropriate post!

Proposal by OnnGusta | UwU #4358


Constructive proposals ~ good ideas :love_you_gesture:t2:


I think it’s quite an interesting suggestion that the team could consider :raising_hand_man:


Making the racing game more diverse is good idea!
Even can develop a variety of game modes in the future, allowing horses to wear props or allowing unicorns to use a unique trick in the game.
I am so exciting. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


The idea is very detailed, worth the reference of the project side.


Increase the playability of the game, like


An interesting idea. I think that the team will adopt this


All of them are good ideas! for number 4, I would suggest the dev could explore the utility of the body parts in racing before rolling out additional gears.

As the current body parts only affect the visual and stats, so if different body parts give out different skills in the racing, it makes the whole breeding system much more dynamic.

Let me use Flowers horn as an example, “Fairy Flower” is a better part than “Red Oak” in terms of stats. Therefore, in the breeding path, 100% of the people would prefer “Fairy Flower” over “Red Oak”. In this case, there is only one optimized strategy and it might be boring. However, if we introduce different racing skills for different parts. For example, “Fairy Flower” skill might boost endurance, and “Red Oak” skill might boost acceleration. Then the players who focus on short distance racing might prefer “Red Oak”.

I think gears are good additions in the racing, but we could also utilize the body part mechanism that we already have in order to add more fun skills in racing, and at the same time it makes the breeding mechanism much more dynamic.


@OnnGusta this is not bad
In fact, most IP racing games, since Mario racing arcade games, have this feature, which I find very interesting. :clap:


I think this advice is good, and even open up various distance tracks (short. middle. Long…),some parts can accelerate rapidly, and some parts can increase patience and be more suitable for long-distance running, so that body parts can be integrated with competition adaptability, which may make incubation more interesting.


I think this is a good idea, maybe it will help the unicorn community~~~~