Breeding Idea for Higher Count Breeds

I noticed that in a lot of games, there are no incentives on breeding high breed counts like 5/5 or 6/6 or 7/7 or 8/8

I was wondering if we can propose in the future that breeding on high breed counts gets the following by chance.

  • Higher Stat rolls
  • Part Upgrade.

If say a breed 0/0 stat roll is from 100 minimum to 300, for 5/5 and above the stat rolls would be 150 minimum to 350 maximum.

That way there is an incentive to breed higher count Unicorns. in Axie Model, people only breed 3/3 until they stop there because its “profitable”. but if we can implement this i think people will be more interested on breeding even in higher breed points to hit those sweet stat points.

and this would also only work if the Unicorns are in the same breed count.


Afair @darthschmitty13 mentioned in dev-channel or AMA that there will be incentives for using up all the 8/8 breeding points. I agree that currently breeding above 4,5/8 would result in signifiant costs.

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I like this idea. A proportional increase in chance of stats increase and/or rarity in part increase to the breeding point is good incentive to breed past 4/8 or for anyone to buy 4/8 unicorns.

Other ways to incentivize usage of these would be boost in other parts of gameplays proportional to their breeding points used. i.e. faster breeding time, faster harvesting time, gathering time, etc. The challenge is to not make it too overpowered and make it balanced.