Breeding Event to drive more investors and to prevent early adopters possbile dumps

To have a breeding event at the early days or weeks upon launching the game. this is to ensure that unicorns will not be that scarce and the prices would not be too high that when price corrects it may be too hard that will drive away investors attention. breeding event also drive investors into the game and the early adopters will invest more and this will make them more engaged to the game. not just an early ape who gets lucky and dumps assets.


Breeding event leaderboard (based on improved stats or breeding volume per UNIM used or boosters used for breeding).

We could also add crafting event leaderboards on the side (with goals focused on the breeding items)



And it seems to me that this segregates people into those who understand the basic strategy for the rapid development of the game and those who do not know this strategy. Accordingly, one more discrimination on the basis of the game will be obtained

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