Community Support & Creator

Community Support & Creator

This DAO proposal aims to establish a Community Support and Creator for Keepers and Guardians Role within the “Crypto Unicorns” community, leveraging the power of decentralized governance. By creating a self-sustaining educational ecosystem, this proposal seeks to empower community members with the knowledge and support they need to navigate the cryptocurrency landscape successfully.

With the implementation of a streamlined community support and engagement culture, Guardians and Keepers can attract and retain existing users. By cultivating a good community-based support system, we can ensure continued participation from everyone in the community to help one another. As the Community space grows, this will become crucial in retaining outstanding community members. We have the opportunity here to pave the way for a better community-driven support group and contributors.

It is imperative to ensure Guardians & Keepers are rewarded to provide upward mobility and discourage any rogue behavior due to the loss of meaningful reward and career trajectory.

Guardians and Keepers derive from a diverse range of individuals to provide guidance and education in this complex field for newcomers. However, we are on the bleeding edge of Tech and the availability of reliable and accessible educational resources often falls short. By implementing a Community Support & Community Creator for Guardians and Keepers within a DAO framework and bringing Our Ardent Creator Back to Life again, we can foster a collaborative and decentralized approach to education, ensuring members receive accurate and up-to-date information while promoting peer-to-peer support.

This proposal is to reward Guardians and Keepers that continue to contribute to the Crypto Unicorns community. Ideally the expected timeline is this proposal to run for 6 months. We expect the proposal to run immediately by 1st February 2024 if it passes the DAO Vote. If it’s rejected or needs further revision then it will start immediately on the month that it is able to pass.

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE by Guardians and Keepers

  • Respond to Discord tickets and questions from the community, identify and resolve issues
  • Escalate complex issues to appropriate managers or specialists
  • Monitor, escalate and track ticket resolution progress
  • Establish a dedicated support circle within the community, where Educators can address inquiries, concerns, and technical questions from members.

LOCALIZATION For Guardians and Keepers

  • Localize support for Non-English Communities.
  • Localize Translation for Non-English Communities

Guardians has always been a group initiative from the start and with this proposal. There will be a system to safeguard the Guardian role from abuse/exploit. One of them will be a strict onboarding process that will require an interview made by Guardians with one CM member as a witness, as well as a vote from the Guardian circle as the community grows.

Guardian circle will have 12 seats as of now and in the future we can scale up as per requirements of community growth and DAU, but right now we have:

  • 5 Guardians
  • 5 Keeper
  • For the onboarding process there will be a 1 month trial period.
  • An announcement when it is appropriate to receive a new intake from Guardian and CM Team.
  • A guardian who hasn’t been active for 3 months will be removed from the Guardian role and changed to the Guardian Reserves Role, The Guardian Reserves can request a guardian role back in the future if have an available seat, and Community-scale Up

Proposal Cost

MOD Reward

  • Availability: 120 hours/month (i.e. 6 hours daily, 5 days a week)
  • Discord Support / Language Channel Support
  • Mod-support / Language Channel Coverage
  • Message Moderation
  • Community Education
  • Issue Escalation

Cost USD$ 650 of RBW

In addition to the tiers, a community moderator created Original TownHall/AMA Transcription will earn an additional USD$50 in RBW per Transcription

CU X [Formerly Twitter] Engagement

  • Content creation from the Guardian circle.
  • Knowledge base content for Crypto Unicorns official game patch updates, Infographic Research and How-To.
  • In addition to the tiers, a community moderator who Supports on earns an additional USD100$
    At the end of the month, the Guardians team reports engagement from Monthly posts to Laguna Team

As the price of RBW fluctuates significantly, we believe a stable-value reward system is key to retaining talent who may rely on this income for daily expenses.

Hence, we propose denominating the monthly reward pool in USD for the required RBW from the ECOSYSTEM FUND on a monthly basis for a 6 months runway.

There is no fixed amount of RBW requested in the proposal, so we are specifying a time period of 6 months within which a renewal or an updated proposal must be generated. 6 months gives us time to evaluate and prepare for the next round of funding.

A month before this proposal ends, the same or an updated proposal will be submitted to the Crypto Unicorns community for their feedback and what can be improved. This initial 6 month run should provide an indication on improving the community experience.


Implementing the Community Support & Creator role within a DAO structure will revolutionize Community Support & Creator within the “Crypto Unicorns” community. By leveraging the collective knowledge and experiences of Educators, we can create a self-sustaining educational ecosystem that promotes learning, collaboration, and empowerment. This proposal aims to foster a strong and inclusive community where members can rely on accurate information, receive timely support, and engage in meaningful discussions.

We believe that this proposal will have a significant positive impact on the “Crypto Unicorns” community. We look forward to discussing the implementation details and receiving your feedback. Please feel free to drop your comments/feedback in this Forum thread.


Option #1 - Yes
Option #2 - No


When does the current current community support proposal end/expire?


Hi, @IslandGurl the current community support proposal expires on 31 January :grinning:


Easy pass for me. The language channel mods are especially important for specific regions that have a really hard time translating. Most of their contributions go unnoticed if you don’t have the role to access the channel in discord. Stop by the chinese or thai channel sometime. When dau picks up then we’ll be leaning on these guys even more.

I always appreciate town hall transcriptions as well when you don’t feel like listening to an hour recording and can’t make it live.


Thanks! So this replaces the previous community support proposal once it expires.

Btw… the CU X Engagement is a good addition for this proposal.

I support continuation.


I am in full favor and support of this proposal. I have witnessed the hard work of these people first hand for the past two years. I have no questions. You have my vote.


Thx, yes this Proposal will replace the old one, and CU X Engagement We will try to create organic content from the player’s knowledge base to onboard new Users to our project :grinning:


Thanks for your Support TT :kissing_closed_eyes:

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It’s great that you all are adding this part in, especially with things starting to ramp up.

You have my support, once again. Thank you guardians sand keepers for all that you do to support CU.


Thanks everyone for kind words about our fellow guardiands and keepers. Even though I’m being a part of it but still got to share my feedback on the draft proposal, I must say that we’ve been preparing it together with our mods team before @CaptainBoat submitted it. As a team we discussed all the changes and new parts of it (CU X Engagement, etc.)
This program works perfectly for more than a year now and should’ve been applied much earlier to show how we appreciate work of all hardworking members, especially early ones (shotout terra and B, and others too)


This all looks good to me to send to the DAO to vote. You have my support and vote.


The mods have been an invaluable part of the community since Day 1. I am in support of this proposal. I’ve drafted an impact report, it should be posted soon. Thank you to the mods for your efforts and for being CU’s Keepers and Guardians!


Hello, everyone!
As this is a proposal that will involve coordination with the community team, we’re providing an impact report. Please follow the link below to read it:

Thank you to every who participated in this discussion so far and to those who will still be participating as got 4 more days to discuss the proposal prior to the initial review.


Guardians and keepers are valuable for our community. I fully support this proposal for DAO vote.


I fully support this. Yes from me.


Hey there, a bit late to answer sorry, was kinda busy.

For me this proposal is perfect and needed, we need dedicated people for this job and they need to be rewarded !

I feel like myself would like to apply for this role cause this is already what I try to do on discord kinda everyday so why not ! Will see that later when time come for recruitment.

Fully supporting the proposal.


The council review for this proposal has successfully concluded with the following result:

Review Result: PASS - will push through Snapshot voting

The proposal is now queued on Snapshot and will accept votes in approximately an hour.

:link:Snapshot: Snapshot

PS: The transcript of council positions can be found on Discord.