Jousting/Tribes Synergy

One of the tools the ancient Roman Empire used to keep citizens happy was circuses. This got me thinking about using history as an analogy to guide some of the development of CU.
The competition between tribes and shadowcorn raids would be the stressor in this analogy. Jousting could be used to relieve the stress that builds up over time upon unicorn civilization. The outcomes of this stress could take many forms. Tribal/civilizational debuffs to farming produce, crafting, RMP and gathering just to name a few.
Jousting is one way unicornations (just made that up on the spot) influence stress. Quality and quantity of jousting matches could be a vital factor. Maybe a catering event for the jousting tournament could lift spirits too.
How to quantify stress/happiness to players/tribes/shadowcorns: a global stress/happiness meter that entertainers of the unicorn realm and shadowcorns can influence could be implemented.
Just spit balling some ideas I got while listening to latest AMA.


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