Ideas Category Organization


Create more categories under the ideas section of the Crypto Unicorns forum to accommodate the increasing number of submissions coming in.


With more and more ideas being submitted, the ideas section of the forum has become more cluttered and continually increasing. In just a few days, there is now 27 threads alone at the time of this writing.


I suggest we create multiple categories underneath ideas section that will split submissions according to what aspect of Crypto Unicorns the thread pertains to. These threads can be adjusted as seen fit by the community. Here are some suggested categories based on what are being submitted so far.

  • Gameplay
  • Community
  • Outreach
  • Governance
  • Approved
  • Declined


  • As we move forward, any thread that seems out of place can be moved to the appropriate category by mods as they see fit
  • The categories are not set in stone and can be added to or reduced as needed.
  • As threads are either approved of declined, those threads can move into an area where they are archived. They are made active again if needed.


This change will benefit the organization of the forum. It will help with everyone being able to locate ideas easily without having to sort through hundreds of threads in the future.


Totally agree with you :blush:


yeah with more and more ideas we need more structure :wink:


This is a must for clear classification, As more and more people participate


I think this is a fantastic idea. Let me work with the CM team to think through initial categorization. I’ve also been thinking we put WIP Proposal section which would be where we get something formatted for Draft proposals.


That’s fantastic. WIP section would be a really awesome add here. I’m looking forward to this as the forum grows now that everyone wants their certificate for lamination.

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