Home for players to enter the CU Universe

Sounds pretty awesome to me. But for a center we need a 5x5 grid :smiley:
I think it is awesome, BUT I wouldn’t prioritise it to other more urgent topics like jousting. :slight_smile:

I kind of assumed it would not be used as a center tile as that would negatively affect the current land bonus mechanics. Initial version would likely be placed on an outside edge for players that care about the bonus.

I’ve had a few ideas regarding the bonus but feel like that is outside the scope of this discussion.

The other thing is even though we talk about grid sizes we really are talking about max tiles, 3x3 = 9, 4x4 = 16. You can arrange them however you want on the 7x7 game grid.

I feel like that land should be built like others with a keystone. It has benefits for adjected land like a mythic, so all get +5%. But on the other hand you are unable to build all other buildings and farms on it, making it the actual center. That was my thought just to explain a little further :slight_smile:

Still like the idea no matter into what direction it would go!

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This is the first mention of such a thing.

A big part of this idea is to have a starting point for new players that may not be interested in the general land game play.

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I made an almost identical suggesting in a Town hall recently. I then wrote up a quick bullet point of those ideas in the founders channel to get a feel for what people thought.

this was it :

It comes with:
1 x Jousting signup building (later racing and team RPG)
1 x Marketplace
1 x Unicorn sacrifice altar.
1 x University (Levelling up unicorns)
1 x Stable
2 x farm plots (cant harvest with unicorns)
1 x Workshop
1 x Clan house and space for unique NFT decorations/cosmetics

Cant destroy the buildings and no nursery.

The marketplace selling limits of unicorn would be restricted to the no. of NFT lands you have attached to the centre piece. (1 unicorn per common, 2 per rare and 3 per mythic)
No NFT land only buy from marketplace.

The reasons for doing this centre piece would be numerous but the number one benefit that could be realised is player acquisition. You have mentioned making a cost due to bots when actually bots would have no impact on the economy based on your game idea so they wouldn’t happen anyway under your original proposal. Its a mute point. However to give people a taste of the game and get them hooked you have to give them ability to realise small rewards and experience the game in some similar form to the paid version.

If you make it free and slightly modify the rules of the game to nullify bots impact, we can onboard millions of players and get them hooked so that they do what all Free2Play games do. Sucker you in to making purchases.

Here are my ideas for you to take onboard.
This would come out as part of the Tribes update where the grid limitations are removed.

  • Centre would be 2 x 2.
  • Would stand as the individual players town centre
  • Would link to the tribes centre piece (Guilds)
  • Would have a marketplace - This marketplace would only allow you to buy items. If you want to sell on it a change in the game design would be to link selling to NFT land ownership. NFT land would now create Marketplace stall slots that need to be operated by a unicorn to sell. A major change and beneficial to the economy is that you are now limited to how much you can sell by land and unicorn availability not just unicorn. (The benefits to this are multi dimensional)
  • Would have all your wonderful ideas.
  • Would have 2 farm plots that would by redesign be able to gain one entry to a jousting match per month. (Now because people don’t get to sell without buying a land nft bots would have no impact without a land purchase - same impact they can have now and slight rebalancing could occur to outputs if it breaks the economy balance.)
  • Centre land would give adjacency bonuses as if it were a mythical land. (If this unbalances the game economy, bonuses could easily be readjusted.)
  • Include a workshop. One benefit would be as they can only buy from the marketplace they would need to buy ingredients on the marketplace, benefiting the economy.
  • Stable - Building a stable on this land is fine, show people that part of the game. Maybe a rebalance needed on the number of unicorns a stable gives if it unbalances but again the player will need to buy ingredients to upgrade it if they don’t own land.
  • Nursery and Cart would not be usable on this land type.

This then could act as a tutorial building. Showing the user what is possible in Crypto Unicorns. You could have the options to build a cart and workshop but they only lead to a tutorial and end with. :You need to buy lands and attach them to your centre home land to be able to utilise these buildings".

This land could be expanded on as new game loops and game updates come. Like University or Sacrificial Altar. At some point for unicorns to hold value there will need to be unicorn burn and/or horizontal levelling up. (Spend resources to upgrade your unicorn.) These buildings could be introduced onto this centre land.

I like your idea, (Maybe because it was almost identical to mine P) Good luck on getting the proposal through, I will support it. Feel free to take onboard any of these ideas into any of your revisions.


if people have to pay an entry fee and buy potions to enter a unicorn into a match, they will want the ability to produce that stuff as cheap as possible or they will move on from the game in an instant. This centre piece can have the best of both worlds. Your idea combined with an onboarding new players to both formats of the game and future formats can be realised together.

Very excite!! I like!!!

@lgNanessa @SparklyUnicorn I updated this based on recent feedback. Saved the previous version as well.

Awesome. Are you about ready to write a proposal? Feel free to start with a draft and DM me once you’re or if you need help to get started. ^^

Edit: Btw, I sent you a DM a 2 days ago, we can use the same thread! (No rush though if you want more time to gather community feedback!)

That’s a great revision! Its getting bigger of an idea and may be a problem to deliver all at once. The delivery in phases approach is a great suggestion.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for the LG Design team to have a workshop about this proposal draft and come back with feedback with what is feasible and ties into the future plans they may have for the universe?

Then after that feedback is received a formal proposal be written up?

I love how well thought out this is! It would be completely mad to have this idea fleshed out and bought to life! Thanks for always dropping in and sharing your thoughts and ideas bro. This would be solid!

It could be in the center and providing bonuses as mythic land :wink:

There’s no real timing on when to write a proposal. It’s really up to the author to write it when they’re ready! I’ve surfaced this and we’ll be responding with an impact report some time soon!

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Adding some insights:

  1. How would Free-to-Play customers enter/ participate in this? Is it via Web3 wallet as well of via mobile app download (no wallet involved)?
  • I think it would be better if entry would be in a form of a mobile app downloading (not sure if that’s easy to incorporate though).

  • Via mobile app because of the following:
    a) less complexity for Web2-familar players,
    b) easy access >> wider user scope >> higher chance of bringing more users,
    c) “mobile app is for entertainment” compared to “web3 wallet is for money-involved activities” (the latter could be overwhelming for the target web2 audience)
    d) app itself could be another source of income of CU (i.e. marketing from brands, in-app purchase like app-specific token packs for those who wants to advance, etc.)
    e) app could be a testing ground of possible features that the team wants to add in actual game

  1. If it will be in-app, I like the idea that it could be used to learn and experience CU in a much simple version.
  • Farming + Crafting: Picking up poop, Planting Seeds and Growing buildings in their “artificial” lands, (not an actual NFT)

  • In-app RMP: contain materials to upgrade buildings like what we have now + designing feature (skins for land and unicorns) as the goal is also to entertain users

  • Breeding: they could breed, grow their empire up to a certain limit. Maybe unicorn trading feature could also be available to spark in-app community engagement + they could rotate/ try different class

  • As they level up, they could unlock more features (or parts “to learn” in CU) like “Bus Stop/ Gateway” that @BroccDaRock mentioned which could lead to a road map of exploration or learning CU or some more entertainment like the following:
    a) Jousting Arena - where users could watch actual Jousting match happening in Web3 (live/ but could also be a recording)
    b) Jousting Practice - in-app users that unlock this could this feature could try battling with everyone to test their unicorn’s stats and have a feel what stats are good for Jousting (could make them more comfortable entering Web3 Jousting)
    c) Shadowcorn vs Unicorn Story - where CU could showcase writing event winners with some animations (could also inform users about gameplay of Shadowcorns, like a peek to the Darkforest)
    d) In-app & social media events portal - where they could be rewarded if they participate + could also be easily be shared on different social media app
    e) More features - future mini games

Just throwing the idea here, not sure if feasible though. Feel free to correct or improve.

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Thank you for the ideas. I agree there are a lot of benefits to a mobile app.

Current idea is this would be a special Land NFT or just part of the web app.

For the over all game I believe mobile was not being considered due to app store policies. But this could almost be done as a mini game as well… Hmm…

I think your idea’s here tie in nicely with a lot of Aron’s ideas for CU from early AMA’s. I can definitely see a place for these ideas in CU. I read all of the comments you have received and many of my thoughts are repetitive from the thoughtful ideas already given. I think these lands would be perfect for Aron’s idea of air dropping to wallets that have a history of playing Nft games. One thought that could maybe be improved on is the aspect of locking in this land to have a home base and having it locked in so a new player can dive right in. If it was a NFT having a brief description in the NFT description explaining CU and how to lock it in would be helpful. Otherwise having your ideas be preinstalled and not needing to be locked in to start playing with. The aspect of locking and unlocking will be a very new concept for many players. If there is a way to by pass it. I think it would be helpful. But at the same time a NFT sitting in everyone’s wallets would be a great marketing campaign. Thanks for putting this together. :heart:


Hello, Brocc! Here with an informal impact report - we’ll write the official one if a proposal is written! Anyway, we love the idea! We can see the intent behind what you’re trying to achieve. It’s sort of in line with what we also wish to achieve! There are a few caveats, (specifically, the limitation on resources) so we’re trying to see how to apply your idea to the best that we can. What do you think of this? Let us know and we can keep on working together to see what works!

Home for players to enter the CU Universe

This being said, you’re free to proceed with writing the proposal in accordance to how you envision things to be! Our hope though is to work together to find a way to integrate without (hopefully) moving much of the existing milestones (unless the community is fine with it, btw!)


Thanks @lgNanessa

I’ve read the impact report a few times.

I was hoping some others would have stepped in with their thoughts.

Using the term ‘Scene’ as mentioned in the impact report I can see the advantages and simplicity of doing a entry Scene for the CU game. It doesn’t really seem like LG or the community needs a proposal for such a thing.

My instinct is a combination of the two is best, especially with current timeline and road map considerations. To me the ‘Farming Scene’ is lacking certain elements that the Town concept seems to address really well.

I really do understand the ease of the ‘V1 Loading Scene’. And as as stepping stone I’m not … disappointed … by such a thing. But if that is kind of it, I think it really undersells the look and feel of the game and 3d world.

I can understand some of the thoughts about some players not getting involved in the farm / craft / breeding aspects. I think part of the concept is to drive engagement in to those areas and having a button that takes you to empty clouds is unlikely to do so.

Recognizing it would take the art and design team a lot of time I think something that works well is as a concept a town can be built over time inside as well as outside of the game.

Hey, Brocc! Thanks for the feedback! How would you envision the combination of the two ideas would be like?

Also, just to clarify that if you decide that you would want this loading scene, we’d appreciate it if you could still write a proposal for it. We will do a more thorough study of where to integrate it in the timeline and implement if the proposal gets approved. ^^