Unban JRB from CU Discord


This proposal aims to have a DAO vote to remove the Discord CU chat ban that was handed out to the community member known as JRB. Please note that LG indicated the proper avenue to raise this issue was via a proposal.


The reason I believe this should be put to a vote is because of the lack of due process and opaqueness surrounding the reason for this ban. In addition, JRB has proven to be a valuable member of our community through sharing of insights and information, which should also be considered. In particular:

  1. No warning and / or temporary ban was given prior to the permanent ban
  2. Lack of a clear explanation / reason for the ban
  3. Valuable member of our community


Let me address each of these points below:

  1. Prior to handing out the permanent ban, no clear warning or temporary ban was instituted by a moderator

Although the ban was not given out for a single infraction, with multiple instances of being reprimanded by moderators, there was no clear warning or temporary ban before handing out the permanent ban.

While there are clearly offences that merit a permanent ban without any prior moderator interaction (including but not limited to racist, sexual or other abuse), this does not apply here.

Hopefully someone from the LG team can provide logs to add clarity and context, and will also provide a basis for you to make your decision on.

As you will be able to see, no insults, personal attacks or otherwise derogatory comments were made at the time the ban was handed out (and from my knowledge neither was there prior to this, although I will leave any logs shared to speak for themselves).

In case LG or any of the moderators took affront to what was said, this could have been handled by giving out an official warning to attempt to stop the behaviour that they took issue with, or hand out a temporary ban while clearly stating why it was given.

  1. Lack of a clear reason for the ban

There was no clear breach of server rules. Rather, JRB criticized how LG / moderators handled a particular situation. Providing criticism of LG should not be a bannable offense. I hope we can all agree that discourse in our community should allow for criticism to be given and received.

Neither was an explanation provided on which grounds the ban made. A short announcement in the founder’s channel was made, but as I am not part of this, I do not know what was said. There was no explanation or discussion in #general or any of the other channels I have access to. If someone can provide context from channels where this ban was discussed, that would be very helpful.

  1. JRB adds value to our community as a member who shares his point of view and information

Although in some ways subjective, I would like to argue that JRB makes a positive contribution to our community. Specifically:

• Found and reported an exploit that put the treasury at risk in May, 2022. No bounty was provided and a job offer mentioned in an AMA was revoked.
• Recommendation to Aron and the LG team to start QE of UNIM, which was followed shortly after.
• Top 15 vote for the council in round 1 and nominated for season 2 shows there are many that appreciate JRB’s inputs

In addition, JRB has a knack for constructive criticism and investigation, although I’ll be the first to say not always delivered in the most friendly manner. But especially the diligence done and shared in CU, LG and the wider crypto ecosystem is something I personally have always appreciated very much. We need honest criticism to grow and create the open spirit I believe we all agree to be working towards as a – someday – DAO.


It is impossible list all conversation that have taken place up to the ban. It is not the purpose of this proposal to investigate in minute detail what has happened. This is a proposal to bring to a vote the unbanning of community member JRB.

Nonetheless, if people can add extra context that would be great, so that everyone can make a more informed decision once that vote arrives.


I fully support this proposal

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What was the date of said ban? If this vote sets a precedent, what are the implications?
If the violation did not break server rules then an unban or temporary ban period sounds reasonable so that in the future all members know where they stand in a game where many spend relatively large sums of money.


Excellent suggestion,

You can see who backs someone who can say whatever they want.

But I refuse to undermine Laguna Games because this is where I have my community and assets. I adhere to the rules and will not display passive aggression as JRB did.

JRB even DM’d me in an attempt to discredit Laguna Games.


I am sorry but this proposal is empty, we do not even know what happend, what was said and all the context ? What is the point of making this ? It gives 0 informations, how can people for for or against ?
Give us details and what was said then we can decide.

But in my opinion, if he was banned and admins/mods didn’t lift it after re thinking/talking(probably happend) then it might be deserved.

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Hello, everyone!

As everyone knows, we usually prepare an “impact report” for proposals where LG is the implementing body. In this unban proposal, our LG CM team is the implementing body. This time, instead of an actual impact report, we’ll be responding to the content of this proposal instead. We will also include our recommendation in the same document. This will be made available within the next 24 hours.

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All I got from this proposal is that YOU want to know in detail why JRB was banned. Which you could’ve asked the CM/Mods Team direct. I think you should’ve gathered your information on this topic first instead of jumping the gun on a proposal because it would’ve saved you and everyone else time. JRB started out a funny lad along the way had been given warnings more then once on moments where he had been bitter/gone against server rules. Team have always been fair in what I’ve seen take place. Getting banned was well earnt. This proposal serves no purpose in the progression or growth of the CU game and or CU community. I hope you get clarity on the issue at hand that satisfies you regardless. All the best.


i’m going to need you to add elpimps to this

@Deez You’ll need to write separate proposal if you wish to push through with this as you’re going to have to present your own arguments the way they did to try to convince the DAO to support it.

Edit: used gender neutral pronoun

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Raises an interesting point as to the boundaries of responsibility of the DAO -

Should the DAO be responsible for governance of Discord (and “out of game” activity in general), or should that remain the remit of LG employees and/or volunteer moderators?

At present, I don’t feel the proposal has enough information about what happened on the individual case to make an informed choice.

Given that Discord is almost a prerequisite to playing CU, I would support a proposal that sought to formalise the rules about when a ban is to be applied, including avenues for appeal.


Fully support unbanning JRB. lets go launch it …


Now that I have seen the response.
I am just as bad as JRB and I am not banned.
So either there is more to the story, or I am getting special treatment?
None of what I just read through should have caused a perma ban unless we are that thin skinned of snowflakes … but again … I am just as rude as JRB was if not more so.

The fact that there is even a governance proposal (ludacris btw) to unban him should tell you all you need to know if you think about it objectively for a moment.

Unban him and implement community banning mechanism in discord and let the community decide without having to go through governance proposals.


Copy pasting my words on Discord when I heard about the ban :

"There is a moment when a relationship is created over time (1 year in this case), a lot of positive is shared, great theories, analysis, interesting questions shared.
The little spikes of fud go “unnoticed”, or maybe justified (meant to be constructive). And then they are repeated, again and again. Eventually, a toxic relationship is maintained, and it’s getting harder to banish that person knowing their positive and constructive past.
Like… he could switch back again to Le JRB and not Le Muppet ?

It reminds me of El Pimp, with whom there was much less to say after the ban, since he had a penchant for fud from the beginning (it was getting quite amusing).
I mean, it would have been a loss if JRB would have kept his head up, and been able to continue what he was appreciated for and good at."

I felt a loss, cause he’s a real brain and I loved reading his diverse analysis
On the other hand, he created debates that lead to tense and toxic atmospheres. That, in my opinion, is not constructive and beneficial to CU.
The way of saying things is also important.


Let’s just wait for the CM team’s impact report on that particular case and everyone will draw conclusions after that. Cuz most of the members don’t know the hidden reasons.

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I appreciate your efforts on this matter. I would like to share my sentiments here about this proposal.

I respect JRB as he is smart and well experienced. but at this time I don’t believe that this is a correct move. hear me out.

as a council’s perspective: What is the benefit in CU community if he comes back? and what is also our impact? what is the long term goal?

also I feel that this is another way for him to slap LG. “because the system is moving towards decentralization, so lets set this to vote so councils and LG have something ‘to-do’.”

While I also see this as an opportunity for LG to stand-up and to respect the community wishes. Im thinking that at this point. The tone here is just to set this whole thing as a circus and you RXIS beign the proxy out of it. “Burn everything into the ground correct?!?”

As a council I feel like. “Is this what we are going to do everytime someone is banned from discord? we have to be in the middle of this circus everytime?”

While we councils doesn’t look like we do much. how dare you guys to disrespect council time like this?!. shame on you if your intentions are with malice!

Why are we even taking this proposal seriously?!?. I’d rather prefer we focus on making things better if we see something that doesn’t work. We’d rather focus on building and finding ways to improve the growth.

anyway LG did the ban. LG should lift it if necessary. it doesn’t need to run on proposals. In my opinion LG has its reasons why this information were not set into public. He knows what he is doing, and he is taking advantage of it. lets stop the bullshit and just focus on moving forward.

going back to my main question : What is the benefit in CU community if he comes back? and what is also our impact? what is the long term goal?

Thank you!

KeizerMc :fox_face:


Hello, @everyone.
I’m here to present the documentation being requested from the Laguna Games team. We’ve tried to address all the discussions points raised in this proposal. After discussing with the internal team, we collectively maintain the same position/recommendation on the matter. We recommend to maintain the ban.

To read the full documentation, please follow this link: Notion.


I hope you find the explanation that you and others have wanted from doing this in the Impact Report. Its obvious “Friendships” were formed and that’s cool. I hope for everyone that has been following this is able to see and understand how lenient the team had been with JRB and that the team is always looking out for the best of our community as a whole. It takes a lot to ban a dude like that with so much to say he still dives into peoples DMs. Lets RIP this proposal and move onto greater things.


After reading the impact report from LG Team :

The user should stay banned, people will probably not understand the level of offend/toxicity that happend cause they will be seeing this from a male perspective but the sanction made was justified.

Sometimes excuses are not enough and actions taken shouldn’t be discussed even if “he was a valuable member”. He went 100% out of control and this is not acceptable.

He is not banned from the game, can still use his assets, he is only banned from discord where he doesn’t belong after all he said. He puts himself on the exit.

This is some next level mental gymnastics. I’m going to pull from your now edited post and then your current one.

Because drawing my own conclusions here, since they wont provide a reason, is that he called them out on some shady shit.
oh well . don’t go all Xi Jinping and ban him for it. address it and don’t be shady.

You are not owed an explanation for every action LG makes. And just because they don’t give it to you doesn’t mean they went all “Xi Jinping” on you. Reeks of entitlement.

Is this community governed or not ?

It is, but discord should be left to the CMs. Your friends don’t get special treatment if they’re harassing employees.

unban him, then fix the problem. you can enable voting on banning/time outing people in discord …there is a feature to do that.

They are the problem. They have been timed out many times as the evidence shows. Clearly shows you came in swinging for a buddy not knowing anything about the situation.

I am just as bad as JRB and I am not banned. So either there is more to the story, or I am getting special treatment?

This is the weirdest whataboutism argument I’ve ever seen. Somehow since you’re not banned they shouldn’t be banned? Ok, can you also please post screenshots of these said messages that equalizes you to them? For example calling mods beta etc etc. That would be really helpful.

None of what I just read through should have caused a perma ban unless we are that thin skinned of snowflakes … but again … I am just as rude as JRB was if not more so.

No one here are snowflakes. Just don’t harass and name call. It’s pretty simple really. It’s not tolerated in the real world and should not be online too. Also stop making this about you.

Unban him and implement community banning mechanism in discord and let the community decide without having to go through governance proposals.

No thank you. Hope this dies with this thread.


Ok so from what I am gathering, JRB was banned unjustly, and if so it needs to be done through a formal process. Does everyone hate him? No, he just stirs the pot. I don’t think he’s ever had legitimate ill will towards everyone. SInce we decided to make this a DAO issue i want to here his side of the story. I want to see every deleted comment and what led up to the ban so that the people can see it, not just the spicy bits.

We decided to do it this way so let’s get everything out there?

My next question why wasn’t he banned earlier if there were already grounds for it? is there a legit process for this? If so why did we allow it to go to council to potentially get voted on by an entire DAO. Whoever opened this can of worms for DAO vote on bans needs to reconsider. I don’t want this to be the process for bans going forward. Before anyone responds on emotion think logically. Is there a basis for a ban? yes, if both sides of the story match. And since this became a council issue I want the people to decide and not 11 people that may have their own prejudices