Community rewards for reporting fake listers in OS

Good day, as this fake listers/bad actors problem still persist within the market Crypto Unicorns (You can read more about it at my other proposal thread: Capital punishment for fake OS listing (floor price manipulation)),
I would like to propose to the team to give incentives to those who are willing to dedicate their time to report these bad actors.

This is still open for suggestion so I would like to here from the community

My initial suggestion is a simple one:

A current member of the CU discord for more than a month or two (reason for the timeframe is that this is the time where this issue started) are qualified to the said reward program.

He/she must report at least 1 fake listers for X amount of RBW or loot box (UNIM is out of the rewards as I am not a fan of UNIM as a reward)

Rewards will be given to the reporter if it’s been verified as a fake listers by one of the CU admins.

Other suggestion I would like to give is for the team to hire someone from the CU discord community who can allocate their time to report at least majority of these fake listers in OS

Jobs are as simple as:

  1. reporting to admins these fake listers via a dedicated channel for this specific team for fast communication
  2. Keep track at least once per day if they are transferring assets to create another wallet to fake list in OS
  3. Weekly report about the situation of fake listers in OS

Rewards: Will follow upon discussing it here in this proposal thread.

As I notice there are a little to none tickets opened for fake lister via zendesk.
This issue needs a combination of effort from BOTH the COMMUNITY and the CU TEAM
So I proposed to give incentives to those who are willing to report these fake listers.

I’ll be happy to help those members on how to track these fake listers as I cannot be part of it because of the my current role in CU discord (Unicorn Guardian)

Hope to hear from the community, thanks!



Got my support, including selling to own wallet to create fake ‘real’ floor instead of just transferring.


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