Ecosystem Grant Request : Knowledge Base, Price Bots, and Tools


As Crypto Unicorns move towards new releases, patch updates, it is important to have Tools that can save the community time on analysing, while keeping the excitement in the game. This proposal focuses on Building Tools, & Maintaining Knowledge base for the game.

The goal is to be able to build more tools for CU and make it public.


Today, I have been continuously building the Knowledge base file along with some tools like Gathering Simulation, Token Price bots, RMP Market Trend, Website, & Reports for more than 8 months [The KB started March 18, 2022 as a UNIM Cheat sheet and eventually grow from there]. And I would like to continue my passion on providing the tools for the community.


These are the details included in this proposal that would help the community understand what I am working on right now and what I would like to continue to work on.

Work Scope :


  • Knowledge base will continue to update to make it more useful. With additional tools and analytics, will also take community suggestions and requests for features if it’s possible.
  • LG official game patch updates will be applied to the document within 2-3 days. Small Tuning Patches will be done within 1-2 days. [until applicable]
  • Excel Source will be Open [as it is] with the Craft Price Feature included.
  • Daily Market Price Update for the KB.
  • Daily Post of RMP Market Price Report on the Keizer Strategy Thread [once per day and at least 5 times per week]


  • Continuous update on the KeizerMc website within 1 week of the official patch.
  • Additional New Link page for a one-stop get to everywhere Crypto Unicorns related pages.
  • Continuous improvements on the website to make it more user friendly.

[Price bots]

[Data Warehouse]

  • Google sheet access for the Data warehouse updates every hour.
  • Tutorial to be provided on how to connect your excel to this google sheet.

[Extra Goals]

  • Occasional updates to other tools like Gathering Simulations.
  • When applicable : LG updates can be streamed on CU Streaming Channel [Casual Steam]

Challenges :

[ Required Cost ]

  • There is a program called Co-Efficient that is linked to the google sheet data warehouse that lets us update the file once every hour and it will expire soon. In-order for the hourly updates to work. It requires a Pro subscription

    Monthly cost : 119 USD
    Yearly cost : 1188 USD

[ Other Cost : I shoulder this but for transparency]

  • I am currently on a web host that required to be renewed next year for 276 USD

  • I also have a VPS that will be renewed next year for 1266.24 USD [but I will downgrade so this value will change]

Planned Future Releases :

I always want to make the tools more collaborative with community members. If the community has suggestions, thoughts, feedback and requests, we can probably check it out and see how we can implement it. Here are some of the things that I am working on right now which may be included as my future planned release.

  • Farming V3 : this is a KB implementation, to be able to create a per plot calculation with unicorn on them that provides specific output of how much your total berries will be for each class you used to plant.
  • Gathering Simulation 2.0v : This will include the implementation for the later patches or changes made for Gathering Carts.
  • Data warehouse Chart and Analytics : To be able to provide an analytics or data generated output for the Data warehouse and maximize its potential. This includes the balance sheets, marketplace price, and other data. [possibly a separate file]
  • Public SQL data : While I’m still working on this. I believe it would help other developers get data and publish their tools. The data will be a copy of the data warehouse. But instead of the one that requires access this one will be public.
  • Excel version of Crypto Unicorns Data : This is a compilation of the usual files that the KB has Every patch. From Quest definitions, Reward Tables, Breeding Point Definitions, Buildings, Localizations etc. and once we post the initial Base data we will be publishing future files with just the changes. [applicable every time CU as a patch]
  • Raw JSON package [advanced] : Will provide the specific raw json data to anyone who wishes to create base tools from it. So they don’t need to download, parse, decrypt, extract and all that process. They just need to get the downloaded file and do what they need to do with it. [applicable every time CU has a patch

There will also be a community participation for some feature releases or KB changes we can do it by voting or temperature check either by discord or forums.


Term is 6 months. If DAO sees this to be great in the long term we can renew depending on the requirements that time, or we can also Terminate early depending on the conditions. Please see Termination Section.

Grant Request Details

  • Co-Efficient Subscription : 119 USDC per month x 6 = 714 USD
    o To be paid once the proposal is approved.
  • Keizer Fee : 550 USDC Per month x 6 = 3300 USD
    o To be paid every 1st day of the month [expected 1st payment on January 2023]
    o Fee will be used to maintain and keep the service and offsets.

[Disbursement Procedure]
While speaking to an LG representative. I was informed that the best option to disburse is by the following if the proposal is approved:


The proposal completes on July 1st [as long as the proposal is approved before January 1st]
Author is comfortable to be paid by either USDC or RBW on whichever LG is comfortable to provide on the grant. If LG prefers RBW then we will proceed with RBW payment equivalent to the mentioned amount above.

[Other Grant Request Notes]

Any of the Website maintenance, cost, VPS hosting, cost and other small, related expenses involved are shouldered by the Author which will go under Keizer Fee.

[Since the expiry for the Co-efficient may come this December, service may temporarily be affected until DAO reached for a decision, Once the voting for this proposal has been passed, The Author will Pre-pay the subscription for the system within the 24 hours. To continue the service in good faith.]


In an event of uncertainty, the Author has the option to early terminate the program if deemed that there are things that are not going to work or that will cause the whole KB operations to stop.

If by any means the program stopped earlier than 6 months. Author will finish the last complete month for the work so LG can just pay the last month service

Example : If the service was decided to stop on April 17th. The Author will still continue to find solutions until April 31st . if no solutions have been found and the Author confirms the stop of the project. Then it is considered termination and that the last payment from LG will be on May 31 – June 1st


Regardless of the outcome, Author is currently and will continue to update the KB and all its other tools for its purpose of helping the community, some of the features provided above may already be prepared or implemented while this proposal is on-going and may have newer developments in the span of 6 months. The Co-efficient program may have service impacts for now but rest assured that it will be reinstated once the proposal has been up.

Looking forward to a positive outcome on this proposal, if there are concerns or feedback for this proposal, Author is willing to work with the community and discuss what we can do to make this proposal happen.



As a player regularly using & benefiting from Keizer’s Sheets/Website & Price Bots. I fully support this proposal. I feel Keizer has proven to be a valuable member of the overall CU community. Also noting that all of the above has been provided completely free of cost to all while still being very regularly maintained & updated. The effort & skill required should be compensated.


I use the documents so I do support this. But if we’re looking to long term fund this I’d much rather see that future development of the documents are kept on a free tool accessible by anyone, such as google sheets rather than excel. As of right now I can’t use the full functionality of the documents because of this. I currently have hacked together some lighter functions as well as keep updating the price on my end.

In summary, I think anything supported by the treasury should be equally available to everyone, not gated behind specific software.


Fully support this and believe we should move forward with this as soon as possible, so potentially this can be in place when jousting launches in Q1 (whether Jan or somewhat later). Having this would be a big plus for new players, as analysis paralysis is real when starting out.

Furthermore, I the depicted costs are negligable and should really be a no-brainer when looking at the size of the ecosystem fund. This will also be a good foundation to built upon when new features are released.

Lastly, this would put out a good signal to those involving themselves heavily in the community - I can’t think of anyone more deserving than KeizerMC in this regard.

EDIT: agree with Bahis that as part of this proposal, an open format should be used to ensure data is accessible to all.


Hi Bahis,

I understand your concern . I also tried the option for google sheets but apparent google sheets doesn’t allow me to activate macros. :sweat_smile:

Excel has macros and that it allows automation for the tool. for now we are using this but we will move those soon.

I also believe that the tool should be available for everyone, so moving forward. I would like to run it in to the website so everyone can focus their calculation from there. I am still understanding the logistics of it but this is one of my main direction once I got it right. I already have some few things uploaded and just being prepared for the release but again this is soon.

Then we can just keep the data analytics in the KB along with the tutorials and yes this is what I’m currently working on. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: soon tho ^^, pretty excited for it.



You are such a valuable member of the CU community. I fully support this, and also the work you do with checking code each update. Your tools have helped so many of us! And, still do.

I agree with the feedback for the open format suggestion. Glad to hear you are working on that part.

Adding in some sort of training guide (or videos) to help players better understand how to use some of your tools would be great! As we move into growth phase, and with jousting coming up soon (hopefully) learning how to use and implement them could be a really helpful addition for onboarding new players.

But it’s not just the tools. You have been the community’s goto with digging into the code for info on new updates. Even if someone doesn’t use the tools, the info you provide for updates helps the community understand the changes and implement strategies based off of the data you have pulled. Plus it also helps keep CU in check when you call out things you see.

Thank you for all you have contributed to the CU community. For free.

I support the grant idea. I agree that your efforts and contributions deserve to be compensated.


I fully support your continued work. You have provided clarity and communication of game changes that even LG has not been able to do. You spend countless hours working on behalf of the community. Just want to say a big Thank you for all your work. :heart:


Hi @IslandGurl ,

I agree I’ve been putting off this one for I think 3 months now. :sweat_smile: . its because im split with how I want to do this. but hey guess what? . i just got my streaming microphone today. so I think that’s good. I have a screen recorder now too and I just need some casual scripts to run this off so i can work on a video.

the thing is I’m quite perfectionist and symmetric when it comes to media(audio and video) hence It’s either I don’t get to put one out or I will make one and its a standard. so i think in this case i will just create a casual one and get on with it.

I guess if the purpose is just a tutorial its okay. but if it’s an every update thing. I will need to check the logistics of it. I’m also thinking of options of putting it on web to make it just in there and let it be there. but lets see :blush:

Thanks ^^,


Yes yes yes !
Thanks Keizer for your efforts and involvment
Already 8 month making those sheets ?! :crown: wow, time flies. It’s time to get your compensations for your precious work.
Full support


In contrast to the others, I will not be in support of this Proposal.
As much as I do appreciate the work of you Keizer, I do not think that this should be an Ecosystem Grant.
You are providing tools which some of the users are using, surely not all of them though (including me for example).
Tools like yours should either be provided for free (just because you like to do it) or otherwise be hidden behind a paywall, where people that are interested in your services should be paying for it, it shouldnt be paid by simply everyone in the Community.

This is something different with actual Devs like Moonstream, that are providing essential content for the IP itself. They are actually creating what the Community wants. This is what we need Ecosystem Grants for.

“Fan-made tools” on the other hand shouldnt be paid with these funds this in my honest opinion. If you want to profit from it, make it a subscription model, so you can benefit from players that want to use it.

Things like proper patchnotes etc. could also be provided by the devs if they wanted to provide them, not sure why we should make the Ecosystem Grant pay for that.

PS: One should also not forget, that you are not simply doing it out of altruism. You are profiting yourself quite nicely from digging the game Code. Right now you are providing us with some of that info for free, which is super nice of you. And if you decide that you want to further profit from it, just make it a subscription model :slight_smile:


You currently have runway to operate until October 2023 with your existing subscriptions, not including the $119/month required for Co-Efficient ($1309 to get you to October).

Why ask the DAO to pay over $4000 for something that not everyone will use? If you’re confident that there is value in what you’re providing and that you could get enough users interested, why not promote a subscription-based service to users who wish to pay for it?

To those who are considering this proposal - should the DAO be used to fund non-core game services, or should we rely on a competitive market to create these services organically?


Hi @Daalex and @Krumpy_Lumpkins,

Thank you for your feedback, I also considered the subscription based model before. but my goal was to ensure that the information is public and that everyone can access it.

For the record : I do not “profit quite nicely from digging the game code” . :sweat_smile: when LG posted updates or in maintenance and when I woke up [usually morning here] I would work on providing the updates for everyone. meaning the update releases within the day or 1-2 days and the information is public. like the recent quest tuning patch Dec 01, 2022, the information was public within 8 hours of the patch. In transparency, sometimes it gets delayed but that is because I was tired from my real life job or I’m dealing with something else personally.

about “altruism” this is a very personal question to me: :sweat_smile:
I am doing this because I am happy to provide the updates to everyone and make the info public which is the goal for web3. I can proudly say yeah I’ve done this out for altruism, because I love the project hence I support the project. I even flew to Philippines to support the web3 event, and council, and so many other things., like in Axie, I’ve supported tools, also created tools there for forensics and usually on the background catching multi-accounts before, helping managers with their accounts etc. and it was also similar to this. done out for altruism. so to do this in CU its much easier for me.

I believe in the crypto space of Play to Earn, play and earn,. or whatever you call it and I am happy to be a part of this project.

To go back to the discussion of the proposal.

The Raw JSON package [advanced] is a very important feature of this proposal. it usually is released within the day and that is the raw file for CU that I use to make KB with. so that other 3rd party devs doesn’t need to import, download, decrypt, and all that other process because someone will do this for them all they need is download it.


about that 1309 to get to October and cost:
also no. I will not ask for a grant after 6-months unless the community wants me to. my goal still is to limit the cost. one of the reasons why I set a termination option is that possibly by then we may have much better tech within 6 months. We may have found much efficient ways to do this and that this might become obsolete. by then we can decide if the community still needs the KB++ and my services.

Thank you for your inputs this is very insightful!. I respect your decision and your votes will be a part of this DAO.

Hello, @KeizerMc! I’d like to inform you that grants distributions are done monthly for all EF grants so the distribution of this will be based on the same schedule. For example, the grant for services rendered for the month of November are distributed at the end of December or the very first weekday of January should it fall on a weekend or a holiday. This allows for data processing/accounting and output review prior to the disbursement.

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Hi @lgNanessa,

So it means that when the proposal launches if gets approved this December. the first RBW grant distribution will be end of February right?

If that is the case I will just adjust on my end… what’s important is that the funding arrives within the first week of which ever schedule. it needs to pay on.

Do you need me to edit the information above about the Disbursement procedure?.


I think the current disbursement schedule is fine assuming implementation starts from January. I only mentioned the schedule to set the expectation that since the disbursement is in bulk and at a regular cadence, the exact dates you mentioned may not strictly be adhered to but definitely will be around the same day/dates.

I see, understood.

As long as we don’t get delayed so much i think i can just pre-pay them.

thanks for the note.!

For all the effort that’s being put into this table and for the community to use freely, I’m okay with the proposal.

If those who are insisting that someone else can do it or someone SHOULD do it. Then do it.

Till then, this is a proven proof-of-work that’s been running for months now and we are indebted to @KeizerMc 's effort. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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One way to look at it is he is providing patch notes timely that otherwise might cost a devs salary to make and time away from the game. I bother Keizer for information on patches more then the team as I know I will get a fast clear answer that it second to none of anyone on server. While he may make a little profit off this proposal. I feel he will likely put it all back into what he is creating and providing for all. I have seen his work help and encourage many new players same as our wonderful mods do to new players. So far I think this is the most worthy proposal for a ecosytem grant. Not trying to change your mind. Just my thoughts. :heart:


its about time you get paid Keizer! :slight_smile:

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Hello, everyone. This proposal has entered the Governance Council review phase. I will update this thread once the review has concluded. Thank you for taking part in the discussion!