Knowledge Base, Price Bots, and Tools v2

Ecosystem Grant Request : Knowledge Base, Price Bots, and Tools v2.


As Crypto Unicorns move towards new releases, patch updates, it is important to have Tools that can save the community time on analysing, while keeping the excitement in the game. This proposal focuses on Building Tools, & Maintaining Knowledge base for the game.

This is the v2 Renewal and possibly the last proposal for this kind of efforts from Keizer.


Today, I have been continuously building the Knowledge base file along with some tools like Gathering Simulation, Token Price bots, RMP Market Trend, Website, & Reports for more than 14 months [The KB started March 18, 2022 as a UNIM Cheat sheet and eventually grow from there]. And I would like to continue my passion on providing the tools for the community.


Re-submission of the proposal is put in because of the Yes vote that was only over powered by 1 user with over 38M. The author still believes that this an important proposal for the community and that this will help the community within its duration.

While the previous proposal was on snapshot and proposal view. The author contacted different people to ask for improvements on the recent proposal. To see what they would like more. While no response was provided, the Author decided to change certain services in the proposal. one of the factor is the Duration from 9 months down to 6 months. This is so we can ensure that the community still received the updates that it needs and the transparency on what LG was providing on their patch updates.


These are the details included in this proposal that would help the community understand what I am working on right now and what I would like to continue to work on. Please take note that this have been updated to provide work / life balance to the proposer.

Work Scope :


  • Knowledge base will continue to update to make it more useful. With additional tools and analytics, will also take community suggestions and requests for features if it’s possible.

  • LG official game patch updates will be applied to the document with Small Tuning Patches will be done within 1 week. [until applicable]

  • Daily Market Price Update for the KB.

  • Daily Post of RMP Market Price Report on the Keizer’s Thread [once per day and at least 5 times per week, unless proposer got sick or unavailable for certain reasons. ]


  • Continuous update on the KeizerMc website for patch updates on what is current.

  • Continuous improvements on the website to make it more user friendly.

[Data Warehouse]

  • Google sheet access for the Data warehouse updates every hour.

  • Tutorial to be provided on how to connect your excel to this google sheet.

  • Continuous hosting of the file to maintain its integrity.

[Price bots]

The Token price bots are already available, and it is already downloadable so you can install it in your discord server. [Coin Gecko price] available in PHP and USD at this moment. See :

(The VPS server for this will be discontinued after September 2023, and service may not be continued due to heavy server expense [it cost about 1500 USD now + inflation to run it for 2 years and that is the renewal procedure. Since this proposal is going to run less than the server renewal duration, it would be unfair to the community to charge a ridiculous amount.)

Challenges :

[ Required Cost ]

There is a program called Co-Efficient that is linked to the google sheet data warehouse that lets us update the file once every hour and it will expire soon. In-order for the hourly updates to work. It requires a Pro subscription.

Monthly cost : 119 USD
Yearly cost : 1188 USD

[ Other Cost : I shoulder this but for transparency]

I am currently on a web host that required to be renewed next year for 276 USD but this is covered already on the Keizer Fees.

(Other cost also include Microsoft License, Goggle Drive Services and remaining VPS cost are not included on the screenshot above)


Term is 6 months. The last 3 months after the proposal to close the 2 year loop of the KB may or may not be filled as a proposal and/or may be provided as a FREE as thank you service for the community. We can also Terminate early depending on the conditions. Please see Termination

Once the proposal ends :

  • Keizer will provide all sources, materials, data gathered, created, and collected relating from crypto unicorns.
  • Keizer will also provide the method on how to get the data from Crypto Unicorns if LG allows it.
  • Keizer, will not leave Crypto Unicorns but will still continue its support until see fit.

Why is this considered the last proposal? Are you leaving?

No, but next year is a very important year for me that it will focus on my personal life, health related matters and mental health. I am planning to migrate to another country which would take me months to settle in. My expectation is that, the impact is small, but I also believe that its better to have a proper preparation on this migration than to not have prepared at all.

Grant Request Details

  • Co-Efficient Subscription : 119 USDC per month
    – To be paid once the proposal is approved.
  • Keizer Fee : 550 USDC Per month
    – To be paid every 1st day of the month [expected 1st payment on July 2023]
    – Fee will be used to maintain and keep the service and offsets.
    – The Fee has not changed from the last proposal in gesture of good will.

[Disbursement Procedure]

Same as the last time, it will be disbursed by the following


The proposal completes on January 1st, 2024

Author is comfortable to be paid by either USDC or RBW on whichever LG is comfortable to provide on the grant. If LG prefers RBW then we will proceed with RBW payment equivalent to the mentioned amount above.

[Other Grant Request Notes]

Any of the Website maintenance, cost, hosting, personal ,cost and other small, related expenses involved are shouldered by the Author which will go under Keizer Fee.


In an event of uncertainty, the Author has the option to early terminate the program if deemed that there are things that are not going to work or that will cause the whole KB operations to stop.

If by any means the program stopped earlier than 9 months. Author will finish the last complete month for the work so LG can just pay the last month service

Example : If the service was decided to stop on November 17th. The Author will still continue to find solutions until November 30th . if no solutions have been found and the Author confirms the stop of the project. Then it is considered termination and that the last payment from LG will be on November.


Regardless of the outcome, Author is currently and will continue to update the KB and all its other tools for its purpose of helping the community, Until it cannot provide so, some of the features provided above may already be prepared or implemented while this proposal is on-going and may have newer developments in the span of 6 months.

Looking forward to a positive outcome on this proposal, if there are concerns or feedback for this proposal, Author is willing to work with the community and discuss what we can do to make this proposal happen.


Always the best work from @KeizerMc. I fully support this proposal. Keep up the good work! :fire:

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I’m all for it. Keep up the good work.

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reasonable. i am all for it. yes

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I fully support this proposal. Keizer doing great work!

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I do agree with the proposal as KeizerMC is always doing good work. This said, this is if LG is not going to do this in their own style/platform. I know the LG was thinking of doing some of this themselves and I would like to hear more about that if that is the case before we vote on this.

Keizer I agree with you though … we cannot expect this to be put on the community and expect community members to continue to pay for things that are clearly needed. And yes, your stuff is needed.

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The idea before actually was to encourage builders to build tools for the project. create sites, create things and it was generally expected for people to be assisting LG while they focus on shipping the products that they promised.

looking forward to other devs / builders to join the space and have their own community tools set as well.

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Hello, Keizer! Thanks for sharing mentioning this.

@GoliathRulz Chiming in to confirm that what Keizer is saying is true. We hope to continue building with other builders and contributors as we go. Crypto Unicorns has always been envisioned to be a project where developers and contributors can freely come in and build on top of what we have!

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While I appreciate the content that has been produced here in the past, I have concerns on the fact that some of the information provided to the KB, Bots, Tools, etc… is coming from LG via back channels and is not publicly available.

I don’t believe that we should support these projects unless LG open’s the door so that all tool vendors (not I) have an equal playing field and that no single person is given special treatment.

I am all for this proposal as long as all of the source data is available to everyone equally. Currently this is not the case.

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Hi @RndoCmndo1793,

It is publicly available, but accessing it and processing the data is not that “easy”. im not the only one who has this data and i’ve already confirmed with others that has access to data.

The “exclusivity” is not solely on me. its like the smart contract abi where you have to do build in order to acquire it.

if you see on my last proposal. I will provide a complete step by step guide if LG allows it if in the end of my proposal there are still not much people who are building tools so that the public will have a much open access to the information.

One of the challenges that LG have in my opinion is that there are a lot of people who has this data but doesn’t have the time and ability to share it like I do. hence, you only see a few who are able to do so.

let me know if this clears your concern.


Unfortunately it does not, the “IF” part of your statement is the concern here.

Not that you are witholding information (because you don’t, you share like a champ!).

I don’t believe that as a governing board, we should approve any proposal without clarity from LG that this information can be (and is) shared openly (by LG). Then once all of the data sources are available and documented, then this proposal should 100% be supported by those of us that benefit from it. As of right now, LG has created information/tool monopolies by witholding information or sharing in uneven ways.

Hi @RndoCmndo1793

they mentioned this before, even Aron mentioning that I was hitting their servers multiple times [which i clarified that time that i dont xD] .

its like the ABI from the smart contract. IF you know how to build tools from a smart contract or from a source and some of those “scripts” are workable for you, then you to calculate on your own. but yes i agree its because its not a simple step like everything else. the space back then is new and that builders are encourage to build their tools and share with the community. [with of course some exception that people build tools for them to use for themselves]

of course I am not trying to convince you. I am just merely sharing what is going on to provide clarity. the information is already public and was mentioned before. its just that if you don’t know how to build it or do it. you’ll be waiting for a public builder to share their tools with you. from your standpoint tho if you dont allow a builder to enter the space to build then we can’t really expect any tools to come up anytime soon.

so yeah. it is a bit of a challenge there. :sweat_smile:

but again this is just informational. you choose which ever you wanted to vote or not on this proposal. thanks for sharing your ideas!.


that is also the reason why on my proposal I mentioned that I will be providing the method with documentation at the end of my proposal on how to do it. since i would have expected that there should be a builder by then. but if it turns out no builders yet. we are opening that gate for everyone to use it for themselves so that they can make their own tools for which ever.

Why im not opening now and that Why I have been reserving this until the end of the proposal?

There was this one time an issue with one of the files that they had there that someone reported to have a security issue. I do not know the status of this before and now. and that also another reason why is that im letting LG know that i will be opening these files. so that they will have a 9 month preparation to do whatever they need to do on the data so that they can ensure that there are no issues on their end and that we can open the transparency even further.

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I agree with the proposal, Keizer put up a lot of work for the community, helping a lot of players get a grasp of game economy.


100% support this proposal!

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same guys. supporting this proposal.


The voting period for CUIP-023: Knowledge Base, Price Bots, and Tools v2 has ended with the following result.

Result: No

Snapshot: Snapshot

Yes: 31,661,176.25
No: 55,982,201.17

Total Votes: 87,6433,377.42

With this, we shall not be implementing this proposal at this time. I will be closing this thread for now unless the author reaches out with the intent to repropose and reopen the discussion. Thank you for your participation!

Dear All,

i have decided to re-open this proposal and have updated it with some new details. more specifically in the Validity portion where it was 9 months now down to 6 months.

I have also asked for a feedback from people if there are things that they want on the proposal to be added but it seems no one provided any hence I am re-opening with a more conservative approach.

Do let me know if there are things that concerns you.

thank you!

The council review for this proposal has been completed and ended with the following votes:

For: 8
Against: 3

For this reason, this proposal will be moved to Snapshot for the sRBW’s consideration shortly. Thank you!