RMP Analytics Dashboard, Report, and Podcast

Disclaimer: I have asked for this proposal to be taken down. Thank you to everyone who devoted their time to responding to it or even reading it.

There’s a plethora of reasons for taking it down, and I might end up writing a juicy Medium about it at some point.

However, for the time being, I just want to thank the community and GC for engaging it and holding a space for Jrb.

Thank you, and God Speed to all of you.



As Crypto Unicorns continues its journey towards its growth phase, it is pertinent to have an analytic dashboard for the Rainbow Marketplace (RMP) that illustrates historical prices, allowing new and existing participants to easily assess market conditions for each soft currency.

In addition, creating a community-driven platform that allows analysts to discuss opinions on current market trends will allow the Crypto Unicorns brand to be highlighted and gain further traction. Simply put, this paired offering would ultimately set Crypto Unicorns apart from existing competitors and position the game to more seamlessly enter its growth phase.


In order for a healthy market to exist, users should have access to an analytic dashboard that shows recent and historical pricing of soft currencies traded within the RMP.

Similar to traditional markets, Bloomberg (via their product offering of Bloomberg terminal), allows financial institutions and market participants to view historical data and respective charts. This aids participants in their decisions for buying, selling, and hedging their positions.

Once an analytic dashboard is established and maintained, this will open the arena for other analysts to more readily comment on market conditions and trends for the wider community.


1. Establish an Analytic Dashboard for RMP Soft Currencies | Daily**

Business Intelligence Tool: Tableau

Data: Market Data will consist of daily snapshots taken daily on and after May 8th, 2022.


  • Market Prices of soft currencies.
  • Market Prices of RBW & UNIM, as well as the RBW/UNIM pair.

*Data will be recorded via a daily snapshot and updated periodically with CoinMarketCap data.

  • Periodic Value and Percentage Changes on 1-day, 7-day, and 30-day rolling basis.
    (ie. how much each currency has changed over the past 1-day, 7-day, and 30-day period)
  • Additional views (Seed/Berry pricing spreads and velocity changes)

Frequency: Once per-day (market dashboard will include a UTC time-stamp, which will denote when prices were last updated).

(A price snapshot will continue to be taken daily.)

Prices will be indicative, not real-time.
(API does not exist yet.)

Duration: 6 months

Dashboard Examples:



(these are for illustrative purposes only – only a binding proposal will support that these remain public)

2. Create a State-of-the-Market Report

Format: PDF/Google Doc

Data: Market Data will consist of daily snapshots taken daily on and after May 8th, 2022.


  • Create a Genesis RMP State-of-the-Market report that highlights market trends that have existed since *Market inception (minimum 15 pages). (*May 8th, 2022 data)
  • Create a recurring market report that highlights RMP Market Trends each-month.

Frequency: Monthly

Duration: 6 months

3. Create a Monthly RMP State-of-the-Market Podcast

Format: Audio (initially, with potential to include a video component later on, depending on comfort levels of guest speakers)

Podcasts would review each month’s State-of-the-Market report and discuss current market conditions and trends. Guests invited onto the podcast would also be asked to provide supplemental input and data each month to broaden insights (ie. Seeds are increasing in price which coincides with a new uptick in Land Plots being minted.)

Community members will be polled periodically via Discord (via the #game-economy channel or a specified channel) to ensure that a healthy rotation of invitees onto the podcast are given opportunities via community driven demand. To ensure the process is streamlined, controlled, and reaches the wider Discord community, I will ask the Laguna Games’ Community Management team to handle this component of the process.

The podcast will be pre-recorded to ensure that those facing time constraints have access to it ad-hocly, as opposed to it being live.

Frequency: Monthly

Podcasts will be conducted each month after the State-of-the-Market report is published. Podcasts would be targeted to be completed and disseminated within the same week as the State-of-the-Market report

Duration: 6 Months

Proposal Cost

This proposal is for 100,000 RBW ($16,000 – at the time of creation).

The proposal payout milestones and conditions are as follows:

  • A. 40,000 RBW will be paid upon the completion of the Dashboard*

  • B. 10,000 RBW will be paid upon the completion of the Genesis State-of-the-Market report

  • C. 10,000 RBW will be paid out each month of delivery of the State-of-the-Market Report + Podcast, after the Genesis State-of-the-Market report is delivered

*The initial 40,000 RBW will be locked into a self-custodied wallet and staked for a 12-month duration.

Engagement & Rewards

  • RBW Market Engagement Sponsorship
    The staked rewards will be used as a cash-flow to pay-out a weekly minimum of 250 RBW Markets Engagement sponsorship (minimum of 6,500 RBW). Amongst other activities, community members will have an opportunity to win up to 250 RBW each week by accurately guessing the two soft currencies that appreciated the most and least each week. If multiple winners exist, then the pool of rewards will be split between the first five participants who correctly guessed the answer.

I will lean on the Laguna Games’ Community Management team to help set this up as a bot feature.

  • Podcast Guest Compensation
    Additional rewards from the initial stake will also be used towards compensating other community analysts/economists onto the podcast to discuss the latest State-of-the-Market reports monthly.


Multiple community members have expressed a strong need for RMP data analytics and commentary. In lieu of working for Laguna Games directly, this is the best opportunity to provide these highly demanded insights while adhering to and maintaining strong principles in decentralization.


We definitely need an analytics dashboard. market is nice, but it would also be great if LG would provide you with tools to create analytics on an account basis. could be interesting long-term.
anyways, regarding the proposal I support it - aside from compensation conditions C.). 10k RBW right now is not much obviously, so for the current market conditions thats fine. assuming that RBW will gain value over time and ends up on 1$, personally I see 10K$ a month a bit much for a report and podcast. Also considering we will have community podcasts talking about the market data anyways (for free/monetized differently) as soon as this data is available. So personally, I disagree paying for a podcast, but support the continous engagement in creating reports, only critizing that it might quickly get too expensive.


would it be possible for the market report to be integrated into the crypto unicorn website? much like bulletin board where you can see the data and market analysis before logging in or each time you log-in to the game?


I think if rbw will cost around one bucs then we all have enough fun to play this game by any rules =)

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Great solution to show the prices of in-game assets.
The only thing that it makes sense only if there are a lot of players.


I personally don’t care to see historical prices of items in the RMP. I would support if all 100k RBW were locked for a year, but based on where I personally think RBW is going, I cant support this prop. Too expensive. I could also support (becuz I like @Jrb) a marked to market adjustment monthly denominated in USD prop.

Podcast could be good, but hard to judge its quality without any sample.

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sorry, I don’t believe this is something the game or community needs
if you play the game, you already know the current state of the market & soft currencies
we need less financial analysis and we need more fun gameplay, and we need more people who want to play the game.
If the community can make exciting youtube videos to share to new players, we grow as a whole.
I can’t make a video boring people to death looking at charts.


Thank you for the proposal,

upon reviewing this. I have several questions.

  • You are requesting 100,000 RBW total for the analytics tool that will work for 6 months along with the podcast. after 6 months has expired, will another proposal need to be created to continue the service if LG wants them or how does this go after 6 months?

  • When you said there this “No API that exist yet” and that you have to update this manually. is it also much better first to ask LG instead to provide us a public API so that not only you can do this but everyone else who are interested on making such analytics?

  • Engagement and Rewards is basically your own rewards option that you will provide to the community do you have a process/mechanics on how this further works?

I’m curious and interested about the proposal on how we can make this work.

Thank you


Sorry, I think the cost is too high, and this tool is not very useful for me, I don’t need it, thank you.

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So three areas of offering:

  1. Analytics Dashboard - updated daily for a 6 month period
  2. Report - x 6
  3. Podcast - x 6

Offering 2 and 3 require huge amounts of work and preparation etc. Justifying the proposals fee of circa $16k. However my question is do points 2 / 3 really offer that much upside benefit to CU? It would depend on how much engagement it drove and new eyeballs from outside the community. It would matter how well presented the information is both the written and verbal aspects of these areas.

Offering part 1, the Analytics Dashboard imo is the real value proposition. Being able to see trends on prices would be fairly beneficial to helping one strategize on when and how to tackle the financial aspect of the game. Also showing the public that 0.15 cent RBW doesn’t mean bad investment right now.

My Questions:
a) Why would the dashboard have a time limit? Go into details of why you need to be compensated for this on a regular basis?
b) How much work is involved in maintaining the dashboard? (hours per week)
c) Are you willing to decouple your proposal offerings so that it may end up only being a dashboard? If not, how open would you be to restructuring the compensation on points 2/3 based on performance and outcomes?

Personally I would rather compensate you for building the API end points for LG that makes data accessible to an unlimited amount of community members. Then let the market drive the product builds. (is this an option?) Id vote for a 3x on the compensation plan for that work.

Finally - with regard to the dashboard. If we were to go into approval for that, would you be willing to map out all dashboards in your proposal?

I will have follow up questions based on your answers. (If you do answer them)


From a purely visual perspective, what can we expect? Will it look and behave the same as the examples or can we expect improvements on the UI and UX? If so, how would that look? Or do you have a portfolio with previous examples of this sort of work?

If this is to be funded by the treasury I think it’s important that it looks and feels like a CU branded experience, and not just a spreadsheet function. Especially if the vision is to put Cu in the spotlight during the growth phase.

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Hey unicorn fam. I see a lot of concern in a few areas of this proposal.

This kind of project is crucial to on board financial / technical investors.

This kind of project is crucial to understand changes made to the game economy.

This kind of project is crucial to inform potential players / investors that can’t lurk in Discord all day.

This kind of project is crucial for people seeking ROI and how to get there with current conditions.

A hand full of people currently invest a lot of their personal time into various methods of gathering, organizing, and storing data, then making various reports and calculators. A program like this creates an additional platform to share and utilize this information (esp. the podcast) as well as reduce some of the duplicated volunteer work.

This is not simply a pet project for the spreadsheet Geeks. This is a sophisticated way to promote the CU ecosystem and help being in new Daily Active Users.

Regarding the concerns about costs, I think many are underestimating the amount of time and resources put into the current Twitter and Discord for community engagement / marketing by LG.

The community is going to get a lot for about $16k USD. That’s basically the snack and coffee budget for the people that want to move this area of the community forward.

The community will be much stronger with the information and insights generated by this proposal.



I personally agree that this is not a critical amount for this kind of work.
Moreover, I know the reputation of the author and I believe that he will find a way to further improve the project as a whole.
I think it is necessary to support the proposal and already begin to develop more fully.


About RMP Analytics Dashboard, Report, and Podcast

  1. People who play games seriously may have their own set of record data (such as me, I think other council members do the same), after all, we have to make our own decisions every day, and we will calculate the costs and benefits of various activities; People who play games seriously will not care about these recorded data;

  2. Is this Dashboard function impossible to do with embedded games? After all, is it not good to read the unit price directly without taking a snapshot? Or integrate it into app.cryptounicorns.fun. To be honest, I don’t like the interface chart of tableau. Of course, I think jrb’s proposal is ok;

  3. Suppose the proposal is passed and the compensation is too much. Although the price of rbw is on the floor now, we don’t know what will happen in 6 months. I don’t think it is advisable to continue spending because it is not a must for the nft trading market. Options;

Sorry, I don’t quite agree with this proposal. If it is a small one-time reward, or volunteer behavior, I think it is very good, after all, we are all people who love CU.


Thank you for taking the time to create this proposal @Jrb.


There are several games that players enjoy because of the in game economy. Eve Online comes to mind. This is one of the few areas where the community can actively build tools that enhance the CU ecosystem.

Jrb is asking for very little compared to the work he has already put into creating a rich set of historical data and reports / dashboards to glean insight in to the internal and external game economy.

Perhaps it is best Jrb goes directly to ‘The Wales’. They can surly benefit from this kind of research and if the podcast idea is dropped they will have an even bigger advantage. Several downsides to that for the common player / investor, and the community won’t get the benefits of potential new users that appreciate these resources.

Hardly anyone blinked at the cost of the NFT Market proposal and the monthly pay for one person is about what Jrb is asking for six months while offering to give a portion of that back to the community.


A few things to note:

I recently have been under the weather, and I wanted to really take the time to think about how to engage the community.

The overall comments have been great, and I’ll respond to the ones that are actually asking questions, and have compiled something else for the ones saying I don’t need this or don’t understand why this is helpful.

In fact for those, I took the time to write up a Medium article to highlight a lot of the in-game economic mechanics that I have long felt have been grossly misunderstood by many in the community. While the prose might not be appreciated by all, the tl;dr is that there’s a symbiotic relationship between staking $RBW, the value appreciation of $RBW, and the RMP soft-currency prices.

@JackyAce thank you for your thoughtful response.

  1. I agree - I would love to get my hands on more data from the CU team. In fact, I would love for more people to get their hands on data here. I realize I am in a unique role having tracked the RMP since inception, so I am looking to provide the community and new users with solid information to help their decision making.

  2. I can definitely see why 10k RBW seems like a lot, and as I’ve shared with others in private this is a relative basis thing for two reasons:

A. There’s a lot of unit bias - everyone values $1k of RBW more than $1k of USDC, as we’re all hopeful that it will outperform. Even though they’re both worth $1k.

B. Value is a relative thing, and so 10k RBW could be a year’s salary for some in other countries; however, where I’m at I could probably outperform 100k RBW by doing uber-eats/delivering pizzas in the same time. I wish it weren’t the case, but this is how global markets work.


I wouldn’t be opposed to doing a marked-to-market approach here, as I can offset it myself if I want the $RBW exposure by front loading $RBW here with $USD.

It’s all accounting, right friend?

Buzz that Medium article I posted, because you’re one of the analysts I have my sights on.

Tableau definitely has an embed link function, but this would be up to the team to decide on how/if they want to integrate these dashboards.

Thank you for taking the time to dedicate your time to this proposal - your dedication to this community is going to go a long way!

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