RMP Analytics Dashboard, Report, and Podcast

Build it, and they will come.

At least that’s what has worked in the past. Thank you, @ArtToRich for dedicating your time to this project and proposal.

P.S. - This is the one safe space where you can say “proposal” without Carl-bot sliding in those DMs. I encourage you to take advantage of it. =)

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@Kelly_Likes_Crypto I appreciate your taking the time to put together a response, but I think the market dynamics at play are a large part of the game-play, as @BroccDaRock pointed out.

@Alex-7 I encourage you to look at my latest Medium article to see if changes your perspective on how you view this.

Thank you for taking the time to dedicate yourself to this proposal and putting your opinion out here for all - it’s important for all of us to understand each other.

@ArtToRich Simply put, thank you for your support and kind words here.

While you’re setting the bar high for my delivery, it’s you I’ll be keeping in mind while grinding through the delivery phase.

Thank you for your contribution to this space.

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@Bahis After interviewing with Aron et al, the ideas that were thrown around were mainly focused on an RMP Market Report + Podcast.

I am adding open access to a dashboard and the data, as those components are and would be appreciated by me if I was asking for RMP data.

In terms of the look and feel, things can get a little bit more refined, as in I could add in some extra pizzazz with CU logos/badges to the dashboards + maybe even some soft currency pictures (raw wood, etc).

@Kice thank you for your taking the time to really constuctively think about this proposal. I know a lot of people in CU value your opinion, and this effort doesn’t fall short of showcasing why.

Adding to your commments:

  1. I agree that serious people do track this, but there’s a reason why financial institutions adopt Bloomberg rather than setting up a node/recording facility at the NYSE. I wrote up a recent Medium article on why I think it’s imperative to make this data readily available to everyone. Definitely looking forward to your thought leadership there, too.

  2. Yeah - I think it reallly boils down to how CU wants to integrate it. Tableau does offer embed links, but it will be up to Aron and team to prioritize resources to this, and I’ll leave that to him and the team to communicate on.

  3. I am open to a marked-to-market approach, but do encourage everyone to understand that anyone proposing anything is also being encouraged to take on all the down-side risk without gaining the upside risk in these situations.

@KeizerMc thank you for your taking the time to highlight these concerns; I assume others share them.

  1. In regards to the 6-month proposal, my hope here is that the team will have a full-fledged tech solution that opens this proposal to fierce competition. This is web3, so it’s best to share that I have held steadfast to these same ideas throughout my communication with Aron.

  2. This is a team question, not a Jrb question.

  3. I find it imperative to use the grant to give back to other analysts/economists in the CU community. I am all about sharing the growth here.

In terms of distributions, I think I’ve proven through various actions already that I can be trusted with handling distributions. I am not opposed to redeeming and sending the funds to an escrow account though.

–Thank you again for prudently pushing the right thoughts forward and being a shining example of a stakeholder whose intentions are to help and push things to the right conclusion for the community, as a whole.


@Rubick Thank you for having those DMs open ser - synchronous feedback goes a long way, in addition to putting the permanent record here. I have truly appreciated your contributions on all the AMAs and your willingness to single handedly push the community and project into a direction of realism and growth.

In terms of questions, this is how I see things:

A. I threw a time-limit out there for two reasons: 1) I am hopeful that this role is opened up to more competition (see Keizer response), and 2) I wanted to add optionality onto the contract for the community to nuke it if they weren’t appeased with the outcome.

B. This really varies, depending how many calculated fields I create and how often LG changes things like crafting or adding new products to the RMP. I can tell you right now that it’s not as simple as click button and update data - there’s QA of data and updating of fields that play a large part in all of this, but the analyses is where more thoughtful time is spent.

C. I am willing to decouple and just provide the dashboard, even though I think the report and podcast to add that extra layer of pizzazz / value and sets CU apart from other projects.

D. I wouldn’t be opposed to jumping in a project management role that interfaces with the community to the extent of capturing functional specification requirements and working with devs to roll out a product for the API - it’s a bit more hands on but a fruitful endeavor nonetheless.


@Jrb First of all, I still want to emphasize your enthusiasm and contribution. I also check your charts often. Thank you again. The cost of Dashboard is actually reasonable, but I am a little confused about the actual function of Report and Podcast, or can these be changed to pay-per-use?


I kind of assumed you would be paid monthly, not in one lump-sum. So not quite just accounting.

I read your medium article. I enjoyed it, very witty and entertaining and drove a point home.

I would support $16k paid out in USDC over 6 months for your prop. Thanks for all you do, Jrb.


Thanks, KIce; I appreciate it.

In terms of the report, it would add annotations/commentary to the charts that are available on the dashboard, just like market reports do in the traditional world (ie market changes month over month).

The Genesis report, without leaking too much detail, would be a little more explorative, drilling into the performance differences of baskets like (Moon Dust, Pollen Powder, Dewdrops) vs. (Giggle Shards, Gem Pebbles, Spectrum Spice, Sugar Sprinkles).

The podcast would review these reports and highlight other potential areas of the market that users might consider focusing on - the podcast is for those who don’t want to read + those who want a little entertainment (hopefully, but that’s why I included optionality in the offering).

I hope this helps clarify things.

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@swmartin19 thank you – your feedback is always appreciated in my world, especially when it’s that positive.

Truth be told, I actually enjoyed writing it - took a bit to get out, but it was worth it. I am satisfied with how it came out, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

In terms of the accounting ref, I was just saying that if I really wanted RBW exposure, then I could just debit an account/take a loan here to buy the equivalent exposure of RBW and then debit from the cash-flow (to offset the account/loan), as I get paid for these deliverables.

It really just comes down to time-preference and exposure that I want to take today – that’s why I just chalk it up as “accounting” =D.


First of all, let me commend your contribution to the community, Jrb.

However, when it comes to this proposal, I would somewhat lean towards on what @Kelly_Likes_Crypto stated above. Let’s focus on making the game more fun rather than chart based-game.

What I see as a player of the game is that this will cause a pump and dump situation in the RMP as the data for it will be equal to those who really engage to the game vs to those whose just gonna access the RMP because of what they seem to be a “profitable” move for them.

What makes RMP different from the usual token chart is that, you really need to engage to the game more often than others (will require someone to update their own way to keep up with how the RMP prices fluctuates and what is the current meta inside the game is)

Let’s take this for an example: Because of a current update, players who really play the game was able to determine which of the item in the RMP will soon hit its demand. But because of the RMP data is accessible to everyone, one whale can simply jumps into the game, stashed a few hundred thousand of RBW and bought the item that will be soon in the demand. This will literally f*ck the edge of those who are really into playing the game. Like what happened before to the raw wood plank. No one from the outside whales knows that this will gonna happen, only those who play the game.

It not my taste to give everyone access to everything the game data has to offer. Let’s make the players make their own way to keep up with how the in game economy works.

TL;DR: Let’s not supply everyone with everything. Let’s make even the RMP movement be discovered by their own effort. It’s literally spoon feeding those lazy enough to play but has a lot of funds to shell out.

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Thank you very much for your contribution, I know some people can rely on these to get a lot of value, seeing you withdraw the proposal, I don’t know if we have a bad influence on you? If so, I am sorry.


As the author has retracted the proposal, this will no longer be reviewed during the Governance Council review today. This thread will also be locked as well due to the request. Thank you, everyone, for participating in the discussion. :bowing_woman: