List of UX improvements for unicorn selection window

Amount of unicorns in possession of each player is dramatically increasing. Current unicorn selection window gradually becomes unusable.

  1. First of all, why all images and info about unicorns loads every time i open unicorn selection window? It takes a lot of time, scrolling lags and sometimes crashes the game. I’m not a pro in game development, but i think all this info could be cached and doesn’t require to load every time.

  2. Second part of this problem is just a slow navigation through unicorn selection window. When i use mouse wheel scroll, it takes forever to scroll to the bottom. I suggest to scroll one line per wheel’s move.

  3. All unicorns in unicorn selection window are in random order. When i open this window to, for example, send a unicorn to a cart, i’d like to see all unicorns available for this action first. All other unicorns (unavailable, 0 energy and babycorns) should be moved to the bottom of the list. Even better improvement is to move up unicorns, which are best suited for current job depending on current land type. Sorting by amount of energy could be considered too.

  4. Only 4 unicorns fully fit in the screen of this window, it looks nice but isn’t always convenient. We can have selection of two options: tiles view (current one) and table view. Table view may contain up to 14-16 unicorns.

    The table could display more info: small image of unicorn, babycorn/adult status, amount of mythic parts, etc. Some of it may be hidden behind the “info” button.

  5. Filtering of unicorns by some parameters for easier access. Only selected types of unicorns should be displayed.


This is a great idea!