Keep maintaince the game of unicorns till the team can fix up all the things

its been two days in row that the corns go out for trading and didnt come back on time, the team fixed the issue yesterday, but they didnt mention the patch is one-time only, for the sake of reputation of the unicorn game, I think we need to 100% make sure things going fluently before they announce the bugs are fixed, a lot of bugs going on now. For example, we lock down the game and maintaince like 24 hours, 48 hours, do a beta test.

Furthermore, the crypto market seems to have really bad mood as we can see all the token are dumped, maybe taking some action of guarantee the price of token might help getting more attentions from the others(buy back), we they would have strong confidence to invest the game, buying lands/corns ETC.

I still have confidence on the game, i am long term owner of the corns and want the game to getting better, but at the end of the day, we need things to be done properly and efficiency, keep making new bugs are not one of the means to lead corns to success, and for the sake of unicorns, we need the breeding and hatching system ASAP!


agree!!! its been 2 weeks here, i am dont expect playing a game which was “wait to lost”

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