Creative Animated Content!


I’d Love to see some animated content featuring our favourite unicorn characters.

I work in the advertising world specifically in animation (Music & Sound) and I have seen first hand the eyes creative animated content can bring to a brand, especially when the right studio is attached.

Crypto Unicorns already has that virility but with animated content it could be taken to another level.

I have connects at some of the worlds most creative animation studios. I’d absolutely love to see how the worlds best interpret our favourite magical UNI’s

Thinking short 10 -30 second loops/ideas.

Here is just one studio I can think of that would smash it: Fluent

What fun scenarios would you like to see our cute unicorns in?



First of all, of course - breeding :sunglasses:


HA YES! I can imagine some funny scenario of a unicorn doing everything they can to woo another corn. So much fun to be had with this scenario great suggestion!


Well, in my opinion, the animation of the moods of unicorns is also interesting. They may be angry, they may be pleased. They can get rich or get poor, and it would be great to reflect all this in animation. But this is probably a colossal job at this stage of the game.


So the idea is not for it to be in game animation.

Its animated content to promote the game kinda like a trailer but not. Just content that shows off how awesome the game is and let’s us tell fun relatable story’s with our unicorn friends.

Also the idea is to use external animation studios so they can stamp their own art/direcrion style on the brand appealing to a broader audience.


I think its good idea


@Menikmusic_WuW - We’ve already begun work on a short gameplay trailer. :slight_smile:

Overtime I definitely want to expand this out as we introduce more game features and story elements. Thanks for the suggestion of Fluent. I’ll put them on the list!


@darthschmitty13 Yes I spoke briefly with Brian about this - super hyped to see/hear how it turned out!

Amazing - I think it’s a great idea. Especially using a variety of studios with different styles to get more/different types of eyes on the brand. BBC 2 did something similar with their rebranding. They enlisted about 20 different studios all with different styles to reimagine their logo. The campaign went viral just because they look so stunning. I just discovered today that Hulu have done the exact samething… Hulu IDs on Vimeo

I’m not suggesting to reimagine the logo though, although that could be cool if it also included fun different scenarios with the corns.

I think taking this approach of using different styles is not only super fun but also catches different peoples attention.

Here is a further list of different studios i personally know and love. Let me know if you want to reach out to them and I can connect.

Fluent -
Shotopop -
Future Deluxe -
Sun Creature -
Future Power Station -
Nexus -
Axis -

I have more but this is enough for now haha!



Aha-ha-ha :rofl: I’m not progressive enough to look at that yet)


Short videos about the game would help promote CryptoUnicorn. It might be useful to hold a contest among the community


The comunity team already hold a number of awesome creator content competitions :slight_smile: this is something a little different.


Only for those who have reached level 16+ :innocent:


thank you for information.