Community tools for Crypto Unicorns

We wouldn’t say so considering that we have already released the v0.1 of the extension😅

Still you’re quite right - this was a fantasy, now turning into reality! And this is only the beginning😉

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So are you trying to say you cracked the genetic code already or are you saying you made a nice UI for if and when you do? As I saw a screenshot of it and it only shows Dominant genes, not recessive yet, is that correct?

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Uni-tinder, so basically what freak, Seuchenhund, and a dozen other people made for Axie already? your extension looks a whole lot like freaks extension too. Same goes for the calculators (which are easy to make).

Also, if you are being paid by the community treasury to develop these tools, I would expect them to be open source, as they belong to the community.

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We didn’t crack anything, we just released a v0.1 of our browser extension ahead of the proposal going/not going live in order to provide community with some useful features asap. You can check out its features in the product description on Chrome Web Store :slight_smile:

Could you specify please? :slight_smile:

Well it is totally no problem for us to go opensource once (and if) the proposal passes and we finish the development! :wink:

image one is chillaxie/ breeding calculator

you have already built this tool for axie, there is no development needed. Just reskining and changing a little bit of logic

its a job that you already have finished. Its not new.

I think it needs to be opensource the second its approved… if its approved. The community deserves to be able to see the progress you are making on it.


image two is the one on

many votes were deleted, this is beyond acceptable, rigging a poll by deleting votes should not be tolerated

Hello, Unifam!

It’s been two months since we initially launched our governance system, and it has been nothing but educational for us as facilitators. We appreciate how involved you’ve been in the discussions, and we hope you’ll stick with us.

These first two months have been really helpful in allowing us to identify possible weaknesses in the current process, so we intend to publish a blog titled “Governance Phase 1.5” on Medium some time in the coming weeks. This post will seek to provide a more fleshed out process of how proposals may get to Snapshot. While this is still a week away from today, there is a major topic that we do need to address today.

Since yesterday, June 2, 2022, 07:00 UTC or June 2, 2022, 02:00 PST, our governance forum has been subject to sign-up attacks. Our investigation into the initial attack led to the following results:

  • Some of these accounts are owned by the same people.
  • These accounts are all coming from the same location based on the geolocal data.
  • All of the accounts have <1 minute reading time.
  • All of the accounts have only 1 topic viewed.
  • The majority of the accounts voted on an ongoing temperature check for Gamelab’s Community Tool draft proposal despite having the following account stats: less than 1 minute of reading time, 1 topic viewed, trust level 0, and new account status.

While we have deleted the accounts from the initial attack, the attack persists. This incident may still have diluted the result of the existing temperature check, and we cannot, in good faith, move the proposal to Snapshot without first getting a clear signal on the community’s collective sentiment.

To ensure that the community’s will rings true and to ensure the validity of the temperature check, we shall be closing the existing poll on the forum and moving the poll on KryptoSign.


  • There will be two KryptoSign links—one for expressing support and one for expressing disagreement.
  • The wallets of those voting will be recorded, so please make sure to sign using the wallets with staked RBWs.
  • Discord handles will not be recorded, so voters will remain anonymous.
  • This will be a simple majority vote—we don’t need to reach a 33% quorum.
  • Only votes coming from wallets with staked RBWs will be considered.
  • This temperature check will run for another 5 days and will end on Jun 8, 2022 at 03:00 UTC or Jun 7, 2022 8:00 PST.
  • To vote, follow the links below.

KryptoSign Links to the Temperature Check:

We’re just getting started. With your help, we expect to continually adjust and adapt as we collectively gain experience in our journey to decentralization.

PS: The edits made are all just compositional/grammar edits.


just gonna bump this again

Well done!
Finally something of real value.

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I have some reservations with the RBW put into this tools. I acknowledge the value of the tools we need for the game, however, I think this would be a bit too much long-term wise. CU is still under the radar, but once this enters the main stream of play and earn games more groups will develop their own version of tools. Just like in Axie, where you also have freak’s extension,, and axie world among others. And most if not all of them developed their tools without cost. (some have donation addresses like

While at start this may be something valuable as you’d be the first to create this, but I see no growth or sustain in value once other players/groups create their own versions you’d have ‘competition’ and in a free market, competition drives prices down. IMHO when this comes to fruition, you’d be pressured to maintain your tools and even upgrade them to be relevant to the community even without the funds backed by this DAO. People would look for the ‘better’ tools provider and wouldn’t want to ‘pay’ for something that they can get for free even if it’s a different type/version than what you are currently developing.

I’m not quite comfortable with the amount that will be put into this tools, especially looking at the proposal, 2k rbw/month for 1 year is just for Unitinder and gene-viewing browser extension. May we know how you came up with this value?

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Hey UniFam!

  1. The last day of the Temperature check poll was quite tough as we faced some sudden growth of votes against our proposal and drop of approval rate from 81% to 46% in 2 hours but saw no consistent arguments here or in Discord.

  2. That was really confusing and thanks to the governance team investigation later the multi-account sign-up attack was revealed:

  1. Thanks to the LG governance team (again) this was fixed by removing fake accounts from voting but the attacks continued throughout the day:

  1. Thus we fully support the governance team decision to move poll to KS as it seems to be more sustainable. Still we are very frustrated that this kind of situation could happen again but we are sure that LG team and @lgNanessa will do their best in order to keep it clear. We also want to address those who conceived the sign-up attacks yesterday:

Governance building is a difficult process and we are always up here and in Discord to discuss our proposal (just like we’re doing for almost 2 months now), let’s do it in a civilized way, w/o undermining the values and infrastructure of CU DAO and playing dirty!

We are also happy to respond to the latest comments left by @Maxbrand99 and @Choakz - pls find them below. And please do not hesitate to ask any additional questions if something is not clear!

@Maxbrand99: image one is chillaxie/ breeding calculator

  1. We can’t get what you are trying to say by enclosing screenshots from Yep these are the tools for Axie and we are building for Crypto Unicorns. Of course there might be some visual similarities between those tools and Unitinder because actually Axie and CU both have breeding as a game mechanics!
    So what do you actually wanted to say by that there are some similarities between breeding tools for different games?

  2. As you might know, is an official tooling partner of Axie Infinity. Can you prove that they don’t get anything in reward for their services?

@Maxbrand99 : you have already built this tool for axie, there is no development needed. Just reskining and changing a little bit of logic

The concept of Unitinder has nothing to do with our tools for axie. We are building everything from scratch. To be honest, the “there-is-no-development-needed” allegation looks kinda offensive for our team. You seem to appeal too much to axie experience while we have already pointed out what’s the difference in the proposal:

Thus we believe it is absolutely incorrect to compare what/how we are doing for CU with anything done for axies. We are proposing to make a high-quality product for the game our team really likes (and invested in). We believe this will help much both the existing community and upcoming players! We could have proceeded with building low-quality tools or setting up a paywall, but the question here is not only what to do, but also how to do!

@Maxbrand99: I think it needs to be opensource the second its approved… if its approved. The community deserves to be able to see the progress you are making on it.

There is absolutely no problem for us to go opensource once and if the proposal is approved.

Hi ser! We have already pointed out what’s the difference here from axie case in the FAQ to the proposal, you can just check it above in our reply to Max.

We see no problem in this scenario because our team is sure to do its best disregarding the circumstances. Btw competition is always good but we are standing for complementarity so there’d better be different devs making different tools!

Sure, copying the same question from our FAQ:

just bumping our FAQ for @Maxbrand99, @Choakz and other community members who joined the discussion recently had their tools a very long time before they were official partners

That’s why they need to start with low quality tools?:joy:

My question is hm is would go to this and that and how did you come up with the number. Will you be purchasing something to make it more premium? What was your reference or did you just go ‘I feel that this much is supposed to be this much so let’s charge this much’? The reason I’m asking is because this is just milestone 1 and there are still other developments to be done based on your proposal. Approval of this first milestone would be a precedent to how much would those cost in the future.

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We were mostly referencing to the costs previously approved within the Ecosystem Grants Round 1. For instance, there is a 2K RBW/mo cost of maintaining dune dashboards by Carson Brown. We evaluated the reward for our team’s effort to be close to this. You can check the specific thread for more details: Ecosystem Grants - Round 1 [PASS] - Live Proposals - Crypto Unicorns.

Ideally these tools would be developed by the community and funded by success in the game - the developer would be rewarded by their increasing value of unicorns and other assets. If we think that will take to long or not happen, we should pay people to do it. I’m not sure we are at that point yet. Furthermore, the focus on breeding matching seems like a simple improvement to the existing interfaces inside the game. If the developers believe people will benefit from that transparency and matching, wouldn’t it be best in game?