Community Inquiry : Exchange listing

Dear Unicorn Fam,

I have been thinking about this for quite a long time now. I was looking to know the community opinion about if we are going to be listed to an exchange, which Exchange is this, and why? if it becomes favorable. we can discuss which exchange we would like LG to put the token in.

This is regardless if we need to pay or not. The target here is to know which exchange the community would like to interact more and that if we ever list our tokens there, it would benefit us for the long run.

I will be putting a poll here on the next post and we will be updating them from time to time to see people’s sentiments about it.

Format of your response as follows:

Which exchange do you prefer Cypto Unicorns to be registered with?

  • Binance


  • This Exchange is very popular in SEA, most coultries are able to use this.
  • The drawback tho is that US & SG cannot use this due to government limitation.
  • I believe this is a long term benefit as there will be traders or hodlers outside the game that will just use it for Binance or other exchanges.


You can also put NO if you dont want the token to be in any exchanges due to reasons.

Let me know your thoughts. lets learn together, maybe there are also better exchanges out there that we can us.

Thank you!~

Which Exchange do you prefer regardless of its price?
  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • eToro
  • FTX
  • Gemini
  • Hodlnaut
  • Kraken
  • Robinhood
  • Uphold

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I’ve removed the auto-close timer as it can be helpful to have it as a long-term poll as well. Thanks, Keizer.

PS: Currently, we’d want to avoid paying for any listing if at all possible. This is very useful to have as a way to track preference if/when we explore this in the future though!

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Great post and poll options. Just wanted to point out Aron said they will never pay to be listed in an early AMA.


I like this idea, but the target here is to know really what that people want.

The cost regardless of, vs the long term impacts and benefits are important for councils to study to put forward if we should put it on vote. at the end of the day LG would know what we want and if we have a budget we can consider [if there is a cost]

im really excited to know people’s opinion about this.


I used to be a big believer/user of exchanges but nowadays I hardly use them due to all the problems and hacks in the last two years.

I think a good DEX will be just as usefull.

The problem with exchanges is you have to get your tokens in and out of the exchange to use/sell them. On the other hand you just get speculators pumping and dumping.

My choice would be NO exchange but maybe more DEX options?


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We have a DAO and we can offer different options. Including listing on the stock exchange. When the game is on its feet

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Imo no reason for a CEX until game is polished as much as possible. Need to focus on the vital UI/UX issues I described there in Discord #suggestions tab. After that we might to create a proposal to change Aron’s mind about not paying a CEX for a listing, when it’s really worth to start a marketing campaign.


The game has been used for a period of time, and with a certain user base, I think it will be a good choice to list on the exchange at the right time. In the next one to two years, it will be a very good arc-rising stage. Believe me!


Thanks for the poll. I’d like to see the tokens in an exchange for new people who wants to participate in the game get on with it easily without the need of complex DeFi setup. But, I don’t agree to pay exchanges for listing of these tokens.