Higher rainbow market fee

Hey unicorn community,

just something I like to discuss here. So I read that the market fee for the rainbow marketplace is about 1 %.

1% Market Fee : Whenever a player buys an item, there will be a 1% fee that will be collected and put towards the Treasury, which will go to ensure that the Marketplace continues to provide RBW for the long-term future!”

Shouldn’t this fee be a little bit higher? So maybe around 2-3% at least? I think the fee for the Axie Infinity marketplace is around 4% and it nicely filled up their treasury last year. In the end a larger treasury gives us more opportunities in the future.


Yeah! I think it’s a great idea. Compare to Axie or Aavegotchi (2 games I know yah, Aavegotchi is about 3,5% fee), market fee of Rainbow is cheap.


agree with this suggestion , I think we can increase the fees for long-term .


I think 1% is sufficient. Axie stuffs her pockets and ends up getting hacked. In addition, the low percentage ensures less speculation and the external impact is more positive.


your arguments doesn’t make any sense tbh…

It never went into their pockets. It went into the axie treasury. Also there is no DAO, so people can vote what the treasury is used for.

The low percentage ensures less speculation? I don’t get this point, it is more like the opposite, we reward extractors in the ecosystem by having a low fee. I call it more greedy if people want low fees. I am here for the long term, so having a sustainable large treasury which can be used for leaderboard stuff etc will help the game to grow.


I understand this will help the DAO. How much are we projecting 1% will generate in different scenarios vs say 2%, 3%, 4%? Right now we’re at launch and barely a week in so we can barely forecast just how much the current fees are going to generate. If anyone has some insight into this, I’d like to know more.

Over time, the team may continue to make adjustments to LPs, market fees, or add or remove items from the Marketplace, as we continue to tune the game balance and evolve the game.

There is a mention here ~ in addition, the CEO expects to mention that it is 5%


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This can be adjusted dynamically, or another idea is to sell more items while charging more