Voting Power (VP) : RBW & Unicorns & LAND

Informally initiating an idea that would expand the “voting power” (VP) to include RBW, Unicorns, and LAND… not just RBW.

Taking a page from Decentraland, they include all valuable assets because the Community is not just token holders. I personally would prefer to have my money in the game in the form of Unicorns, Shadowcorns, and LAND and consider that distribution of assets worthy of voting power.



Hey there! Thanks for pitching this idea. You can also use the poll function here in the forum so that we can get numbers on who likes this idea.

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great call! how do I do that? i entered ‘edit’ mode of my original post and didn’t see the option.

Gear know and build poll.

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I don’t have access to that feature… perhaps my account is too new?


You may have to take the bots second level course. It may require being on forum for amount of time or having a mod level you up.
I agree it does not look like you have the option. Sorry :heart:


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