Treasury fund for deflationary system of everything

Overall there will be:

  • Common Plots: 900,000 Max Supply
  • Rare Plots: 90,000 Max Supply
  • Mythic Plots: 10,000 Total Supply
  • unlimited amount of unicorns

But the supply of RBW is limited.

We propose to create a Treasury Fund. It will be fill with RBWs that Crypto Unicorns Team will collect from every in-game purchase: Let’s collect 0.05 RBW (to be discussed the real fee) from every in-game transaction in the Treasury.

And after each consecutive month the DAO members will decide what we’ll do next with them:

  1. Buy back and burn of lands
  2. Buy back and burn of unicorns
  3. Buy back and burn of in-game fragments
  4. Burn of RBWs

With this mechanics we’ll balance the whole universe and keep it stable.

Proposed by
Serob Khachatryan Serob#5565
Dima DimaSed#6650


If I understand correctly, the RBW fund has already been created.


The purpose of the current fund doesn’t include deflation of nfts and rbws


There are burn mechanisms planned already. i.e. shadowcorn ascension is hinted at requiring a lot of unicorn souls to achieve this. it is also hinted that other forms of unicorn burning will come along.

I’m not sure taking a specific portion of treasury to burn the supply is necessary. I also see that these funds could be used in other ways like marketing to create a bigger audience thus creating demand where the current supply of lands and unicorns would become inadequate and not require this burn. It would actually become so that the supply is insufficient to fill supply especially for lands.

This set aside funds could also be used to hire new developers who can add new features, augment what is already there and build in another game where unicorn burn is built in as part of the game play. I think this approach will add more value than forcibly burning assets as part of the governance.


I agree with @Segarion that we already have plenty of deflationary mechanics for Unicorns planned + Land is extremely finite when you consider we want 10s of millions of players long term.

RBW Burn mechanisms to me represent a long term system to be introduced well after we’ve reached the maturity phase of our economic growth.


A good idea. As far as I know, shadow unicorns will eat regular unicorns. this, in addition to the supply, will perfectly reduce emissions.


So let’s just draft it and pull back in couple of months?