Various dance moves for the unicorns and dance off competitions

I think this will be kinda a cool feature and would love to get some feedback on it:

What do you guys think if all the corns can learn different dance moves in one of the buildings - let’s say the stables for example. They can pick and choose between different moves and as they get better at dancing, more dance moves unlock - tap dancing, break dance, moonwalk… etc. Every time they learn a move they spend unim+berries. As they progress they get better and learn new moves. Then we can have dance-off competitions with different rewards for the winners. We can have corns participating as viewers who can vote on the winner. The viewers can also spend UNIM or RBW and get some sort of reward as well. Just an idea for a UNIM sink and for RBW sink and I think it will be a cool feature to watch your corns breakdancing against each other. Yay or Nay?

EDIT: I have been thinking more about this and what the mechanics would look like. Leveling up your corns dance moves will cost UNIM+Berries+TIME. The more complex the moves the more resource it will take. Possibilities are unlimited with this. There can be 100+ dance moves and could take your corn months to learn all of them. The tournament structure could have an entry fee for dance participants: RBW+ berries(since the corns can’t go there hungry and tired) and the admission for the Jury/audience can be in UNIM+berries. Once a dance hall ( stables, or room is full of all the participants) Let’s say 20 corns as audience and 5 corns competing. The competition begins. Every player has it’s corns pulls up a randomized sequence of the dance moves they know and then the audience votes on it. It could last up to 3 rounds and the majority vote wins. Whoever wins the dance price, wins 75% of the RBW participants staked for the entry and 25% goes to the treasury. For the audience/jury - the top 7 or 10 corns with the most correct votes (assuming that each round people will vote one way or another, the winner corn also wins the votes for the voting audience) take 75% ot the admission unit, and the rest goes to the treasury. Now the reward mechanism could be somewhat different and whatever fits best. But this will work out for - filling up the treasury, burning berries, occupying and entertaining participants. Mini-game is similar to jousting, fighting… etc.


More unicorn reactions is a good idea. I think it’s a terrific feature to add.

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Wow original!
I am for

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I’m all for this. More features ingame like this that requires usage of tokens is always a plus in my book. And I’ve suggested more emotes for unicorns. if it requires using tokens to get, then yes.

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