Unicorn Gladiators Phase 2


After the successful public launch and month-long playtest of Unicorn Gladiators, the game is moving onto its second phase. This consists of the development and expansion of Unicorn Gladiators with CU token integration, economic sinks, additional game modes, quality of life updates, one time use power ups, and a full artistic rehaul.


  • Introduce economic sinks in the form of a token rake and Unicorn Soul Battle Pass with a portion of the proceeds going to the treasury and monthly jackpots for the community
  • Expand the CU IP with the addition of class based creatures that represent a darker themed version of the CU metaverse
  • Improve the game’s overall quality of life by creating an interactive tutorial and improving the user experience for all players
  • Add replayability with achievements, quests, battle pass progression, and new game modes

Economic Sinks

The economy will leverage two assets for the economic sinks, the CU token and Unicorn Souls. Both of these assets can be used in a handful of ways broken down below.

Weekly Powerhouse Showdown

This game loop will be built around weekly wager wars where players are pitted against each other in high stake matches battling for CU tokens and earning increased battle pass experience. These matches will replace the standard free mode and require CU tokens to join. Each game will have a 5% token rake that is distributed to the CU treasury, development team, and a community jackpot raffle in equal parts.

Unicorn Soul Battle Pass

The next feature will be in the form of a battle pass that leverages Unicorn Souls providing cosmetics, jackpot tickets, and one time use power ups that can provide a competitive advantage in game. The Unicorn Souls will be sold on the open marketplace with 40% of proceeds going back to the CU treasury, 40% to the development team, and 20% towards the community jackpot raffle. The requirement of a Unicorn Soul incentivizes adults to be burned and creates more demand. In addition to the Unicorn Soul Battle Pass, there will also be a free version of the battle pass. Through the free pass you will still be able to earn lower rarity cosmetics and raffle tickets but there will be significantly less compared to the purchasable Unicorn Soul Battle Pass. In order to progress on both battle passes, you will need to earn experience through playing either the Weekly Powerhouse Showdown or the standard mode.

Underworld Dealer

This will be a shop allowing you to gain access to the Unicorn Soul Battle Pass, purchase rotating cosmetics, and individual or bulk one time use power ups. For the power ups, you have the choice to either roll for a random power up or spend a higher amount to receive the exact power up you prefer. Purchases through the Underworld Dealer will be split evenly between the CU treasury, the development team, and the jackpot pool.

Community Jackpot

The community jackpot will be a raffle that coincides with the Unicorn Soul Battle Pass period. The jackpot will consist of the Weekly Powerhouse Showdown token rake, Unicorn Soul Battle Pass sales, and the sales from the Underworld Dealer. Each raffle ticket is 1 entry to win the entire jackpot thats accumulated over the battle pass period. Raffle tickets from the current Unicorn Soul Battle Pass period will automatically be consumed once the period has concluded.

One Time Use Power Ups

These single use power ups will be useable in-game allowing the user to gain a competitive advantage. The power ups will be replacing our previously planned perks system. They will have game altering effects allowing you to manipulate the board, bets or cards in any player’s hand to give you an edge.

Economy Flow Chart

Art Rehaul and Lore

Everyone’s favorite community artist Nowan has joined the team and brought a fresh perspective along with a ton of great ideas for further artistic improvements. He will take the lead on creating a variety of new assets and design choices for the following categories.

Battle Pass

Visuals of the pass that keeps track of your progress towards each level in both the free and paid versions along with the animations when a new level is achieved.

Unicorn Class Cards

There will be a redesign for all 110 playable in-game cards. Those 110 cards will consist of the 99 unique class-based creature cards and the 11 Shadowcorn cards. Each of these classes will have their own unique animation when activating their power. Creatures will more accurately represent their values with their visual appearance, as shown below.

One-time Use Power ups

There will be individual icons and animations to illustrate their power and impact on the game.

Board UI Overhaul

A more aesthetically pleasing and intuitive board for matches. The space needed to show all cards becomes greater as a game progresses. A few concepts are being considered to provide the most smooth and clean experience for our expanding game board. (Rough idea below)

Background Image

There will be the ability to change your background to a variety of different options. Backgrounds will vary from unicorn class themes, limited editions, Shadowcorns class themes, CU events, and more. Some level of animation will be built within the more rare backgrounds. (Slime background example shown below)


Numerous animations will be added to enhance the gameplay experience such as Unicorn powers, Power ups, unicorn eliminations, card selection, landing page animations, backgrounds and more.

Profile pictures / Avatars

There will be a variety of avatar choices, including some to unlock, earn, and proudly show off to opponents.

General Theme Direction

The theme will be conveying a much darker vision of CU where monsters, dark magic, backstabbing, and endless death are present at every turn. You can’t escape the Shadowcorns, even in the afterlife.


After a Unicorn Soul is burned they don’t always end up in unicorn heaven. Some of the more diabolical souls end up in a strange and twisted world known as the Shadowcorn Domain where they transform into evil creatures. These evil creatures are pitted into ruthless arena combat by their overlords for entertainment. They’re now stuck fighting in an eternity of endless combat for their master’s sick pleasure.

Quality of Life Updates

While the majority of the feedback with our initial launch was positive, the onboarding experience for new players was not as intuitive as it could have been. To address this concern, an interactive tutorial will be implemented to explain the basics of the game as well as some more in-depth strategies. In addition to this, there will be a heavier focus on the user experience within the game to make learning and playing a smoother experience.


There will be a greater focus on increasing user retention while the paid lobbies are not active. Variety in gameplay, progression and collecting are major reasons why people continue to go back to certain titles. There will be features to accommodate all types of players with a variety of achievements, quests, and different ways to progress in the battle pass. This progression will allow players to receive in game cosmetics, one time use power ups, and jackpot tickets.

New Game Modes

While the weekly $CU entry fee lobbies will remain in our standard game format, new casual game modes will be added. These will implement interesting mechanics that add more elements of randomness and create a fresh experience. The modes will include random bet swapping, unlimited free power ups, and powers changing mid game. A 2v2 mode is in the theorycrafting stage.

Cost & Timelines

Our playable demo will remain live and we’ll continue to update it incrementally after the proposal has passed. We expect our main update, which will include full web3 integration and the Weekly Powerhouse Showdown, to be live tentatively towards the end of Q3. Other upgrades like art, UI, and game design will be pushed live incrementally as they are completed. The cost for this will be split evenly over the course of 4 months from the passing of this proposal. These costs are fully inclusive of art, smart contracts, continued game service, servers, contract audits, and internal testing. We believe these costs are appropriate after delivering on our playtest, and asking each member of the team their estimated quotes along with it being in line with other game’s costs approved by the DAO.

Month 1: 32,500 USDC
Month 2: 32,500 USDC
Month 3: 32,500 USDC
Month 4: 32,500 USDC

Total cost: 130,000 USDC


Many thanks from our whole team to everyone who participated in our playtest and I hope you give us the opportunity to continue building on top of the CU IP.


Hey, quite a big step from the first iteration.
Graphics look awesome, Nowan has done a god job.
I also like the integrated revenue flow
Can’t wait to migrate and hit XAI with a plethora of games around CU IP



Thanks for putting everything together, my only question is about the cost :

Web3 integration and full launch: 4-8 weeks, 1 time payment 25 eth or 60k USDC whichever is smaller USD value at the time
This is our estimated budget for solidity development and full web3 integration for the game. 10k will be dedicated to security, and all costs will be passed transparently to the DAO.

This was from the phase 1 proposal, wondering why the estimated cost went from 60k to 130k, this is quite a big jump ?
In the phase 1 you were already planning cost for web3 integration and etc and since everything was off chain, none of the dev work to make it on chain started.

Could you please provide some more informations for what are those cost cause it’s quite far from the first estimation and I don’t really see a reason for this but maybe I am missing it.

Your answers will probably help me on this, thanks in advance.


Sick mockups, kudos to Nowan. I played a couple of times during playtest, was fun, didn’t manage to really “understand” the mechanics and as I’m also not a fan of TCG/CCG, I gave up playing, not my genre.
According to the proposal, enjoyed the details and new implementations. Don’t remember a game where BattlePass integration was bad. Different quests/achievements are also very good additions.
Do I understand correctly that UG also migrates together with CU to XAI and that cost is already taken into account?
How will the new animations and visual upgrades impact the game’s performance, and what steps are being taken to ensure a smooth experience across different devices and platforms? Are you planning to add mobile support as well?


Good question, we’ve added quite a bit since our first proposal. Most notably the addition of Nowan on art. Along with that we’ve expanded the economic sinks quite a bit with the battle pass, purchasable power ups and added new game modes and cosmetics. All of this requires significantly more amount of work and man hours. We believe the value of a visually appealing and more professional looking community game is high. Specifically in future pitch decks and attracting potential new dau to the CU IP

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Appreciate the feedback. Totally understand our MVP wasn’t the most intuitive for first time players, and watching how to vids for a minigame isn’t ideal. Will definitely have a smooth tutorial and a more informative UI for the final product.

UG doesn’t have any on chain assets and no web3 integration has been implemented yet so the cost of migration for us would be 0. Everything will be implemented with XAI in mind.

Desktop will be the main focus, but our playtest was already playable on mobile smoothly. We don’t plan for the visuals or animations to be demanding on hardware, but an option for low graphics/effects is a priority for lower performing machines

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Thanks for the answers.
There is indeed a lot of new stuff being added but I think the price went from cheap/reasonable to now a high cost, let’s see what others think about this.

Also, do you confirm that the 60k estimation from phase 1 hasn’t been paid, it was just to plan ahead this phase 2 proposal right ? DAO currently paid the 20k starter funds, correct ?

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Sorry don’t agree with you here. Cost is exactly comparable to other community made games. Compare the art, econ and features and tell me which game you prefer for the price tag. Playtest came first to show we’ll deliver. We could scrap the entire art budget and most of the new additions to fit the original proposal cost, but quality would obviously suffer.

Yes only 20k was paid out

Hey, @Dipbeak love ur game and @Nowan art
For this proposal, I don’t have questions.
What I want to know is Future plans for this game as this game will be developed into the second phase and I believed will not be the end of UG Project.

  1. you have a plan to create an NFT card pack for set up a Card Deck?
    it’s look Cool if sell some card packs and buy with $CU or $Eth

  2. I think it would be great to have a Fiat-on-Ramp like Moonpay for support buy $CU token and Unicorn soul and if you can do Account abstraction (ERC-4337) for ezy to onboard web2 users will be cool

PS. Full Support your team :grin:


Thank you for the support :heart:

Incorporating a card pack sale in some way would be really sweet, I like what Wild Forest has been doing a lot. Big fan of the Lord scarcity and utility

Fiat-on-ramp is a great idea down the road for web2 onboarding. Will have to dig more into that once we complete the main loop

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Thanks for your reply see you in Snapshot !


The art is sick! I think the game is well suit for CU community especially we lack of strategy games ! See you guys in Snapshot!


Thanks for clarifying and yes, as I said I must be unware about prices and maybe it’s reasonable, that was just my first thoughts as the price went more than double.

I respect the hardwork you put into this game, you (your team) delivered a playable version for testing super fast and all the improvements + aditions are clearly stated in this phase 2 proposal, I like them very much so if people do agree on cost for this then let’s fucking go.


Lets say proposal passes. Everything is implemented on time and as described in proposal. At the end of the timeline for this proposal. What would future cost of game be to run in the future. Also curious about exposer. Since product has been thus far hidden in a community post that I think few people are even aware of. How do you see being able to increase exposer and onboard new players. Have we talked about getting on the main CU game page. If not what plans to advertise or market this game. How can we get new faces seeing it. Thanks for your time.


Super valid points. We had a decent turnout of participants considering our low number of human players in CU and the lack of any rewards for our playtest.

Ultimately I look at these community made games as doubling down on CU’s success. It’s a trickle down effect where when players join the community they go check out the other games we’ve built on top of the IP. Sometimes it will work in the inverse where someone comes into the community to play a 3rd party game and goes down the CU rabbit hole. Our success will be tied to CU’s success, like CU’s success is now tied to XAI’s success.

For getting more exposure on our own, our XAI partnership is a huge asset. Getting them to tweet about our game is definitely a possibility we’d love to explore. An arb grant is something we could consider as well for advertising or increased rewards. Both of those are reasons why we place high value on Nowan’s incredible art. Once we have more eyes on our project we want a strong first impression. Unicorn jpegs pasted on a cookie cutter background just doesn’t have the same effect in my opinion.

Was also curious about using the Unicorn souls for the pass system. Questions I had revolve around migration concerns. The Unicorn soul contract is I believe locked as of now. We dont have exact date of when game will come back online and contracts will be unlocked again. If Migration of game is delayed. Would this make a delay happen to your teams timeline for implementing season passes with Unicorn souls. If core game was delayed several months. How would this affect your ability to build and stick with your timeline in proposal. I am no game dev. Thanks again for your time.

We didn’t give any hard deadlines because of this, just a tentative date for the weekly powerhouse showdown to go live. Instead of 1 date for a “final product” we’d like to keep iterating and updating as soon as the patch is ready to be pushed. Several months of migration delays would most certainly delay our web3 integration but wouldn’t effect most of our art, UI, free battle pass etc. We don’t really see a point where we’re finished, we’d like to keep building as long as we can

Arts looking better and better and I love strategy games. Happy to support this proposal to make it a reality. My only concern is the increased cost though.


Enjoyed the playtest, art looking dope. Looking forward to the new features !


Players have expressed concerns to me in private that this proposal is a lot of smoke with a UI visual in an attempt to extract more from the CU treasury.

My response to them is that I have no idea what has actually been built here or what was delivered already. From the couple of people who shared feedback publicly, it seems like the funded game was confusing and difficult to understand and get started. I can’t comment myself because there’s no way I’m going to connect a wallet to a site build by the author (as I’m sure people will say for other games when the time comes).

So here’s my questions…

  1. What did we learn from spending $20k on the initial proposal and what from this learning justifies over a 6x cost increase to continue building?
  2. How many players played the game? How many matches were created? How many repeat players? What and where is their feedback?
  3. Will you open source your code so that we can properly evaluate what has been built so far?
  4. Can you remove the wallet connect so that the community can safely evaluate the game?
  5. Can you provide more information around the budget breakdown? Nowan’s initial art concept looks great, but how much of this $130k is going towards art vs. development vs. admin costs, etc?
  6. Would you consider delaying this proposal until the wallet connect can be disabled and the tech can be properly evaluated so that the community can make a more informed decision about a massive increase in funding?
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