CUIP-039 - Unicorn Fight Club [Pass]


To create a fast paced, interactive, strategic and balanced pvp game loop in which stats matter and all classes have their strengths and weaknesses.

This pvp game loop will allow for players to enter into direct competition to win the prize pool plus a high chance to permanently capture a unicorn from the opponent’s deck. The game will utilize strategic player inputs that require both player knowledge and skill.


LG has put out a call for builders to contribute to the ecosystem on top of LG’s various initiatives. They have made clear that racing, true RPG and other game loops are not the top priority. It’s also clear that jousting as it exists now has some challenges in balancing the meta and they do not intend to make all classes relevant. It’s time to take matters into our own hands. This proposal is to build the game loop that the community has been asking for: pvp, degen af, balanced, skill-based, fast, simple and fun.

By creating this game loop, we take the pressure off of LG to deliver a balanced meta and let them focus on what they do best. The intention for this game would be to compliment the farm sim, Tribes and jousting loops and allow players additional ways to earn from their assets based on their own skills. We can create an attractive on-ramp for skill-based players who wish to compete in head to head matches with real stakes. We can leverage the knowledge and strength of the DAO to supplement the efforts of LG and build what we think is missing.


Here is the proposed framework for the game. If the proposal passes, we will work with the community to hold working sessions, integrate feedback, fine tune the balancing, and ensure the game design meets its objectives (i.e. degen, skill-based, balanced, fun)

The core component of the game will be a 1v1 unicorn battler in which each player creates a deck of unicorns from what they own to send into battle against an unknown opponent.

The mechanics will be explained to the best extent possible, but may be limited by the forum formatting rules. The full deck can be found here .


A player will be required to submit a team of 5 unicorns to complete their deck prior to entering the queue. The only requirements put on team composition is that the player must select unicorns that they own from their wallet. Otherwise, the player may choose any combination of classes or mythic tiers to craft their deck for battle. From the team of 5, the player will be required to send 3 unicorns into battle once they know their opponent’s deck and Shadowcorn Region.


Stats matter! Our goal is to create a balanced meta in which all stats have an important role to play in a match. Unicorn stats will dictate Attack, Health, Evade and Counter of each unicorn based on Power, Endurance, Speed and Intelligence pulled directly from the core NFT metadata. Unicorns will also received bonuses that correspond to their mythic tiers as well. We will undergo several rounds of play testing to tweak the battle calculations to ensure we optimize the formula for a balanced metagame.


Unicorn classes will greatly impact the outcome. Players will do well to carefully craft their deck prior to battle and select the right unicorn team and battle matchups based on the strengths and buffs of each class. Each unicorn class has a specific enemy class that they dominate. For example, Cloud unicorns dominate Crystal unicorns, but Crystal Unicorns dominate Flower unicorns, while Flower unicorns dominate Cloud unicorns. Unicorns that dominate another class will receive significant buffs in battle.

Region Bonuses

The Shadowcorns are at it again! Shadowcorns sponsor the Unicorn Fight Club and each match will take place in a specific Region of the Dark Forest. Unicorns will receive a stat bonus if they are strong against the Shadowcorn Region selected for the match.


Each player will select 5 unicorns that they own to bring to the battle. Upon match initiation, they will see the 5 unicorns that their opponent has selected and also the Shadowcorn Region. Each player will then select 3 unicorns to send into battle and pick their first unicorn to initiate the battle. The player must factor in deck composition, unicorn counters and Region bonuses as well as try to outwit their opponent’s decision making.

Once each player selects their first unicorn, those unicorns will fight until one runs out of health. The results will be calculated based on auto-generated Attacks, Evades and Counters working against their opponent’s Health. The surviving unicorn will retain its remaining Health and may be used in a future round. Each player will then be prompted to select a unicorn for the next round of battle. This will continue until one player eliminates all 3 of their opponent’s unicorns and becomes the winner.

Entry Fee & Winnings

Each player will be required to pay an entry fee to participate in a match. 90% of the entry fee will go towards the winning player with 10% going to support on-going maintenance and development costs.

Additionally, the winner of the match will be able to select a unicorn from their opponent’s deck in an attempt to convert them to their cause. The winning player will have an 80% chance to capture their desired unicorn (aka NFT transferred to the winner’s wallet), with a 10% chance of the unicorn converting to the Shadowcorn faction (aka become marketing material for the game developers) and a 10% of true death (aka Crossing the Rainbow).


Who’s behind this proposal?

  • jbp3 = project lead responsible for the delivery of the game. He has an extensive background in software development having founded two software development firms in NYC over a decade ago and building out software for over 35 startups for clients. He has supported web3 gaming products as the lead for business development at Hawku and active participation within many games and DAOs. He’s been a member and active player of CU since before launch and currently sits on the CU DAO Council. He comes with an existing network of software developers, blockchain devs and game devs that he’s worked with in the past who will support in the execution of core parts of the game.
  • Development team = jbp3 has lined up a powerhouse team to support in the development of the game. He will be taking the lead on Product & UX. He’s locked down a development partner that he’s worked with several times in the past including building software for well funded startups. They bring over a decade of experience building world class software including working with global companies doing 9 figure revenue. jbp3 has also brought on board a web3 lead who has previously work on a cross-chain NFT marketplace and additional support from a member of the CU community who has already built some powerful tools for the game.


This is going to depend on the timing of the proposal approval process and how long it takes to receive the funding. Based on initial conversations with the LG team, if the proposal passes this next session, we would begin work at the start of the new year and have the game playable in Q1. Full release may come in Month 4 depending on the timing and iterations required to meet our objectives. We plan to create a working prototype that allows for playtesting and tuning changes prior to full launch. We expect to get that playtest ready two months after project kickoff and then have one month for final tuning and upgrades as well as completion of the smart contract integration work and extensive security reviews and audits.

Are you seriously considering making the Fight Club for babies?

Actually, yes! We’ve considered a version of Unicorn Fight Club that is Babies-Only. Aside from the hilarious marketing memes that become available by having a baby fight club, we think there is a very fun balance that becomes available with a baby-only metagame. We plan to explore this further with the community.

How do you plan to balance stats and all classes to create a fun game?

We have some ideas + we have some geniuses in our community who are more than willing to give their opinions :slight_smile: Seriously though, we plan to build the game in a way that allows for frequent tuning updates and iterations to ensure proper balancing and enjoyment.

Proposal Cost & Deal Terms

The team is requesting 64 eth $150,000 total for the completion of this proposal. (edit: costs have been updated to USDC per the comments below and discussions to ensure that if the bullrun really takes off, the DAO is not overpaying for that. I’m not sure if this is allowed after the proposal goes live, but I did it anyways :rofl:):

The cost for the proposal will be broken down into the following phases:

- Proposal passed: 16 eth
- End of month 1: 13 eth
- End of month 2: 13 eth
- End of month 3: 13 eth
- Full game launch: 9 eth

  • Proposal passed: $37,500 USDC
  • End of month 1: $30,500 USDC
  • End of month 2: $30,500 USDC
  • End of month 3: $30,500 USDC
  • Full game launch: 21,000 USDC

If the payouts will come from the Ecosystem Development Fund and will be paid out in RBW, an equivalent amount of RBW will be paid out in accordance to the price of RBW at the time based on the above schedule. If the DAO is able to move quickly on this, the payouts might look like Jan 1, Feb 1, Mar 1 and Apr 1. We develop in an iterative and open process and will having meaningful work to share with the community by the end of Month 1.

As a third party game developer, the team will continue to work closely with LG while also completing our work independently. Given that, we propose that we follow a similar and accepted format of payback and profit share to what was established with Surf Labs. Depending on market conditions, the success of CU and RBW and our ability to execute, we expect that it is possible to reach the 50/50 split with 18 months of beginning work.

The operational framework is as follows:

  • All expenses from CU are recouped 100% prior to any profit share.
  • Once recoup is achieved the development team and the CU DAO will split the profit 50/50 in perpetuity.


LG wants builders to build on top of their core game loops. This is how we do it. A degen game that is pvp, balanced, skill-based, fast, simple and fun. This proposal will pave the way for other builders to build on top of the CU IP, and we will give the players an alternative way to earn on their unicorns that is separate from the main game loops.

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