CUIP-020 - Team RPG Battle Loop Selection [Match 3]


Team RPG is our industry-first initiative to include the community in the earliest stages of game development. Ultimately, you will vote on which game mode will be launched for Team RPG.

Laguna Games launched the Team RPG prototype in Match 3 and Autobattler game modes developed by Altitude Games. The two game modes allow players to participate at different levels - proactive vs. passive playstyles.

As part of the development process, players tested and provided feedback on the two game mode prototypes. After ~(5) five weeks of testing, we now ask the players to vote on the game mode that ultimately gets built as the Team RPG.

Goals for the Initiative (Motivation)

  • Set up an open dialogue between the Game Developers and Players, incorporating collaboration and decentralization into the process of game development.
  • Engage community governance participation for a major Crypto Unicorns decision.
  • Introduce a new battle loop to players under the Unicorn Multiverse that interconnects with the core farming loop.
  • Provide a new game loop focused on Unicorn skills and roles.


Following the end of the playtest period, the DAO is asked to vote on which of the two prototypes gets developed into completion. Once the DAO has ultimately decided on the game mode for the RPG feature, the LG team will be driving the effort on processing surveys and community feedback, and then proceed with the second round of pre-production to deepen the design and finalize a development plan. From thereon, we will march towards the finish line until the end of the year.

Game Play Information

Five (5) Unicorns are needed to play both game modes.

1. Match-3

In Match-3 PVP, the player and the opponent take turns in matching orbs and using skills to attack each other. The goal is to bring the opponent’s hit points (HP) down to zero.

2. Auto-Battler

In Auto-Battler PVP, the player places their Unicorns on a board and watch them fight the opponent’s ‘corns based on stats. The goal is to knock out all enemy Unicorns by bringing each of their hit points (HP) down to zero.

For more information about the two game modes, please refer to the Medium post found here or the idea post found here.


By completing the playtest period, we expect that participants have gained enough experience playing the two prototypes to vote on their favourite game mode. This is a significant step toward creating a truly community-owned IP. Please vote for the game mode that you believe best represents your vision for Crypto Unicorns.

Discussion: Team RPG Battle Loop Selection - Draft Proposals - Crypto Unicorns
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