Twilight Tactics S2 Reschedule to after XAI Migration


This proposal invites members of our community to decide on rescheduling events related to Shadowcorns and the transition to XAI blockchain. In short, we suggest postponing “Twilight Tactics: Season 2” until the XAI migration is complete. This approach aims to enhance the gameplay experience and allows our blockchain team to dedicate their efforts fully to the migration.


The Shadowcorn collection, with its limited availability, has become a valuable asset in our ecosystem, attracting new users with its straightforward utility of on-chain gameplay and collectibility.

The transition to XAI promises significant improvements, especially for Twilight Tactics gameplay, which fully operates on-chain. We anticipate that the introduction of ultra-fast, gas-free transactions will increase player engagement beyond what was observed in Season 1.


The upcoming 3.1 patch release will introduce new elements such as Tier 2 and Tier 3 minions in the “Shadow Forge,” alongside a one-month leaderboard for crafting. This will enable players to engage in new rituals and utilize Tier 1 minions to strengthen their forces.

The “Shadow Forge” will remain operational until we transition to XAI. However, a key consideration is whether to proceed with “Twilight Tactics Season 2” as initially planned or postpone it until after the migration.

If the community votes to postpone the second season of Twilight Tactics, we will release a two-month Unicorn versus Shadowcorn Leaderboard that acts as a simulation of Twilight Tactics. Shadowcorn holders will be able to earn points and contribute to their faction by crafting minions, while Unicorn holders will be able to earn points by completing in-game Dark Forest event quests. Similar to Twilight Tactics, in addition to individual leaderboards, there will be a faction leaderboard that will provide members of the winning faction with extra rewards based on their contribution to the faction.

This leaderboard will provide rewards that would have been sourced in Twilight Tactics, outside of Soul Bound Dark Marks. These rewards will include UNIM, Rift Crystals, Unicorn Souls, and MORE (did someone say XAI rewards)?!

In addition to the leaderboard rewards, Shadowcorns will still passively earn rewards from failed Dark Forest quests that will be split between holders based on their Shadowcorn Prestige. Shadowcorn Prestige can be increased by obtaining more Shadowcorns, or crafting Minions. Higher tier Minions will provide more Prestige points.

If approved, this leaderboard event will begin in March and span until May. We believe this will align nicely with our migration plans and place us in a great spot to ensure a smooth transition to the next Twilight Tactics season in Q3.


Accepting this proposal not only allows the blockchain team to focus on the migration, but ensures that player experience in season two of Twilight Tactics is drastically improved through free and quick transactions, player experience optimizations, improved balancing, and MORE!

To reemphasis, if this proposal is accepted shadow corns and unicorns will still be able to compete for the rewards that should have been given out through Twilight Tactics.

Given the positive reception of the Shadow Forge and Minion crafting, we are confident that the 3.1 release, together with a new Shadowcorn versus Unicorn leaderboard, will effectively support Shadowcorn gameplay until the transition to XAI is fully realized.


I’m okay with this, prefer a more complete and polish update after XAI migration. Giving the team more breathing room and also a better prep for the migration.

did someone say XAI rewards

What’s this!!! WHAT IS THIS!!! LET ME IN!!!

It’s the best choice to me, delay everything until the migration to XAI is done, like this new comers will have lot of stuff to check/play/discover instead of arriving in the middle of everything.

Sometimes Sacrifices have to be made for the greater good. As a large Shadowcorn Holder and Large Unicorn Holder I give my full support to the team. Please stay focused on the Great Unicorn Migration. Thank you for the communication and consideration to the community.
I think this proposal will produce a better future experience and save the team resources both in time and in matic refunds for txs. I will support this proposal.

Even though I have a pile of minions I think that it is in the best interest of the game and community to wait until after XAI migration to do the next round of Twilight Tactics. It would give the team more time to develop a better experience, and then with the speed of XAI we can all enjoy it better.

I fully support the proposal, free and fast transactions will make this game much more exciting.


Support this proposal. No one wants to experience anything close to TT1 ever again.

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And with the launch TwT on XAI, we’ll save a lot of money on gas rebates.

Is there a tentative timeline for the move to XAI?

Migration to XAI is our number one driver to larger adoption and growth, so whatever helps it come faster has my strongest support.

I appreciate the team’s thoughtfulness in the proposed solution. Providing a “simulated Twt” instead of the full TwT in order to allow the devs to better focus on migration is really smart and shows that the team has definitely taken into consideration both players and dev resources and was able to find the right sweet-spot for both. I fully support this proposal and applaud the thought process behind it.

I support this proposal. Also would be great if Venticello’s tool is considered for further development of TWT.

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Will we have a minions sink during „TWTc simulation“ too? Otherwise it could be impossible to have any fair twtc battle in future, army of minions is increasing fast.
If I remember right SC fraction won because of unbalanced points system - just send minions gave a lot of points.
If we won’t have a minion sink soon - twtc after migration with another month delay could never be a balanced matchup.

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Can’t say if this makes sense without seeing a timeline for the migration.

Absolutely for this. Great proposal from the team!

I support this proposal. Let devs focus on migration and improving next round of TwT. Plus the experience would be much improved with faster and free transactions.

I fully support the delay of TT until xai migration. My last experience with TT was ruined because of polygon fees and this migration will make the transactions seamless and free.

I’m all in support of this proposal

Just a few things to ask for clarification.

  • Will the Shadowcorn stat requirement takes effect on the two-month Unicorn versus Shadowcorn Leaderboard?
  • is there a tentative date for the XAI migration? I’m assuming it will come after the leaderboard which is May.

Full support, need entire rework of twilight tactics and team should take as long as they need.

Besides the obvious QoL issues, the first iteration was so incredibly uninspired gameplay wise. Please focus on more gamification and difficult choices instead of your strongest unicorns bashing their heads into the weakest minions

I agree. Let’s postpone TT until XAI migration.