Reorganization of activities and report of consuls

The current situation is such that the position of consul does not carry any load.
I have a clear understanding that people are elected there by acquaintance, and only for the sake of a badge, although they should participate in the development of the community
The rare posts posted by @lgNanessa are written by her (five, this is my impression)
I suggest that each Consul create his own thread in the Forum:

  1. Where he will communicate with members of the community (why on the forum? To promote it)
  2. will lay out their views on this or that issue, offer their own ideas
  3. will post the rationale for their decision (how they vote (which @lgNanessa is now doing instead))

We do communicate our opinions on forum posts friend. Most members of Council are very active in community. I personally read every single comment on discord and forum and stay up to date with all issues. Takes about 17 hours a day to keep up. You may make a proposal if you wish to change how council interacts with the community. Thanks for your thoughts on the subject.

Я буду признателен, если дашь характеристику каждому из следующих консулов

Season 2 Elected Councilors

  1. KeizerMc🦊#0001 - не требуется
  2. terrarekt#9169 - не требуется
  3. timetraveler#3516 - по себе можешь характеристику не давать
  4. Vyona#4332 - вижу в Дискорде (сегодня выяснилось, что он самый первый получил данные по генам, но, решил не делиться с сообществом (при этом говорит, что данные по генам должны быть доступны)) Парадокс (редко присутствует на Форуме (сообщения встречал)
  5. darthschmitty#7417 - не требуется
  6. JackyAce#2174 - Активный участник Дискорда (помогает)
  7. Dipbeak#9372 - селекционер
  8. 404#6225 - когда то видел, вроде
  9. TheGenji#9001 - когда то видел, вроде
  10. EL#9541 - достаточно часто виже в Дискорде
  11. OnnGusta#4358 - достаточно часто вижу в Дискорде в общем канале

Я уже поднимал этот вопрос, когда только было голосование, но, эту тему просто проигнорили

I would be grateful if you could give a characterization of each of the following consuls

Season 2 Elected Councilors

  1. KeizerMc🦊#0001 - not required.
  2. terrarekt#9169 - not required
  3. timetraveler#3516 - you don’t have to profile yourself
  4. Vyona#4332 - see in Discord (found out today that he was the very first to get the gene data, but, decided not to share with the community (while saying that gene data should be available)) paradox (rarely present on the Forum (I’ve seen posts)
  5. darthschmitty#7417 - not required
  6. JackyAce#2174 - Active member of Discord (helps)
  7. Dipbeak#9372 - Breeder
  8. 404#6225 - once upon a time, I think.
  9. TheGenji#9001 - once upon a time, I think.
  10. EL#9541 - seen quite often in Discord
  11. OnnGusta#4358 - seen quite often in Discord in the general channel

I already brought it up when there was a vote, but it was just ignored

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