Compensation for the Governance Council position (CUIP-004 proposal)

Hi everyone.

Topic about offering a compensation for the Governance Council members was raised by @DaBoZz in Governance tab in campaign discussion channel in Discord. As most of Discord users are not really active in those Discord tabs, you could miss this topic.

Here’s the issue DaBoZz raised to @lgManicNessa:

Hey Nanessa, whats the rationale behind not offering compensation for the governance council?

In my understanding, the governance council is of high importance to the DAO. As outlined in the proposal, the expectation for governance council members is a significant time investment into council activities and discussions.

For many people that have been nominated and are qualified I believe time is extremely valuable. If we want the most qualified people to represent the interests of the DAO in the council, I velieve the right incentives should be set to align the council with the DAO.

Some of the active Discord members also shared their opinios in Discord and we were advised by @lgManicNessa to continue the discussion on this topic here to garner community feedback upon this idea first before applying an official counter-proposal.

What do you guys think about offering Governance Councils a compensation?

My opinion, pros and cons.

One of the main reasons to offer a compensations to the future governance council members is that every effort must be paid for. I think that checking out the proposals and discussing it’s impact on the game and ecosystem will definitely take some time for the people in charge. For some reason we didn’t really consider a fixed wage or a compensation for the council members during the 1st phase of official CUIP-004 proposal, but as events are going pretty much rapid, sometimes there are additional suggestions that might be useful for the ecosystem, and it’s not always on surface. Finding the most effective solution does take some time. Not saying directly about compensation for being a council, but in general as well.
Also, because governance councils will have the power and ability to influence the future of the game and ecosystem, there should be concern about corruption when potential proposal authors/groups would like to buy a board member’s vote in order for their proposal to move forward. A compensation in this case could help.

But at the same time if this topic will be taken positively by community, DAO should consider compensation in a different way than paying for with regular tokens such as RBW / UNIM. As for me, this could be some in-game rewards (RMP?), NFT assets, such as individual Governance Council lootboxes (which also could be non-transferrable); this could be badges, which could benefit the loyal councils in future in different ways.

Would like to hear the DAO and community voice upon this topic!

@KeizerMc @Emrald06 @Venticello @Mama_Psycho @Maxbrand99 @Kice


Thank you for initiating the discussion, Invoko. As the DAO approved the CUIP-004, only another proposal may amend it. I believe that opening this discussion will enable everyone to gather feedback and eventually write a document that accurately reflects the position of the DAO.

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Thank you, @lgNanessa.
As we have some time before the CUIP-004 proposal moves to the next phase, I think collecting feedback about this topic should not take more than couple of days. This would lead into a more deliberate decision and also show that proposals can be flexible and improveable.
Or do you suggest to make a counter-proposal to edit the initial proposal right now?

The CUIP-004 will not be revised in this case. Essentially, what you’re proposing is a new ecosystem grant so feel free to write a new draft proposal once you’re ready.

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Here’s my 2 cent on this proposal:

Initially, the proposal that was introduce to the community indicates that there will be no cost for this proposal. If this was the case before, if they include that this will costs another % of the fund of CU, then the outcome might be different as the vote between for and against was tight. Personally, if this was the case I’d rather let the team use the funds to hire a few more developer than shelling out for the DAO council as early as now.

The job for the DAO council for now is technically to voice their opinion as to why they might go against or in favor of future proposals. The proposal didn’t indicate that the council are oblige to create proposal for the sake of the game which I think is what others think they might do once elected as one of the DAO council. They may opt to do so (if they are willing) but not compulsory. Which make the job a lot easier if you look at it. There may be times that the team will require the council to do such complex thing but that is yet to be determine and may require the team to compensate for such work.

Another point is that this proposal is still in the experimental stage:

If I’m not mistaken, the nominees were ask if they are willing to take the opportunity to be a part of the council even without compensation. Like how they hire certain Crypto Unicorn guardians before that this is a volunteer job and will not be paid by laguna games. There were a lot who accepted the role even in the times of hardship and still do their job.


This DAO council is still in it’s experimental stage. It’s too early to ask for a compensation.


According to the CUIP-004 snapshot - a person with a sincere desire to serve the community ~ is one of the references we Chinese the community to choose ~ agree
@Illest said ~ at this stage is not suitable




Thank you for bringing this discussion over here Invokz. I jumped into the running for governance council without expectations of anything like that to be honest. Now that it’s become a topic of discussion, I think it’s interesting that we do hear where everyone stands with this. I know time is valuable so I truly understand where DaBoZz is coming from, even down to the level of expertise, I just feel we’ve all been getting so much already through current and passed events. I see the word “Compensation” almost in every odd channel in discord. Could this be an overkill? No wrong or right answer. It is definitely something to think over and let simmer in the mind though. It’s important all the candidates do chime in please. Especially for those who do make it through to being a council member this type of discussion will concern you. Wether or not you make the 11, I think everyone should have a say. I appreciate you boys coming in full guns blazing, because being compensated for my time never crossed my mind only I’m aware a badass badge will be awarded to the newly named council members and I am looking forward to discussions and debates on what gets put through etc I admit not everything that has passed has had my vote haha in all seriousness I’ve experienced almost everything so far in my CU journey and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve had my odd days but man the positive ones shine through without fail. I know everything has a cost in life but why does this have to? I am happy as is. I respect everyones point of view. I stand with my decision on this. In saying that all the very best to everyone in the running, looking forward to the next steps and most importantly the future of our journey through this project together :heart:


Agreed with @illest:

I believe there are many who wants to volunteer to be in the council even without compensation because they just love and care to the community. Doing this thing because of compensation, even though we need to prioritize the fund to other aspect (such as devs/ marketing), will surely not get my vote. If we will do this with compensation, maybe we can restart the nomination.


As the DAO is being formed in these early stages. Part of the responsibility of the council is to safeguard our community from being manipulated by persons with ill intent towards self gain. Thus even in the forum towards the council formation I have been always firm that representation matters. This is to ensure that the collective council will act upon the best interests of the community as a whole and not as a part. Now, as we are still forming the council, already looking at compensation this early on without even proving how the council would be beneficial to the community leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Doing this is like the same with the tools and even the marketplace which was voted down by the community. Also, as I have said even before and I will continue to say again, every decision we make now can become a precedent so we should not rush anything especially when it comes to proposals providing value. For me I want to make sure that the council should be competent enough with this responsibility and that there are already safeguards formed even within the council to prevent malicious intent as a motivation before providing any appropriate remuneration.


This is actually why I didn’t want to point this out, because most of the community really enjoy participating in different events and being responsible. And tbh myself I hate the “compensation” word.
Just as an example, I’ve been offering myself to help with local community when there were no rewards for doing so. And I wanted to participate in the council with a pure enthusiasm and no self-serving interest. Tbh myself I just wanna participate in the development and growth of CU fam. But as DaBoZz started that topic and it definitely had some support and as he wasn’t at home to make a topic, I offered my help. This channel is closed already, so I can’t share the links that this topic was supported to create a open discussion here. No need to be too rigorous or tough, fam. This is why this topic started - to collect community feedbacks. This is why this topic is in “ideas” topic, and not applied as a further proposal.
And as the current proposal (CUIP-004) is already passed, we don’t have to do anything else to just discuss it in terms of not editing, but improving its details if needed. Current proposal is already passed and voted. No editing.


This is correct. We’re here to discuss the idea put forward by DaboZz on Discord. As this is just an idea for now, it’s a good way for everyone to chime in and sound off before a formal proposal is drafted.

To further clarify, when we say amend CUIP-004, we don’t really mean edit the existing approved proposal. Amendments usually mean writing new draft proposals that supplement the approved ones.

Thanks @enillyddjens for opening this thread,

Here is my thoughts about this matter. its hefty but keep an open mind, it may be difficult to swallow but just read on!.

Before we begin I would like to say my position here : I’m fine regardless with or without additional re-numerations. I will work either way, though it would be great if there are some additional after term rewards with rewards tiers for councils based on their performance within their term. more info below

Let’s Begin!

It is important that your councils are well compensated. regardless if it is you, me or anyone who will be a council for several reasons.

  • It avoids council corruption. it is proven in many countries such as Singapore that corruption is really small to none when a certain government employee is well re-numerated.
  • While it is nice to get people who will do counseling for free. in the real world scenario, time and expertise is involved. you can get much better people to put much more effort on certain task and even do extra work because they are more “encouraged” to do so.

it’s also wrong : to expect that you voted people to the chair because they will work extra for you for free or not well compensated enough specially at these bear times. that also sounds more like an exploitation. so as a voter you should consider people’s time and that they are limited. some experts and skilled people doesn’t always work for free. this is something to consider about and candidates or nominees should also understand this.

it is also wrong: to put high compensation/re-numeration to Councils. to a point that it is “disgusting”. Councils are not gods. though they have the ability to put forward proposals that the community feels needed to be pushed forward. Councils are not gods, they are your voice, they are your representatives. so being a lucrative council is also not good to foot forward specially at these bear market times.

again it is worth noting that it is “stupid” to put high compensation rewards for councils.

Being an open mind

There should be a balance on what everyone wants here. there should be a middle ground. you cannot just reject a certain idea because “it cost money”. this is what a lot of bosses say, and when a problem starts happening they blame you. You have to understand that there is a middle line for everything and that we have to put certain “re-numeration” on matters to make certain things work or work more effectively.

In this case LG proposed a Badge, for the term of 6 months, hence this is the reward that the councils will get unless there is a change in the councils responsibilities.

Seeing the sentiments above you may expect some of your councils to just do the bare minimum required from the paper because some can think that we[the community] never “compensated” them well enough. again unless LG created a new proposal for additional task to be given to councils with proper re-numeration. then they can proceed forward within as an additional for CUIP-004 in that 6 months.

worst case: councils get way corrupted than shadowcorns and pass proposals that will have a loop holes with other whales to get their bags bigger. though at this stage. with all the candidates I personally don’t think these issues will happen this early. but from my experience in crypto. seeing where we are now. everything is always so fast yet so slow at the same time. it is always challenging to know where the next problem is going to come and how fast are we going to react. so I really understand the sentiments of the community here on how their reactions are. but we can’t always be inclined in one side. or else our boat will sink.

Statements that were mentioned above are basically reactions and compilations of opinions and to what people are really putting in the comments. it is a nice perspective, ideas and sorts. like @Illest said. we can’t just give compensation to the councils right away w/o us not seeing any results yet. but it is also unfair to say that this council is just an experiment because one of our goals is to work towards decentralization, either way we will have this, its just a matter of when. you also have to give the point here that the community votes for these top candidates hence they believe on these people.

Now what can be the middle ground here?

  • Give those rewards at the end of the term if they were not kicked.
  • Those rewards should not be monumental to a point that it will hurt the community and or the economy and or any balancing in-game.
  • Reward can be in a form of a council loot box, a chance based appreciation of finishing the service in Tiers 1 2 3 if ever depending on their additional level of contribution within the term of 6 months, this way we can have a council healthy team competition and discord activity.
  • Community should vote for their tiers to see their participation. since the community nominated them, the Community should be the one providing the Tier stack for them if there are any available.
  • Personally not keen with direct RBW / UNIM rewards. it should be something that they can use in-game, those lootboxes may have unim or rbw but it should be chance based and not monumental.
  • We should not demonize those people who proposed these types of ideas because they were asking for rewards, as people on this forum. we should be open minded at these ideas and try to see if you can make things work. this is where the “innovation” begins. it makes us grow this way. no hard feelings.


  • It is healthy to discuss about a re-numeration, if additional task were expected for councils besides the one mentioned in CUIP-004.
  • Council should not be forced/exploited pressured/harassed, to do any other task than what is mentioned in CUIP-004.
  • Community members SHOULD also be well aware of what Councils task are. which was stated in CUIP-004.
  • Councils have the option to review and assist people [NOT LG] with proposals and help the community. it is not something that will need to be required for them because it is not written as a requirement in CUIP-004.
  • We should all respect and follow CUIP-004 as this was what we have agreed on with the community.

If you found the message above a bit ridiculous as an opinion, then you should consider your double standards checked.

My opinion / My Action

  • I will follow and support LG to what direction is needed for the community to grow and prosper and to be a happier community.
  • My action and decision is always for the fairness of everyone and will always act with the latest Information I have.
  • My goal is to make Crypto Unicorns more fun while being serious at passing important matters.
  • I will be stern in several cases and may sound straight forward. it is for people to keep an open mind and be serious at matters that need attention

Thank you for your time reading this. I hope we all land a better decision at these ideas in the future.


P.S.: Expect my responses to be as long as this every time.

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I am happy to help the community in what ever way I can. No payment needed. Not opposed to one. But my main motivation is help grow CU with a awesome community.


The growth of this project is what’s important to me because I want to be a part of that. I can’t stand the negativity, the fud and even the complaining that happens on discord and the question “can baby unicorns breed?” is just as annoying as “can we get compensation”.
I think these topics are a good way to air out thoughts so thanks guys again for this, the events that we have is an even playing field for everyone to earn prizes which is awesome. No harm in being open minded about these topics that some don’t like to address sometimes. I hope the first council are able to make their mark and leave council in the greatest state for the next round of council members. Let’s goooo !!


The compensation fund should be used to hire more developers first and solve the bugs in the game. Many people are trapped for 20 or more days due to the bugs, and their losses are huge. As for the compensation and reward of the governance committee, I think we can put it on hold for now and give it to those who really contribute. They should be rewarded but it’s too early, that’s my opinion


With or without compensation is fine for me, but I kind of agree with @KeizerM, since we are still running in a early stage it’s really great to see all of us interesting to building up the infrastructure for the council. I’m open up to any opinions pls enlighten me.

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I would support a compensation plan but it should have a metric like the mod program.

Sample requirement.

  • Need to attend council meetings
  • Provide a writeup on the pros/cons of the proposal

It’s also possible to document the council discussions. So the DAO can see the outputs of the council to better determine the compensation.

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