Recurring Sinks for UNIM

Recurring Sinks for UNIM :fire: :fire:


  • CU started with a very high inflationary supply of UNIM
  • Current UNIM sinks are not enough as evident in price action and lower activity in farm loops like farming which became unsustainable as UNIM $ value earned dropped in spite of team introducing in-game sinks
  • Games with no recurring sinks like Pegaxy, etc failed while games with recurring sinks like StepN does through its Sneaker NFT shoe repair or DeFi Kingdoms with its native token, JEWEL, as gas fees on its own DFK chain, which is an Avalanche subnet, continue to show sustainability via recurring sinks
  • Need to introduce non-player participation based sinks until we get UNIM back on parity to generate meaningful ROI from all activities like farming
  • Various suggestions for recurring sinks which can be voted to adjust as UNIM comes back to price parity


Currently, CU risks losing the ability to sustain UNIM, whose burn depend solely on player participation in current game modules in the farming loop and upcoming loops. UNIM is down (-98.4%) from its ATH and continues to drop in value

  • Current UNIM generate modules are Dark Forest 1, Rewards, Farming, Gathering) rewards.

  • Current UNIM burn modules are breeding, hatching, evolution, crafting.

With the current DAU and weak UNIM economy owing to a participation-based sinks only for UNIM, I suggest we introduce recurring UNIM sinks for all ongoing activities which in the medium to long term benefit the entire economy and will act as a non-player participation sinks and bring UNIM price back to generate positive ROI for all participation based plays.

UNIM is down (-98.4%) from its ATH and continues to drop in value owing to lower demand for breeding, crafting, etc. Upcoming land vending machine / Keystones may also have lower demand if secondary market activity is taken as an indicator.

So, even with say, lower breeding or lower evolution or crafting which are purely player-driven, recurring sinks will help keep the UNIM economy balanced and create an independent UNIM sink which is not dependent on player-based activities.

Suggested Recurring Sinks:

  • Marketplace Visit UNIM fee:

Currently, visits / trips to the Marketplace are free. Introduce a 100 to 500 UNIM fee for every marketplace visit per trip.

  • Nursery Visit UNIM fee

Currently, visits / trips to the Nursery are free. Introduce a 100 to 500 UNIM fee for every Nursery visit per unicorns.

  • Gathering Cart UNIM fee:

Currently, visits / trips / usage of Gathering Carts for Gathering are free. Introduce a 50 UNIM fee for every Gathering visit per unicorn. If Gathering generates less than 100 UNIM, there is no fee levied.

  • Land View / Login UNIM fee:

Currently, every view and visit to each land is free. Introduce a 50 UNIM fee for every land view if no activity is performed on the said land.

  • Building/Landscape Change UNIM fee:

Currently, one can move buildings or the landscape for free. After initial set up, introduce a 100 to 500 UNIM fee for every landscape change per land. (edited)

  • Edit Lock / Unlock Assets UNIM fee: Currently, one can move lands after initial orientation in any way / shape they want. Introduce a UNIM fee if users want to reorient LANDS or lock unlock or any assets UNIM fee.

The fees for each individual suggestion can be adjusted when UNIM price is back to parity.

Please let me know your thoughts on this idea.

Your fellow RBW/UNIM staker/holder and CU fan.

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I appreciate that you took the time to write this up, but due to low liquidity on the UNIM pair… I don’t think you should worry so much about price.

The key is that we are burning more UNIM already than what is being emitted. Price will reflect that once more liquidity is added to the pool and new players are onboarded as a result of a constantly improving game with devs who ship every week.

Not in support of this idea. But again, thanks for sharing your thoughts and im curious what others think.


It’s outrageous to charge a fee for such a common thing.

I have 8 land so currently earn (from gathering) about 1500-2000 UNIM a day or about 10,000 to 14,000 a week. This is only just enough for 1 or 2 breeds and evolutions per week. I have to do quite a bit of work to get $100 a week roi. UNIM is in short supply when you consider that breeding boosters also take UNIM and berries to craft. We have no need for extra UNIM sinks just for playing the game.

UNIM price reflects the state of the market. The secondary unicorn market is slow because there are no REAL game loops. The farm sim is great for early adopters who are looking for breeding opportunities but until REAL games like jousting, racing and battles come out then the market will remain quiet.

In short, we should not start penalizing the real players who are making great strides to slowly develop game assets (through breeding) and we should let the current model run its course at least until the first games arrive (due in Q3 2022).


Super agree with this one. Don’t focus on the UNIM burn yet, just wait for the game loops :blush:

As a player, any of these changes will just make me even less active in the game. Added cost to game activities for no added benefit in-game (and highly unlikely that it makes much of a difference to UNIM price)? No thanks.

If anything, the best way for the game developers to improve game asset values and increase adoption/DAU is to cap the supply of UNIM on a sliding scale relative to active users (if it’s even possible to change the supply of UNIM now).

E.g. Once the circulating supply of UNIM reaches 80% of the total current supply AND daily active users have increased by a certain %, this triggers an unlock of new UNIM supply (say 10% of initial total supply). If daily active users drops off by a certain percentage over a certain period of time, UNIM is burned.

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This is actually what my thought is too.

There were so many people who are so excited about unim pump or people who are wanting to get stuff quick and ROI and all that and not understanding the game sense.

there has been a lot of ideas that has been put here but will only solve things on a short term.

I dont think we need more sinks in the game for now. however we will need to once we haev delegation systems and more of the loops to come up.

Comparing this to Pegaxy i think is not funny. we just had shadowcorns hatching, breeding events, crafting, and we are still circulating the UNIM we had from the game bank.

our circulating unim actually is impressive. ever since game launched. we never reached a 125M UNIM in circulation and has been below 105M n circulation.

The maximum amount you can buy in liquidity on quick swap is 1,100,440 UNIM even if you buy it using 1 million dollars [taken July 22, 2022]

so for those other readers WAKE UP! UNIM is not the problem, sometimes its our thinking that is the problem.

On bear market times we can’t just always be the wagmi bois or the ROI chads. we can’t just always blame the token for our short comings. respecfully tho.

what we need to focus on is :
“is the game fun to play”?
“is the game entertaining even w/o the money sense”?

because if its not. lets find a way to make it more fun. so that we can organically share this to everyone that its fun!.


I can see myself supporting UNIM sinks that enhance player Quality Of Life (QOL)

A ‘Harvest All’ tractor that as a cost to build then can be activated for ~$0.05 (five cents USD) to save me the time of clicking all those gatherings when I’m in a hurry is what I consider useful and engaging.

Paying for ‘Skins’ or decorations with in game resources to customize the look and feel of my lands would be fun.

I’m actually working on a concept revolving around Garden Gnomes, lower ‘lvls’ would purely be fun but require berries, milk, and other items to entice on to staying on your lands and building Burrows. Higher lvl could have in game benefits but then we are impacting the economic loops. Look a Sunflower land as an example, various mutant chickens can reduce feeding costs, speed up egg laying, increase egg amounts… There is a whole world of game content that can essentially be pay with time or pay with crypto that can be a much larger resource sink than production booster. Before crypto people put a lot of time and money into games without ROI. Those are the people that will support ‘power player/investor’ ROI.


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