UNIM/wETH Official LP


With this proposal we (players) ask Laguna Team (CU developers) to provide official pair and liquidity to the UNIM/wETH trading pair on Balancer (Polygon).


UNIM is a utility token in Crypto Unicorns game. Different people have diffrent strategies in game, some take profits, some keep breeding, evolving, using in-game marketplace. All these operations require UNIM usage. Current LP pool has around 60k$ of liquidity, which is obviously not enough. Even small sale/purchase impacts UNIM price a lot.


I am proposing to ask Laguna Team to create official LP pool valued (15%) of current RBW/wETH pool ~ 600k$,

Proposal Cost

There is no direct cost to the CU DAO as Vault.


I ask the community to support this idea and next proposal so we can have more stable UNIM price.


Agree with this idea. Without an official LP pool, unim is like an abandoned item. Since it was abandoned, why create him.

Hi, difficult topic. I don’t know the data that the team sees and I don’t know what else is planned at events where unim is distributed en masse. This raises a lot of questions for me. There is no fixed supply. Where will the money come from? Will this affect the team’s plans and thus the economy? When the impermanent loss is distributed, the risks are involved… what happens if the pool no longer produces any damage and the associated costs/damages/problems or perhaps also advantages are a difficult topic. I tend to be rather negative about this because the game is in MVP mode. There are no Shadowcorns yet and I don’t know about all the economic events caused by Events, so I’m looking forward to a unim Lp critically. :sunglasses:


Agree. liquidity is to low right now. Please add more to save prices

I believe, if Laguna Team rewards (aidrops) UNIM to users, it should provide liquidity

agree, but pair with USDC would be better

Seems reasonable to have an official pool and any cost could come from the RBW vault. Lots of us bought RBW at $1 or more. Since RBW has dropped 80%, it would be nice if the team gave back a little by supporting this proposal. Quid pro quo.

Liquidity is only provided by pairs… dropping any token in any account doesnt change… a Pool needs to be created, so two pairs are available. Example : UNIM / WETH .(50%/50%) the same as we have today for RBW/WETH… we need to create for UNIM/WETH…


  1. Liquidity needs to be available to reduce slippage/volatility and also support people coming in and out
  2. UNIM/WETH makes totally sense due to the closer correlation between these two tokens… With that, we have a lower IL and will attract more people to provide liquidity.

Now how much is required, where the funds are coming from, how much APR is good to attract people and also not affect the economy…

Not gonna create exit liquidity for everyone to dump comfortably


We need this type of proposal for this project. Hope the team will listen to this and consider doing it.

I do think it will be good for the future.

That said, if the team creates a pool now, it will be instantly drained by the same people selling now. I don’t want to offend anyone by using the term leeches but that’s whats happening. Selling every little reward they get instead of using it to upgrade and progress.

Thats the same reason the delegation system would be a bad idea to implement at this time. (my feeling)

The moment everyone stops selling, the price will slowly recover, which makes it attractive to provide liquidity again, and so on… It’s a downward cycle created by the ones complaining right now about the fact they can’t sell more unim.

Sorry for my rant, but had to get rid of it.

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Yes, I agree with you and this is exactly what I wanted to write about.
I am one of the players who just started to develop in the game just this hour, and I like that the price of milk is affordable.
I think there are many of us.
Those who are worried about making quick money should have already earned on generous drops a couple of months ago and everything else is just greed.

Good luck to us and patience, and thanks to the Laugna team for patience with us =)

I don’t support this. This simply makes it easier to dump unim when it should be used, as it was created for, a utility token ingame with no cap. This is a risk i would not want the DAO to take on by funding an LP for UNIM. The way things are right now, there’s too many trying to sell unim and this wont make things better.

Use unim for what it was intended for. Ingame token burnt to create unicorns, craft, and upgrade buildings. The issue we have now is too much exiting tokens from the game when it should be put towards building out the game economy. If they wish to exit, breed a unicorn and sell it. There’s the pairing they can dump on.


I get that we don’t want to provide easy exit liquidity for people selling unim, but I need more unim. I can gather, but need more than that - even with the rewards from the team. Would be nice to be able to swap RBW for unim in game.


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