CUIP-022 - Breeding and Evolution Cost Changes [Pass]


We have been monitoring community sentiments and breeding data since the new cost of breeding was implemented as per CUIP-017 voting and we concluded that the current costs are a big obstacle in our path to growth. As time is a rare comodity in the crypto space, we think that we need to react now, before it becomes a bigger issue.


CUIP-017 proposal, while correctly addressing the community request of increasing the breeding and evolution fees, came with an unfortunately bad balance to UNIM/RBW which in turn caused unim sinking to breeding to reach all time lows in the past 2 weeks. We consider that the best path forward to protect UNIM and set a good foundation for potential growth would be to incentivize breeders to use as many breeding points as possible, especially breeding fully to all 8 breeding points.


After CUIP-017 breeding/evolution costs went live, even though we have an ongoing breeding event, breeding numbers decreased by 70% while UNIM sinking by 50%.

Considering our economy depths, we believe that a dynamic RBW fee to breeding is a liability to UNIM sinking, especially as RBW emissions were tightened from both staking and game loops. As of now someone that wants to breed has to sell UNIM to cover for the RBW portion of the cost.
We consider that with our proposed costs, RBW sinked through breeding will stay pretty similar with current numbers, since we expect a major increase in daily breeding numbers.

To incentivize sinking through breeding we propose to change breeding and evolution costs to a more balanced approach.


As you can see, UNIM is going through a lot of downward pressure coming from the current breeding costs. Since RBW has its set role in the RMP and is spendable on land upgrades, UNIM relies on breeding, an aspect where RBW shouldnt weigh as much.
With native delegation coming, it is crucial to have a healthy system for potential growth. UNIM and unicorn utility are strongly connected, cant have one without the other, hence the need to correct the current situation.

The voting system will be Single choice and will have only 2 available options:

Yes (Change to proposed cost)
No (Keep current cost)

Proposal was updated to final form following comunity feedback.

Summary of changes:

  1. After carefull considerations, we lowered the UNIM portion in a balanced manner that incentives both regular breeding to lower scale of BP and quality breeding for the upper scale of BP.
  2. We added a 25 RBW “quality breeding fee” per parrent to the upper half of the BP scale.
  3. After analizing the EVO data we noticed a roughly 25% decrease in EVO numbers. While this isn’t an issue per se - since in current utility babies act as a “secondary supply” for adults - based on comunity sentiment and the need to have a secondary stronger source of sinking, we lowered the UNIM Evolution portion to 6500 while keeping RBW cost at 150.
  4. Following lgNanessa’s review, changed the proposal options to Yes (Change) and No (Keep).

We strongly believe that the proposed system, along with the other existing incentives tied to our economy depth, will bring a healthier relationship between NFTS value-UNIM value-RBW value. Our concern was never regarding assets USD price, but the need to set up a proper foundation for future growth, where none of the ecosystem elements are overstrained and will naturally pick each other up. As a beneficial side effect, in the event of not reaching our team’s projected short-mid term growth, the system can sustain the existing player base for much longer.

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