Preventing further unfairness from bugs and issues

Although the majority of bugs and issues that have surfaced were fixed drastically, there are still some players whose issues have not yet been fixed and are still patiently waiting for them to be resolved (some have been waiting for over a week now). This raises many concerns for those that are still waiting for the issues to be fixed and many of the issues are preventing them to play the game at all.

Compared to traditional games where earnings do not play any role for the players, having a couple of bugs, or a wide range of issues that require shutting down the server for maintenance will not spark rage on players as they are just there for enjoyment when the game is due for maintenance, they are happy to wait and play other games during the time.

Crypto Unicorns plays a different role as money came into play. Every day that a player/investor is not able to play the game will be viewed as losing opportunity costs day by day with no control over what they could do. Although major issues that cause a lot of concerns are mainly those that have their assets stuck one way or another where they could not even go into the game or stuck on a certain screen that they are not able to do anything else apart from waiting for the issue to be fixed with no promise on a set date. This may cause many feelings of unfairness’ as other players are enjoying their time playing and progressing ahead in the game already.

The main issue that this proposal aims to elaborate on is the feeling of unfairness towards groups of players that we could say “are left out” of all the in-game progression. Speaking on behalf of the community, I’d like to propose for future issues should be fixed by closing down the server (preventing all players to play during maintenance), fixing the bugs and then reopening the game again. Once we have collected several issues, closing down the whole server and fixing it, then reopening it would at least help maintain the fairness in all players’ game progression as everyone will still be playing and progressing at the same rate/duration.


to clarify servers didnt shut dowm for maintenance there was not much really noticable downtime.
so you propose to close down the server so everyone cannot play because several “few” cannot?

I can emphatize in your issue as this also happened to me on the first week of launch. it was frustrating to a point that I was disappointed about it.
My advise it to send them as much information as you can to help them solve these issues. some issues are really complex and that these require further tuning.

Let’s wait for it to compensate us instead. rather than turning the whole server down just because you guys can play. i think that’s a bit selfish.
best option is that we can compensated by the lost of time. but not turn it down… its ridiculous.

I’m sure the devs are doing overtime just to help all of us. lets give it some patience. I really understand how you felt. it was frustrating as hell. hang on friend. their SEAL team six is on the way!

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Feel your point. My corns were stuck from the 1st launch day, 2 corns stuck for 7 days, another 2 - for almost two weeks.
Yeah that kinda feels you’re losing, but it’s wrong (as for me) - you’re just not earning what you could’ve.
There is no fairness or fairplay, you want to penalty the players who are not that unlucky as you or me, even though it’s not their fault. Turning off the servers wouldn’t increase the speed of solving issues.
And yeah, it’s not a competetive game yet, until gameloops are out. Most of the features are not yet implemented (evolving, jousting, racing, shadowcorns).
We are all informed this is MVP. We are actually the beta-testers with a possibility of earning some money.

Aron said there will be cases he would investigate himself about compensations of the idle time. So just keep sharing data as much as possible and follow those steps to avoid future issues:

  1. use lowest latency RPC
  2. please, please, please, don’t be cheap on gas while breeding/hatching/evolving - use x2 network cost to avoid everything
  3. try not to refresh the game while it’s breeding/hatching/evolving - just stay on the screen

Maybe I missed something, feel free to add :slight_smile:


i understand both sides here, i think that what they meant is that they feel left behind in a way, where others are progressing while they are “stuck” and would probably not be able to catch up to the state that they “shouldve been”… shutting down the game would put everyone on halt which would at least help those players that are “stuck” a chance to start playing at the same pace.

another thing that would need to be concerned is the compensation that they will recieve… will it be enough to be considered fair? or will they be overally compensated to a point that others would view it as unfair? This is something I think we wont be able to tell until they actually announce how the compensation would work… :confused: (in other words, maybe an announcement of guideline as to how much/how the compensation will work might put a lot of people more at ease) good point tho


im just going to strike this as a same response with @enillyddjens

he made a wonderful response about this thead

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i do get your point, but as the post were talking more about the people that still cannot play for many days now? yes, turning off the servers may not increase the speed of solving the issue, but would at least prevent more and more bugs (on top of the current ones) and preventing a further “domino effect” as well as the feeling of the “unfairness” for not being able to do anything with their assets for a number of days compared to those that arent faced with the issue. and again, they probably would also wonder how much or what compensation they will recieve in return… will it be worth it? or will it be enough?

I think they are concerned (those that still having issue or those that their unicorns are stuck til now) because of the currently running breeding event also, they will miss out on it :confused:

if Aaron was to personally investigate and give out compensations according to the idle time, I fear that more people will turn up asking for compensation of their smaller bug issues, (e.g. not being able to breed a rainbow unicorn, or unicorns not returning from crafting/gathering for a couple of days also…? etc) since there is no clear answer yet as to how they will be compensated…

Im trying to be in everyones shoes, I do get all your points

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Yeah I’ve been in those shoes as well, having idle unicorns for 7 and 12 days is not fun for real, but as a mature P2E (P&E) explorer I can say that this experience is not that bad, I experienced much worse conditions haha :slight_smile: CU devs are working really hard to please everyones expectations.

The only competetive side I see now is the breeding and hatching. Since 1st milestone leaderboard is ending soon. Hopefully there will be no delays in the evolving. Otherwise masses will not be satisfied for sure.
Other aspects of the game can be caught up within just a day (upgrading and farming, etc.), of course no one will pay you the assets like berries/seeds you could’ve earned while you couldn’t play the game. I’ve been full stuck for a couple of days and really feel peoples indignation.

Hopefully devs will come to the conclusion about the compensations.


What I want to say is that my account has been locked for 12 days because of breeding from the first day of the game. The ghost knows how I spent it. This problem is really uncomfortable. The team should also consider how to deal with these users.


For those complains, I guess the dev should have some compensation for the ones who got affected, its quite affecting the market confidence, its quite hard and unfair for someone who have purchased the corns and lands and locked for unplayable, not to mention the price dropping of the NFTs, we will need some official announcement for this, like how the dev gonna do about it, or what is the best solution for that instead of asking people to press F5 and no further assiastance


i’ve been locked out for 5-6 days. Fetching bug that seems to have no clear fix. i wouldn’t mind a little bonus to ease the pain. Either way i’m not too worried. In 6 months we’ll be on the moon. LFG

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I wish the compensation will take into account:

  • The number of lands and unicorns
  • The number of days the bug is affecting the player
  • And the category of bug

I’ve been here since the minting of genesis unicorns and now being locked for 9 days.