Marketing Proposal

Marketing Proposal for Crypto Unicorns

Phase I

The problem? There is no Brand. The game has been out for a while but there is no strong branding. If the brand is not strong, the MAU decrease and CAC increase.

We are going to focus on building the user persona. Defining the brand components

  • Inputs: Mission, Vision (in the whitepaper).
  • Brand development: Audience/niche, right to win.
  • Narrative: Features, benefits, emotions, brand promise, positioning statement (are you just ONE other P2E in a sea full of P2E?).
  • Output: Brand personality, messaging pillars.

This part is to define how to be different from thousands of other P2Es out there.

We are going to build:

  • Brand guidelines (codification of brand identity)
  • Brand assets (consumer-facing assets)
  • Expressive fundamentals (the visual, verbal, and expressive components of the brand)
  • Brand personality (how sounds, feels, thinks and behaves) (no point in starting social media campaigns if you don’t have the identity defined)
  • Unify digital channels: Twitter, website, Discord, YouTube
  • Consumer-facing channels: Events, merch, collaterals, and performance marketing assets (display, ads, etc)
  • Brand & communications: PR, Speaking opps., social media (support), customer references, webinars.

Brand marketing is not about followers or awareness, is about attracting new users, competing with alternatives, enable growth.!

Product Marketing: We have a series of processes and templates to ensure the product is positioned in the right way for the right audiences.

Potential metrics:

  • Net new users by campaigns.
  • CAC
  • Website visitor to lead/user.
  • And others.

Growth: Define actions we want users to perform that increase the revenue/business metrics we have.

  • Objective / Message
  • Increase usage / New or unused features.
  • add use cases / new product functionalities.
  • Increase frequency of use / Motivational
  • Increase intensity of use / Highlight intriguing aspects.
  • Remember core brand / test messaging about position statement.
  • Prevent churn (this is what kill your game) / value relative to alternatives.

Once this is all defined, we set up the metrics that impact the business. First, we will focus on purely awareness and growth, so CAC won’t be a P1 metrics. Without knowing internal financial mode, I will focus on net new users (unique new wallets/users), Month over month growth, organic branding, traffic growth and Monthly active users.

Once ready we move into execution.

Phase II

We will leverage the following activities using all elements and tools created in Phase 1.

  • Social Media: TikTok, Instagram, Twitter as P1 for fast, easy-to-consume content. We will have a solid calendar that highlights our brand elements, how fun is the game, spotlights to key users, partnerships announcements, KOLs, our founders, newsjacking, clips of the video, guerrilla marketing, and more. UTM tracks to monitor the efforts and engagement of each campaign with growth.

  • Community engagement: weekly activity in most performant channels to incentivize behavior and reward the participants (giveaways, exclusive access, events, merch. It really depends on what we can give from product/game PoV)

  • Partnerships: With the clear ideal customer profile ready, we will explore KOLs that speak to particular audiences and demographics. We want to establish 1 new partnership a week with KOLs, and 1 partnership a month with other companies in Phase II

  • Performance Marketing: Paid advertising. We first analyze our competitors and their campaigns. We are very aggressive in paid, we optimize messages around our brand, but also target competitor keywords. We will run multiple multi-testing campaigns across google, social media, and Brave Ads and optimize accordingly.

  • Content Marketing: Content pieces based on user research and keywords important for us to position our pages and social into high rank (e.g., SEO). This is not about “optimizing search engine”, but about creating the content your target audience wants to see. Today, SEO is not rocket science, but understanding user persona is where the majority of “digital marketers” fails. We are going to build weekly content and work with top producers to create viral content.

  • Paid Media: We have established relationships with the biggest media outlets out there. We start with paid media as an original boost, but we focus on building relationships with journalists that help us get properly positioned for long-term growth.

Media we work with:

  • TechCrunch
  • CoinDesk
  • Decrypt
  • Blockworks
  • Bloomberg Crypto
  • The Block Crypto
  • Cointelegraph
  • CryptoSlate
  • CryptoNews
  • CryptoNinjas
  • CoinSpeaker
  • VentureBeat
  • Bitcoinist
  • BlockTribune
  • GlobalFintechSeries
  • Benzinga
  • CryptoPotato
  • CryptoBriefing
  • BeInCrypto
  • CryptoWisser
  • Crypto Business World
  • Blockonomi
  • CryptoDaily
  • BitcoinExchangeGuide
  • CryptoReporter
  • Forkast News
  • Crypto-Economy
  • IHodl
  • Fintech Business
  • Fintech Finance
  • Finextra
  • The Fintech Times
  • The Paypers
  • The New Stack
  • TechTarget
  • ComputerWeekly
  • And others

Phase III

This is the scaling phase, where we optimize, adjust, stop or amplify the activities that work the best.

General items to execute:

Scale Paid Media: We identify the journalist and media that work better for this particular project and we amplify our exposure there overpaid and organic media.

  • Ambassador programs: After working with KOLs in phase II. We build a solid program to keep them engage, create content with our support, and encourage their audience to become our players. (There is no point to start an ambassador program if you don’t know which KOLs will work. That is a time/money killer)
  • Community events: TBD
  • Continuous improvements: We look again at the fundamentals and adjust what is need it. We identify the paid campaigns that work the best, we define the consumption model and ROI, and we scale them (I put 1 dollar in, I get 2 out)

Potential advisors we can bring on board:

  1. Kristin Cole Rames - Coinbase Asset Management
  2. Casey Craig - Global Head of Communications at CoinDesk
  3. Reid - Founder Inbetweeners
  4. Steven Zaptio - Co-Founder RTFKT
  5. Michael Carter - Founder
  6. Josh Kriger - Founder Outer Edge
  7. Stephane Panyasiri Founder Cointelegraph France
  8. Gal Yosef - Creative Director of Hermès / the most expensive NFT artist this year
  9. Petrix Barbosa - Olympian champion, founder
  10. Tennessee Edwards - Director/Producer (Lord of the Rings, Hells Kitchen, Sherlock Holmes) / Creative Executive WerkShed
  11. Sergei Medvedev - cofounder of (leading metaverse media, almost 3m visitors monthly)
  12. Frank - former ByteDance (TikTok mother company) executive
  13. Doc Hollywood - BitcoinBuds founder

Conclusion: We focus on building processes, loops, scalable and repeatable models. Is all about strong fundamentals and fast iteration on top of it to find what works and what does not. Today, many marketers focus on vanity metrics that are NOT accountable for business growth. Our approach is to understand your business growth metrics, and use marketing as a driver for it, accountable and responsible for growing your business.


Hello! Thanks for posting this! I understand this is a proposal idea for now, so this is more of a tip for the next step.

When you’re ready to write a proposal, please include the timeline you envision for the phases, outline of the steps to achieve the targets for each phases and the expected expenses needed to execute. This will help the DAO understand the scope of the proposal. Thank you!

Edit: A background on who you are as a group is also appreciated. It seems like this will be done by a group, so please feel free to link any relevant proof of work when you write the draft proposal too.

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This kind of thing will have a lot of support, as any kind of marketing has so far been extremely lacking. I also believe that the timing for this kind of activity is right, we need to start pushing or we’ll be lost in the noise.

Please transition this idea into a proposal ASAP.


Before diving into the estimation of timelines, targets, and milestones, it’s crucial for us to have a deeper understanding of the current standing and the organizational goals. This includes insights into the leadership’s vision, roadmap, past marketing endeavors, business and growth metrics, resources (e.g. do you have a design team in-house, do you have copywriters, etc) as well as an assessment of what has worked and what hasn’t. Having a solid foundation on these aspects will enable us to devise a strategy that is tailored to the specific needs and goals.

I understand that the success of the marketing proposal is not solely based on theoretical frameworks, but more importantly on how these frameworks are aligned with executive objectives and assets. The alignment with the business context is vital to create an actionable plan that delivers tangible results.

With this in mind, I would like to propose a meeting where we can discuss in detail the information needed to develop a more comprehensive and targeted proposal. This meeting will allow us to ask pertinent questions and understand the intricacies of the business, so we can subsequently provide a proposal that includes the timelines, steps, and expected expenses that you mentioned, and also assign the group of people to work on this (All our resources are in-house, but will depends on the above how we deploy).

We will ensure that in the final proposal encompasses as much details, timelines, investments, and people need it for execution.

Would it be possible to schedule a call at your earliest convenience? We are very much looking forward to deepening our understanding from your leadership team, and we are excited about the potential collaboration.

Thank you once again for your support and constructive feedback. We are eager to transition this idea into a proposal that can contribute positively to increasing market positioning and growth.

Hello, there! Thanks for the feedback. Please understand that as this is an ecosystem fund proposal, the discussion will need to be between the DAO and the author. Please prepare the proposal as indicated in the process to ensure success during the voting.

Please note that if you decide to instead be hired directly by LG as consultants, then that is when we can discuss in a call outside of the DAO. Since you approached via the DAO, we’ll need to follow the DAO process. If you decide to go this route, please provide me your email address and our marketing director will contact you instead.

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