Marketing Proposal for Crypto Unicorns from ICE STATION

Marketing Proposal


Our proposal provides an outline for the initial three months of a comprehensive yearly marketing plan for Crypto Unicorns. We’ll kick off by building a powerful brand identity, next we’ll craft and test captivating narratives to reel in players, and then we’ll launch a robust strategy to pull in fresh users. While doing all these, we’ll keep refining our methods to ensure we’re maximizing growth. By following this quarterly strategy, as part of our annual plan, we aim to uplift the game’s marketing, align it with the game’s high quality, and drive more people to discover and enjoy Crypto Unicorns.


We love gaming and we believe in the future-changing power of Web3. That’s why we’re excited to help Crypto Unicorns become the best it can be. Right now, the game is fun, but the marketing needs substantial improvement. This is where years of marketing and partnerships expertise come into play.

Web3 is about creating something meaningful and unique for the world. Now is a great time to do this. We’re in a pause between the next bull market, which means we can build a strong base for when the next bull run. We’re ready and excited to take Crypto Unicorns on this journey.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in Web3, gaming, and marketing, all carrying an entrepreneurial mindset. We’ve made significant contributions to industry leaders: growing Cointelegraph’s traffic from 6M to 13M sessions, becoming the #1 media outlet; founding Ladder Protocol, a pioneering GameFi AMM protocol; and effectively managing marketing for leading blockchain infrastructure SaaS businesses.

We have a proven track record of building strong communities, driving user engagement, and structuring effective conversion funnels. Our experience extends to working with developer communities in over 20+ protocols, leveraging marketing and business strategies to fuel growth, and even establishing a profitable 7-figure ETH mining farm.

Prompted by frequent consulting requests, we founded our own marketing agency, ICE STATION. Our mission is to assist Web3 projects at all stages - from inception to growth and expansion. We are confident that our expertise and passion for web3 uniquely position us to help Crypto Unicorns achieve their maximum potential.


Marketing Proposal for Crypto Unicorns: First Three-Month Plan


Our primary goal for the next three months is to grow your user base and community. We aim to leverage your game’s narratives, engaging both Web 2.0 and 3.0 audiences with strategic ads and compelling content.

Given the current bear market, we see a golden opportunity. Acquisition costs are low, and influencers are more approachable, making it the ideal time to foster valuable partnerships.

We plan to seize this moment, focusing on user acquisition now and transitioning to retention strategies later. This balanced approach aims to expand your player base, drive user engagement, and lay a robust foundation for sustained growth.

Phase I: Validate Hypotheses and Develop Narratives

We will start by creating a draft list of narratives for different types of audiences and user personas. We believe the bull market will return and Crypto Unicorns has the potential to become the next Axie Infinity.

The narratives will include:

  1. Floor price narrative.
  2. Price increase narrative.
  3. Gaming narratives.
  4. Crypto future narratives.
  5. Tokenomics narratives.

Price narrative will be used for retention. Non-price narratives for acquisition.

This phase will involve significant user-generated content (UGC), with an emphasis on brand positioning that will differentiate Crypto Unicorns from competitors.


  • Number of content created
  • Engagement rates in social media
  • Number of user personas with anomaly low CAC/high conversions


  • Userbase report: Fully understand the existing user base, their level of engagement, the value drivers, and the foundations for validating ICP.
  • User Persona Development: Identification of clear and distinct user personas based, on acquisition channels, and motivation. (5-8 for hypothesis, 3 expected as ICP. ICP includes, but is not limited to channels, narrative, events, and tailored content)
  • Narrative Validation [ongoing]: Tracking the engagement and conversion rates of our different narratives through initial ad campaigns. A successful outcome would be identifying at least one high-performing narrative for each user persona.
  • UGC motion: work with the community and define the UGC motion, workflow, and active users whiling to participate, and define the program.

Phase II: Branding and Partnerships

Next, we’ll turn our attention to partnerships and marketing mechanics. This will involve forming strategic alliances and introducing marketing mechanisms that align with our brand and appeal to our target audience.

We’ll also test audiences on TikTok, leveraging strong onboarding mechanics, and explore options to buy NFTs with Apple Pay.


  • Number of partners (those who can support in marketing)

  • User retention (to make sure that when we start acquisition campaign users will stay)

  • Social media (growth)

  • UGC Incentivization: Launch of a UGC program, with performance measured by the number of user submissions and their engagement metrics on social media.

  • Brand Identity Creation: Successful development of a unique and appealing brand identity, validated by positive user feedback and market research.

The focus in Phase II is on implementing our brand strategies, acquiring new users, and building partnerships:


  • Brand Identity Creation: Successful development of a unique and appealing brand identity, validated by positive user feedback and market research.
  • Brand Awareness: Increase in brand awareness, as measured by social media mentions, website traffic, and media coverage.
  • Partnership Development: Secure 2-8 KOL and business partnerships (partnership = close partner project/individual who will participate in social and other activities on regular basis), contributing to brand visibility and user acquisition.
  • UGC Incentivization: Launch of a UGC program, with performance measured by the number of user submissions and their engagement metrics on social media.
  • Content Creation: Regular production and publication of high-quality content, with success measured by engagement metrics (likes, shares, comments, etc.).
  • Event management: Define business development and content motion for industry-specific events.

Phase III: Community Engagement

We’ll bolster our efforts in community engagement. This will involve live streaming, working with key opinion leaders (KOLs), hosting events, and nurturing online communities.


  • CAC
  • Social media audience growth
  • Social media outreach
  • Conversion from social to product
  • Brand recognition (mentions)
  • Engagement rate


  • Acquisition strategy
    • Ambassador & KOL program
    • Events’ creation machine
  • Retention strategy
    • Social media engagement
      • Regular content strategy
      • Social media interaction strategy and tone of voice (to interact with partners and industry leaders)
    • Product engagement
      • Gamification
  • Brand recognition
    • Media coverage
    • Social media sentiment
  • Reporting

Business Metrics by the End of Phase III

By the end of Phase III, we aim to achieve significant progress on several key performance indicators. We anticipate

  • Community growth of between 25-50%
  • Increase in users by 10-15%
  • Boost in engagement by 30-50%.

These improvements should lay a robust foundation for exponential growth when market conditions improve, or when one of our user persona — marketing channel — narrative bundles hits the mark. In other words, our marketing strategy will position Crypto Unicorns for success, ready to capitalize on the right moment.

Budget Scenarios:

Phase I: 60k requested
Phase II: 60k requested
Phase III: 120k requested

Suggested Total: 240k

Suggested budget to achieve optimally the objectives and deliverables

Timeline: 100 days


Over this three-month period, we aim to validate our hypotheses and establish a solid foundation for Crypto Unicorns. This involves a strategic mix of narrative development, branding, partnerships, team building, and community engagement, all within a carefully considered budget.

In the next call, we will discuss our strategy for addressing the pain point of visibility, articulating our unique value proposition, and revealing our competitive advantages.

This plan ensures that we’re not only keeping up with the pace of the market but are positioned to become a leading player in the sector.

The Strategic Advantage of Immediate Investment and Building a Brand Now

The Investment Timing is Optimal

The current market conditions present a unique opportunity that is both strategic and lucrative. The Cost of Acquisition (CAC) for new users is currently low, which means we can efficiently attract and onboard a large number of users at a relatively low cost. By investing now, we can make the most of these favorable conditions to create a robust user base.

Early Brand Recognition

Investing in a comprehensive branding strategy right now will pave the way for strong brand recognition by the time the bull market arrives. A well-defined brand will make Crypto Unicorns stand out from the competition, making it easier for potential users to identify and trust our platform.

Building a strong brand takes time, and it’s a process that we cannot rush. Starting now will ensure that we have a well-established, recognizable, and credible brand by the time the market peaks. If we wait until the bull market to begin this process, we’ll be playing catch-up with competitors who have already established their presence.

Lower CAC in the Future

As the bull market approaches, competition intensifies, and the Cost of Acquisition (CAC) inevitably increases. By investing in our brand and user base now, we can avoid this surge in CAC. Early users who have grown with the platform become ambassadors of our brand, aiding in organic growth and reducing the reliance on paid channels for user acquisition.

Creating Loyal Followers and UGC Content Strategy

Investing now also allows us to prioritize a User-Generated Content (UGC) strategy. UGC is a powerful marketing tool that promotes engagement and fosters a strong sense of community. Early users often turn into loyal followers, and their endorsement through UGC can have a snowball effect that leads to rapid growth.

When users create and share their own content about Crypto Unicorns, it adds a level of authenticity and trust that can’t be achieved with traditional marketing tactics. It also provides us with invaluable insights about our user base, which we can use to refine our strategies and offerings.

In summary, investing now is the strategic move that allows us to maximize our market position, reduce future acquisition costs, and build a loyal user base that will aid in organic growth. The benefit of starting before the bull market arrives is clear: it provides us with a competitive edge and sets us up for long-term success.


With this comprehensive initial three-phase plan, we aim to position Crypto Unicorns as a leader in the gaming world, paving the way for exponential growth and a powerful presence in the next market upswing.

It’s important to note that we are a fully registered company with our dedicated in-house team. We have legal entities in both the UAE and EU. This means all financial transactions and agreements are conducted through a recognized corporate entity, rather than individual wallets, ensuring the safety, security, and professionalism of our dealings.

By taking action now, we will set the stage for success, saving on future acquisition costs, and establishing a loyal user base that will facilitate organic growth. The advantages of launching before the bull market are clear – it grants us a competitive edge and sets us up for sustained success.

With our solid foundation, extensive experience, and passion for Web3, we believe we have the perfect blend to bring about an exciting future for Crypto Unicorns. We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you.

If approved, by the end of Phase III, we expect to see tangible growth in community size (25-50%), user base (10-15%), and user engagement (30-50%). These metrics provide a robust platform for exponential growth as market conditions improve or as our user-persona marketing-channel narrative bundle hits the mark. Together, let’s make Crypto Unicorns the next big thing in Web3 gaming.

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Hello! Thanks for the proposal. Happy to hear this is an existing entity that we can absolutely get full information on. Could you please link us to your official website and drop the official portfolio for Ice Station? Please also share all the cases (projects) you’ve handled and how your service has helped them. If you have existing case studies to share, that would also be appreciated. Thank you!



We’re actually a brand new entity, created in response to existing market demand. Essentially, we’ve been receiving an influx of requests for support and decided to formalize our assistance through ICE STATION.

While we’re in the process of building our portfolio and official website, our best case studies at present are our own experiences and the successes we’ve had to date:

• Increased Cointelegraph’s traffic from 6M to 13M sessions.

• Co-founded Ladder Protocol; reached 3,000 whitelisted wallets; community of 50,000.

• Developed KPI systems for 12 departments at a leading infrastructure provider. Implemented growth strategies; managed global marketing with developer acquisition focus across 25+ protocols.

• Reached 10,000 users at Tradelize without a marketing budget.

• Ran SaaS business for 4 years with 7-figure revenue.

• Built a 7-figure ETH mining farm.

• In crypto space since 2015.

Thanks for the response. If we are to attempt to verify your engagement with the projects you referenced, will they recognize you as ICE STATION or tipus? Would you also be able to provide the legal entity information for ICE STATION so we can look it up?

One of the main concerns that have been voiced regarding this proposal are the cost of the following business metrics:

If we consider the current DAW of 1500, increasing users by 10-15% means 225 additional wallets for a CAC of $1066. This seems quite steep considering that the team’s current CAC is reported to be around $200.

There are also concurrent campaigns occurring, so how should we measure your contribution against the others?

The KPIs listed are a great start for how to measure your contributions, but it would be appreciated if KPI goals were quantified a bit more, such as “Number of content created” → “50 - 100 original social media posts per month”

If you can get in touch with the current marketing director mitchv (@.mitchv on discord), some of the phases could be streamlined (e.g. userbase report from Phase I) which may help bring the CAC proposed down to a more palatable level.


kora may know this already as it’s been mentioned in the council but for the benefit of the rest of the community, the author was sent Mitch’s calendy last week so they could schedule a meeting so getting in touch should be possible!

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How you did all that back from 2015 until present, without any brand or corporate identity?
How did you received “an influx of requests for support” if you have no previous presence in the space?


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No from me. don’t know you. too expensive. Hard No.

Long story short. Looks fishy. Too expansive.
phase 1 to expansive. Useless KPI " Number of content created" . We need quality over quantity
phase 2 - we have it ongoing in more or less similar ways.
Phase 3: Community Engagement - nothing new here.

Look as a cash grab for easy faked KPI or bot engagement.

What do you determine as " Community growth of between 25-50%" Subscribers on twitter?

I agree, too expensive. We could build brand by 20-30% just by adding mug and t-shirt merch. We should be able to insert our corn id and have that individual corn / shadowcorn printed on the merch. Streamers would love it and so would fans! Every t-shirt or mug irl is a free add, inquisitive “what Unicorns?”, and a chance to get our lovely pet collecting game out into the REAL WORLD, please. Can we at least do an internal cost exercise to see which companies fit the model?

One important thing to note here that the Ecosystem Fund is in RBW.

Ecosystem Fund: GnosisSafeProxy | Address 0x90731cc3409904c5547f9c64b8bcf31801354133 | PolygonScan

Hi kora.

The companies and achievements referenced are directly tied to Vitalis and me. As previously mentioned, our decision to formalize this agency came from the frequent requests we’ve received for support and consulting. It’s for clients who prioritize working with established legal frameworks and agreements, rather than with single individuals. (TL’DR is for formality).

Your concerns are valid, and I appreciate the chance to clarify. Firstly, it’s crucial to grasp that our initial two phases are not purely about instant acquisition but aim to set the foundation for enduring acquisition techniques. If we strictly talk about CAC, only Phase III should be factored in. Yes, if we go by pure numbers, even then the CAC may come around $500, but two points to note:

  1. Our presented figures are conservative by design.
  2. Traditional CAC calculations might not paint the full picture here. Fast acquisition < slow acquisition. Our core intent is to design a robust funnel where each stage solidifies user loyalty. Instant conversion from followers to active users is not the expectation. Over time, this will translate to a final CAC that’s significantly below $100. But remember, this is a cumulative effect of all efforts and won’t manifest instantly.

Phases 1 and 2 revolve around laying the groundwork, testing hypotheses, and team alignment. As highlighted, during these phases, we aim to refine user personas, evaluate channels, and experiment with creative strategies. It’s pivotal to identify and leverage potent growth avenues, emphasizing brand advocate cultivation. A temporary spike (akin to the Burj Khalifa pattern seen in many crypto charts) is neither desired norx5 beneficial in the long run. The wrong audience, even if engaged initially, won’t offer sustained value.

Another point to ponder is the obsession with post metrics. While one can have a KPI of, say, 50 or 100 original social media posts monthly, it often borders on being a vanity metric. It’s not about sheer volume but the quality and the eventual outcome. The real target? Enhanced engagement, indicative of active followers and organic brand awareness. However, we can set up an expected ranges for more transparency but just agreed on that general sense will be more important in decision making than following secondary KPIs.

Our proposal is a holistic one. Instead of merely inflating KPIs, we’re focusing on nuances, ensuring tangible growth with the right user base. Sure, we can pledge to double your social media audience or guarantee a specific number of registrations, but what’s the point if they don’t resonate with the brand’s essence? Aggressively acquired or misaligned users, even if real and not bots, will ultimately drift away if not engaged properly.

I like that all the responses in here are saying ‘too expensive’, particularly when LG has spent millions over the last few quarters with very little to show for it. We’ve gone through two team members who’ve promised to deliver ‘marketing’, but growth was negligible - so they got canned. Then cuppy’s marketing proposal got scrapped under suspicious circumstances after the DAO voted in favour of it. Now we have mitchv, who is doing a great job so far but has everything on his shoulders.

This proposal is generally well presented and shows thought and effort. If we’re able to verify ICE STATION and clarify some of the questions brought by users in this forum, I don’t see why we shouldn’t take this seriously. At the very least, I think it would be worthwhile for mitchv to have a meeting with this group to understand their capacity and potentially work in collaboration.

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I have been banging the drums for reducing costs and preserving capital, but I very much agree with Krumpy here. Let’s not pretend that Mitch and Zyori are working on marketing for free. While the results of the new marketing initiatives are promising, time will tell how successful they are and at what cost.

It feels important to note that these funds are coming out of the ecosystem fund and does not impact our runway or burn rate. While this proposal is definitely not coming cheap, we overwhelmingly voted as a DAO to give $80k to cuppy for a back of the napkin marketing plan. This is the premium option with a proven track record (assuming the claims are valid and verified).

The biggest question for me with this proposal is this: does this set us up for long term success or is this a temporary 3 month boost?

Right now, any time we see a list of top games, CU is left off unless we plead our case. If this proposal were to help us be top of mind for all web3 gaming and a top 5 name in the space, then it’s worth considering it for me. Personally, I’d rather see the milestones spread out over 6 - 12 months and just have them reduce their time as I feel a sustained effort is better than a short burst, but that might not be feasible.

I believe it’s important to distinguish between vanity metrics and genuine metrics that matter. As a player, are you genuinely interested in the level of “engagement” something receives? Right now, our primary focus should be on acquiring players; that’s undeniably the most crucial metric. Everything else appears to be superficial within this specific market context.

When we assess the total cost in relation to the number of players projected to join in the final phase of their plan, the expense becomes exorbitant. With that amount, we could invest in assets and enable delegates to participate at no cost, like with your proposal @jbp3 .

Highlighting past shortcomings when viewed in hindsight serves no purpose. Naturally, if we had foreseen their failures, we wouldn’t have hired them. If they had informed us beforehand that the CAC amounts to $1000/player, why would we willingly proceed? It makes no sense.

Also, even though the funding originates from the ecosystem fund, it’s important to note that the RBW will be converted into USD, resulting in immediate selling pressure. It isn’t truly “free”.

Paying $240,000 for mostly engagement in this market is the same as throwing away money. We need players, not engagement.


So, somehow you are a “new” corporate entity who can claim all these things … but yet still go back to “2015 in crypto space”. I mean, you could have one person with a wallet and some tokens in 2015 and make that claim, but it doesn’t make it legit for being able to act on your proposal.

Don’t get me wrong your proposal is very professionally written, but from an implementation standpoint where are the details on the company; website; workforce and other key components to ensure we are not just handing money over to a bunch of rookies that came up with a clean writeup? So, the devil is in the details on what you have actually done.

The one thing that does stand out in the bullets is the reference to the “KPI system for 12 departments of a leading infrastructure provider”. So, to me, this callout states to me this is more what you have actually been doing as a small development shop and the other stuff is more side gig. I would like to see some references on what actual work you have done in the Web3 area as this is not really applicable.

The other bullets of “Increased Cointtelegraph traffic” is hard to prove it was tied to your efforts as the input. Need to provide some details on what you actually did.

10,000 users at Tradelize… that is great for Tradelize but what did you all do for them?

Ran SaaS business for 4 years with 7-figure revenue… So, what company are we talking about?

It’s a well written proposal (other than the validation of the facts the company is actually in existence) by someone that knows how to write a proposal, but with no actual validation the company is not a hack shop with no employees and no actual experience in this area. Issue I have with this proposal is not that the overall content is not written well, but that the references to past experience and current capabilities to do the job are non-existent. This could be one dude with no experience in this at all and a wallet with $5 in it for all we know … but he can write one heck of a well written sales pitch.

Key is … I want to know this is a legit company with a workforce.

Thanks for nicely written proposal!

Obvious that all parties (ICE STATION, CU DAO and Laguna) have doubts, concerns, risks and we can‘t make them fully disappear by providing more details, reducing the price of current proposal.

My suggestion would be to meditate on a bit different approach where all parties take some risk, agree on simple KPIs, rewards and cooperate as potential long-term partners.

Key : taking into consideration that CU marketing employees are working on onboarding new players, I can make new wallet for scholars, current player onboards a neighbor… we need crystal clear system how everyone can identify that certain new joiner came to CU because of ICE STATION actions. IDK, it can be some code, referral link, certain NFT holder and so on…

KPIs and rewards: assuming we have clear system (described above), next step is to agree on rewards, not on actions that will be done (like I don’t care if you onboard to CU all your neighbors, children’s classmates, new guilds, degens…) - point is to have more active wallets growing, expanding in CU world.

Goal #1 – onboard 100 new wallets, get X$

Goal #2 – maintain 100 active wallets for X period = get Y$

Goal #3 ….

Thank you, Nanessa.

Has the author reached out to schedule a meeting with Mitch yet?

Hi, Yes.

Actually two days ago, but still no reply. Also, we will schedule a call with Zyori to discuss all the details and comments here.

Hello, @IslandGurl
Not yet. They inquired on additional availability for Mitch and was told that the ones in the calendar are all that’s available three days ago. No further messages were sent after this.