I think we need to change event reward condition

I think reward should belong to nft holder more than non holder

Ex.Capture the land event
Winner side
1st: nft holder = guarantee rare lootbox
2nd: no nft = random 50participants(or more) to get rare lootbox

Loser side
1st: nft holder = guarantee common lootbox
2nd: no nft =random 50participants(or more) to get common lootbox

So this will attract non holder to buy some, and when the game launch they will have both nft and lootbox to play, but what if they have only lootbox? they must sell it on secondary market for sure lol


NFT holder should guarantee lootbox/reward if they played event. If between nft holder and non nft holder have same rule it will make our community full of airdrop hunter.

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I suggest that NFT holders be given a mythical lootbox

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Hi! We already have events that are exclusive to NFT holders such as the earliest UNIM airdrop and the RBW airdrop. The guiding principles behind the community events are that we want to invite more people into our community, to encourage people to stick around, and most importantly for everyone to have fun in equal measure, regardless of whether they’re NFT holders or not.

Archiving this topic now.