Activity Participation Qualification Restriction

Participation based on unicorn capture the land event

Many players chose the tree hole to get the qualification to participate in the event on the first day, but in fact, the defense or attack and the form were not filled out, the enthusiasm for participating in the event was low, and the number of team members was occupied.

Propose a solution:
In the future, if you choose to participate in a long-term event such as the capture the land, if you choose to participate in the beginning but 50% of the later part does not participate, the account will be punished by the identity group, and you will not be able to participate in all DC events with prizes for two weeks.
The purpose is to prevent clone accounts or robots :robot: that simply create a sense of presence
If you are a real player, but cannot participate in activities other than the first day due to special reasons, you can issue a ticket to tell the mod and ask them to remove the punishment status group


Hello. The community events on the Discord server are created for eligible members of the server, that is people with the Communitycorns role and members of the Loyalty/Rewards program. We cannot discriminate eligible members based on server activity.


Yeah, I’ll bring the mods a certificate from the hospital that I was sick and was hospitalized)) Or from a teacher that I need to prepare for exams soon)