Building skins as reward for Haloween and other themed event

Hello everyone,

Just thought it would be nice to get building skins as reward for event like the Holoween one that is lived now

Ex: -Haloween: scary buildings
-Christmas: snow, christmas decoration
-Chinese new year: chinese traditional architecture

You would get it for ranking top 1000 (can be another number) in the leaderboard event that require doing the event’s quests

Skins could be a NFT that you lock in the game to use it or unlock to trade in the item marketplace

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I like the idea! It opens up the ability to customize your farm a little more as well.

I think this would be great possibly later down the track or possibly distant future. If it were something the team would consider doing of course. The team are currently working on badges to reward players and active participants in community events etc so workload is chocka. I see this being something best suited in suggestions more then being a proposal if that makes sense. Thanks for sharing, appreciate the creative vision.

hey @Psylo

There has been discussion about this before. and that it was being planned.

I asked them this on the AMA too and it seems that we just need to wait for them to put this on development.

so yeah. in the future this will be done. may not be this year.

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