CUIP-045 - Release of Unencrypted Tuning JSON Files [Pass]


This proposal focuses on Developers that are building tools and/or possibly build tools for the Crypto Unicorns DAO. It is a request for The team to provide Unencrypted Tuning Data every maintenance patch for every Tuning updates.


Transparency, the DAO seems to be more open to changes and things that’s will make an improvement on the space, Author believes that this will make it better for everyone if Team can just release an Unencrypted JSON file of the tuning data for builders to use / integrate.

Ease of Integration. if there is a standard data that everyone can just access too like the blockchain contracts from polygon. it will be easier for developers to come in, build their UI stuff. and show the data to public.

Ease of Bug Finding While there are things you wont be able to find in the tuning for bugs. if team can release the JSON tuning data along with the changes that they usually will implement on a maintenance. users or builders can help them point out inconsistencies on their publish and based data.

Time saving

It only takes a few minutes for LG dev to export the JSON to be readable and share to public space. while for a builder, they have to do the following.

  • download the manifest file
  • decrypt manifest file.
  • take the tuning package files.
  • decrypt the package files.
  • export the asset bundles

These sometimes takes hours on end. and only few people have access or even have the knowledge to do this. it will really help also other builders to create tools for the game if they already have something that they can just take and integrate on their own build set.

Back then there were also developers who approached me on how to get the data from the game. while I want to help them do it. I am constraint on time to even create a guide for other builders on how to do it. and I feel that this discourages other builders to build tools or kb’s for the game. by this proposal, everyone has the data that they need and they can see it transparently.


On every maintenance, while the CU team provides the “whats new in cu” changes. they can also include the batch of files available for download [on zip] on the blog post on where builders can download the latest tuning data for the certain upcoming maintenance.

Batch of files are usually in “wgl-scriptableobject-tuning-ab” unless other tuning data is not declared by LG or stated.

Here is a sample Image of an encrypted json file vs an asset bundle that has been processed and exported.


Not Encrypted : What we want.


By these examples, every player can be encouraged to look at the data themselves. no other builder can say that “this X Y builder is withholding data when this data is available for everyone” what will vary over this is how the data is presented by every builder. It can also encourage upcoming normies to view and understand how this works.

This will reduce speculation on who has the data, or centralized data, specially now that we are regularly tuning jousting and tuning farming.

This helps encourage your builders to build tools for you since they dont have to “hack” the servers every time there is a new maintenance or new tuning data.


In line with the current impact report, The delivery of this proposal will commence once the Endpoint Audit and Migration has been finished.


In an event that this proposal may cause more harm than good in the future. this proposal can be cancelled either by an announcement or a proposal.


Author really believes this will promote further transparency and encourage builders to build tools for the game now that we are also migrating to XAI. Author believes that this is also a good idea as there will be fresh new people that may have a potential to build more tools for CU.

Snapshot: Snapshot