CUIP-014 - Poop Scrolls: Uses and Function [Pass]


The product team would like to revamp the meta around the poop collection. This will be done by introducing poop scrolls as one of the possible rewards when collecting unicorn poop in the farming game loop. There are two paths at which we can integrate the poop scrolls into the meta, but either paths ultimately allow for a more engaging experience around the poop collection feature while also enabling us to achieve product-specific goals.


Introducing poop scrolls into the poop collection feature is expected to achieve the following:

  • Add an extra incentive for players to log in to the game daily
  • Add an extra layer of fun by implement an engaging mini-game
  • Add an additional lever that works to decrease seed output from poop collection
  • Add an extra variable to the economic depth of the game


A. Base Design

  • Players have a fixed chance of receiving poop scrolls when collecting unicorn poop in their lands
    • Poop scrolls will be added to the poop collection reward table and will have a small drop chance for every poop collected
    • By adding poop scrolls to the poop collection reward table, the drop chance of seeds from poop collection will be reduced.
  • The poop scrolls will then have two main possible use cases: either as a material substitute for special crafting recipes or as an exchange item used to redeem other special items through the event quest feature.
  • Regardless of which main option is selected, there will be a set amount of daily/weekly quests that require poop scrolls as the scroll input.

B. Use Cases

Option 1: As a material for special crafting recipes

  • Each tuning release, two (2) special crafting recipes will be made available to players with a large portion of its cost input directed to poop scrolls.
    • For example, the special crafting recipe will have a majority of its cost changed to poop scrolls and a small portion of its original item cost will be retained.Original recipe: 250 UNIM and 5 items
      New recipe: 250 UNIM and 3 poop scrolls and 1 item
  • The special crafting recipes will change with each tuning release. The special crafting recipes will be rotated between class specific items, T2 & T3 materials, boosters, keystones, jousting items, etc.
    • As the special crafting recipes are expected to change with each tuning release, the special crafting recipes will be decided based on trends the CU Economy/Design teams observed.

Option 2: As an exchange item through the event quest feature

  • Each week, one (1) redemption quest will be made available to players. This redemption quest will require a set amount of poop scrolls to complete.
  • The redemption quest reward pool will include class specific items, T2 & T3 materials, boosters, RBW, UNIM, & jousting items.
  • Only one poop redemption quest can be completed per week.

C. Cost and Economic Impact

While discussing the two use cases, it is important to discuss where the poop scroll rewards will be coming from and how it’ll affect the economy. Instead of generating a new reward source, the rewards for using poop scroll will be seeded by existing sources.

By introducing the poop scroll into the reward pool of collecting poop, the chance of collecting seeds also gets effectively reduced. By taking the RBW equivalent of this decrease in seeds, we can then allocate reward items to the poop scroll reward pool with the same RBW cost. For example, if the decrease in seed output from poop collection equaled 25k RBW, then the poop scroll is allocated a reward pool of 25k RBW worth of items too. As this is dependent on the current price trends, the total cost of the items going into the reward pool will be carefully monitored and routinely updated.


Adding poop scrolls is expected to add an extra layer of fun to the routine poop collection while helping us bring additional economic depth to our ecosystem. As both paths are expected to help us achieve our product goals, we ask the DAO’s input in deciding which path will lead to better user experience and satisfaction.

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Discussion: Poop Scrolls: Uses and Function

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