[Vote] Quest Scroll Tuning Changes

As stated in the past Town Halls/Work Sessions, the LG team would like to begin providing our community members with a chance to vote/comment on upcoming features and tuning changes proposed by the Product/Design teams. The exact structure for this process will be released at a future date, but we would like to start this process by presenting the community with a series of potential changes for quest scrolls to determine which option (if any) the community would like to proceed with.

As the price of class items rises, so does the cost of quest scrolls. The design team would like to continue to decrease the barrier to entry for quests, to increase engagement, and the most straightforward way to do so would be to alter quest scroll crafting recipes.

Note that depending on the preferred selection, all quests will be rebalanced depending on the new observed price of quest scrolls. I.e. if the quest scroll input decreases, the reward output will decrease to match.

1.) Increase Quest Scroll Recipe Yield

  • Design is proposing to increase the quest scroll yield from (1-1) to (2-3) and increase the associated UNIM cost by 2x while keeping item costs the same.

2.) Occasionally rebalance quest scroll recipes to maintain a certain price threshold.

  • Design proposes to increase/decrease recipe inputs as corresponding RMP prices decrease/increase.

3.) Add a 5% chance to get an additional Scroll of the higher rarity when crafting a scroll recipe.

  • Design is proposing to add a loot table to the quest scroll crafting recipes so that there is a 5% chance to get an additional Scroll of the next highest recipe.
    • Crafting a Common Scroll would give you a 5% chance to earn a Rare Scroll in addition to the Common Scroll.
    • Crafting a Rare Scroll would give you a 5% chance to earn a Mythic Scroll in addition to the Rare Scroll
    • Crafting a Mythic Scroll would give you a 5% chance to earn an Exotic Scroll in addition to the Mythic Scroll
    • Crafting an Exotic Scroll would give you a 5% chance to earn 2 additional Exotic Scrolls

4.) Leave quest scrolls as is.

  • The above changes will not be made to quest scrolls.

Thank you for taking the time to read this thread! Kindly vote on the poll below. For any questions, suggestions, or comments, please reply to this thread. We hope that the community finds the time to participate.

Voting Ends on December 9, 5PM PST


How would you like Quest Scrolls to be balanced?

  • Increase Quest Scroll Recipe Yield
  • Ocassionally Rebalance Quest Scroll Recipes
  • Add Chance to Get an Additional Scroll when Crafting
  • Leave Quest Scrolls As Is

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I would like to see more variety in exchange quests.

Today we can only exchange material of one class into 1-2 other classes. The option simply isn’t there, for example, if I want to go from heart material to flower with heart unicorns.

More flexibility would truly allow players to specialize, rather than being forced to own unicorns of every class to obtain high value materials.


This is a great idea! Please add all Exchange Quest suggestions in this thread.

The Design team will still have the final say on whether a specific Exchange Quest can be added into the game, but we will take all suggestions into consideration. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit: I removed the Discord thread because after thinking about it, I would prefer all discussions about this to be on the forums. I’ll try to keep a running list and update the original post instead!

i think getting 2-3 scrolls per craft is a perfect balance


While my vote is on “Increase Quest Scroll Recipe Yield” My thoughts are quite mixed.
Since team is looking for a feedback . here is what I would like to share about the quest.

I think the balancing is a little bit of everything that was mentioned above. this is what i noticed while i’m watching the data.

Change the recipes for all scrolls.

  • Make Dew drop requirements to Mythic and Pollen to Exotic.
  • Use the less structured required Items to build the scroll like Energy Cell, Fresh Dough, Sugar sprinkles.

Quest Balancing,

  • We need more quest. We have, Flower, Cloud, Crystal, Candy, Heart, & Moon Mythic Scroll Quest but none specifically for Rainbow, Omnom, and Star. [ we had a combo Non-Hidden and Hidden Unicorn class quest before but only on the 1st week.]
  • Exchange Quest : it seems most of them are in the moon Items as rewards, we can probably add quest that exchanges one to another.
  • Another option for Exchange quest is to Provide Structure Type Item rewards. [Giggle Shard, Fun Fragments, Dew Drops, Cirrus Flakes, Pollen Powder, Fresh toadstools, Gem Pebbles, Polished Gemstones, (we already have a lot of moon dust, luna rock reward quest] so people would push quest in takes of getting a structure upgraded.
  • High Level Quest : as of today. We only have 1 level 10 Exotic quest and that specific quest is not even worth it. We only have 6 level 9 Exotic Quest. with 2 of them being a weekly quest. consider this information if you are looking to encourage users to upgrade their postboard.

Rewards : Possible increase only to some rewards, primarily in Mythic and Exotic

  • I noticed that most rewards from mythic and Exotic is just an exchange quest and when you check the + and - it seems that some of them are net negative
    Example: Forest Scouting Exotic RBW Quest. : Daily

In this example you loss 323.34 at current market. hence I will not use my exotic scroll there. and there are multiple examples of this.

Here is another one
Eclipse in the Shadow : Exotic : RBW Quest : Daily
This is a Level 9 Quest board quest and you loose 646.77 RBW by just doing it.

with this data in mind is it even worth it to level 9 my post board? .

Here is another one :
Cart Restock : Questboard 9 : Exchange Quest
In this example. user gains 98.28 RBW base on the rare materials that’s nice! BUT. if i use the same Energy and Time on my land to craft an in-demand item in the marketplace. I think i would earn more RBW to buy or upgrade

There should be at least a + of about 100-500 RBW based on item crafting price for quest. Time should also be considered on crafting these scrolls. The examples given above doesn’t totally say the complete outset of quest but you can see this quickly.

My view for the rewards review is : check the logs on which quest are not being touched as users might have already know why its not worth it to do those quest.

Idea: so far out
I’ve been thinking about this. Quest can provide items for structure materials that can’t be traded in as your sink in-game. these items will be required when building land decorations and such for Totems, and such. you can get these items on Common, Rare, Mythic and Exotic Quest but quantity varies based on tier. You may have “negatives” but you’re paying it forward for building land decorations.

  • Gathering carts can be a foundation for users to encourage users to craft Quest Scrolls.
  • Quest boards can be a part portion of a foundation for users to gather land decoration items. [you will have options to get those land decoration materials in other places but open in on quest board will be an idea]

Thoughts. ? sorry its long now. I have so much to say but i have to go for now.


I like these ideas but I don’t know if they properly address the issue at hand at why material prices have soared in the past weeks. Prices are racing up because material to RBW conversion quests have priced-in the value of certain materials. The quests in question are straight RBW conversion quests, i.e. UNIM Cheese Crumble, Backyard Cookout, etc. These sets of RBW quests have equated any material used for these quests to 400 RBW, 700 RBW, 1250 RBW, or 2000 RBW. And in the backend, these materials affect every other materials as the material system is deep and interconnecting. A shift in requirement in one affects many others in many nuanced ways.

At the moment, most players questing are chasing the equilibrium of value for RBW quests to materials causing materials to spike in price. And this behavior will reflect how I think these options look on my book.


  1. Increasing yield is a great way to combat the quest scroll cost component of any quests. Unfortunately, with these RBW quests, players will price in the new cost of quest scrolls. This will have 0 effect for materials, as players simply chase the profitable price of equilibrium again for materials. Lower scrolls cost results in higher price for materials in the end.

  2. I’ve been mulling the teams rebalancing of quests weekly and my concern is how this affects the other features being worked on. I like this choice but I think chasing balance in the RMP market with quests can appear futile because the RMP is a living dynamic system while quests are very static for 7 days, if that is the cadence on how often the team makes changes. Just how much work or time dedication will this option take out of the team is my concern. I don’t think this is an option by itself but goes hand in hand with other options taken.

  3. Creating a 5% chance to craft additional scrolls is in line with how workshops work. Currently, when you craft in a workshop any material, you always have a chance get additional materials. This 5% addresses the players ability of pricing in quest scrolls in recipes. The 5% is the variable needed so that RBW conversion questions don’t exactly have a straight conversion calculation, well, not completely. I think this is the best option but it can be further enhanced by making it similar to crafting breeding boosters. It needs to do the following.

  • 5% to craft next tier scroll as the 1st reward

  • Also reward additional materials equivalent to the material list for T1 - T4 boosters matching scroll tiers of common, rare, mythic, exotic. This is to keep in line with similar materials rewards for boosters. These variances in rewards will slightly obfuscate the true price of scrolls and create a variance in quest values.

  • Time to craft needs to be addressed. Either shorten the time required or increase scrolls crafted. I think combining option 1 with 3 is the best way to do this as reward variance enhances option 1. Quests scrolls take too long to craft and by the time you craft a mythic scroll, the Daily mythic quest might already disappear before you finish crafting if you start from common. This forces player to craft and hold scrolls, in preparation for a daily quest that has a 24 hour cooldown. This doesn’t take into account if players need to craft items for the quests but those items take more than 24 hours to accomplish.

  1. This is not an option from my take.

Quests needs adjustment but I thoroughly enjoy it. The potential for everything is in Quest. If the goal is to reduce material prices then actions must be taken. I think targeting RBW conversion quests first is the 1st step. This is where the barrier to entry was created. My choice is 3 but it still needs more tuning.

Another option which will fix this pricing in of quest issue is listing scrolls on RMP. This will open up the market and kill this pricing in materials. When quest scrolls common to mythic are available, I see players weighing their choices carefully this way. I also think, we can do away with these RBW conversion quests with listing these on RMP. These RMP conversion quests are the main issue. The static RMP price is what’s not in line with the dynamic nature of the RMP.

Edit: Another wild idea is adding material rewards to quests. This creates variance to quests as well. This will take away set value to quests but gives it an RNG feel, just like crafting. This is the missing piece that will shift people from being max profit driven on the quests.

Edit: Another thought came to mind if material cost is the motivating factor to this. The combination of quest introduction and the tie in to material seeds aggravated the prices of materials. All materials stem from wood, nail, and rope. The removal of these items from carts have shown a decrease in supply and massive increase in demand. A needed modification of the material seed energy system is due. I think increasing the yield of material seed planting and/or decreasing energy from 2 to 1 is the best move. Even decreasing the Seed Bag from 7 energy to 4 energy would help a lot.


Are quest scrolls included as gathering cart rewards? If not, would this be an option? Personally I think high cost quest scrolls are ok…

No, all material items have been removed from carts for a while now. Not sure we’ll ever go back to that.

ok Increase Quest Scroll Recipe Yield

it’s always a pleasure to read you, precise and constructive
I also like you “Idea: so far out”.
Sharing some thoughts linked to this part (not that much about the poll)

Definitely looking forward for some decorations / land items - preferable with impact :

  • on bonus berries
  • on crafting speed
  • on % of jackpot on gathering carts
  • on poo rewards / frequency
  • on breeding / evo speed
  • on Booster impact on breedings

Buildings that look like :

  • a Voodoo statue that could mirror a corn at 80% every 50 days
  • A toilet (check fanart in Discord ^^) for poo efficiency
  • A candy distributor for faster energy replenishment (5% to 30% faster - addable)
  • A zen pond that generate chillness : unicorns have a % of not using their energy while doing a task

This makes a lot of sense to me :raised_hands:
It’s a dilemma between option 1 and 3 (and add to this some modifications you mentioned mixed with @KeizerMc 's perception )
Earning materials by crafting is a good way to make players want to upgrade buildings or build other high tier materials.
I love crafting Boosters for that reason : double win :

  • higher stats / passing genes to corns
  • high tier materials that can have higher value than the booster itself (theoretically because not sellable in the RMP)

i currently see the crafting of scrolls as a waste of time and energy for my unicorns, when they see the rewards they laugh up their sleeves and rather farm berries. and no matter what you change, the market prices quickly adapt to the production costs and only benefit those who have a lot of corns and can react quickly. I would leave it as it is and focus on jousting etc


This is a funny topic to discuss as I have enjoyed doing the quests since it was released. I love that we have to craft mats in order to complete a quest with the correct scroll but like @Rise mentioned above my unicorns also laugh at me sacrificing their energy for such things when all they really want to do is breed and prep for jousting. I think adding a chance to get an additional scroll when crafting makes more sense otherwise leave as is. Thank you for posting this up for further discussion. Love to see more opinions or even fresh suggestions if any.


My take is to leave the quest scrolls as is. For me, it is much better to tweak the quest rewards instead of scroll. We have a living RMP and a lot of math genius merchants. After few days or weeks, the new materials for quest scroll will skyrocket in price and we are back in the same problem. My suggestion is to add more SC quests wherein the reward is not 100% guaranteed. For games, I’m more on big risk big reward type of quests. Questers needs to salivate on the big reward and take the risk of completing the quest with small percentage of success.


My personal thoughts on tuning changes to quests is to focus on building quests that do not need to be tuned at all. Create quests that will stand the tests of RMP market changes and remain useful without tuning. I think these tuning take a lot of time away from Devs resources. Instead I would make useful quests that dont need tuning. Further more. I would remove exchange quests. 60 days ago after we had already waited 4 months. We were told that materials would be put in RMP so that people could buy/sell/trade for what they need to upgrade lands and advance in game. 60 days ago we were told we would start to see this happen in RMP. Instead we are constantly tuning quests and still dont have materials in RMP. Please keep word of putting materials in RMP. We waited 6 months for guaranteed “soon” over and over. Quests are not a replacement for this. They kind of help. But should just be a different path if they are to be used for exchange of materials. These are my thoughts.

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Additional thoughts on this idea.

You guys have an ability to turn this into an event actually. based on how the database is arranged.

Have an event where temporarily. players who want to create scrolls with X and Y materials or they will have an increase yield on X and Y times. for X amount of days…

It will encourage people to create scrolls that they can use for questing.

some thoughts
Create a Quest Scroll liquidty pool in RMP . Pool will have 0 amount but people who sell will definitely have a start price. once people start selling then you will have a pool of quest scrolls that people will buy . and by that you’re just rotating the RBW. with the current circulation.

I haven’t studied the economic impact of this. but maybe someone can and see how it would go? …

I don’t see any of the changes really… well, changing anything. Engagement would increase if the reards were clearly profitable, but as that’s not sustainable I say just leave it as is if the 4 choices is all we have to pick from.

as a 5th option I’d add and vote for:

Right now, I consider quests to be how you can “sell” higher level items, so if anything tweak the actual quests to skew to high level item requirements. To increase engagement I guess you’d pump the profit on those quests. That should push people to cycle all lower level items both in crafting and RMP trading.

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